Thursday, 18 November 2010

Re-introducing Elizabeth

Following an exchange with one of my regular correspondents (you know who you are) it occurred to me that new visitors to my blog will not really know what it is about, so I though I would reproduce my very first posting.

In many ways nothing has changed since the blog's inception. I started it to giver my book some exposure, but the blog seems to have taken on a life of its own. It is about my approach to sex and things erotic, and that approach is exactly the same now some seven months on. The problem I do seem to be having is making the time for it. I am close to finishing a second erotic novel, and making time for that and the blog is not easy. The blog is surprisingly time consuming, and I am seriously concerned to keep quality over quantity, and I don't ever want to publish a few lowest common denominator dirty pictures and leave it at that. If my postings are a little more sparse then they used to be, do allow me a little breathing space till my book is finished.

Anyway, here is the first posting, word for word as before, but with a few embarrassing spelling mistakes changed.


The title of this blog on its own will be telling you much of what it will be all about, and what I am all about. I am, and always have been, a very sexual person, and this blog will be me sharing my thoughts on sex and related subjects. That I should become a writer of erotic books was almost inevitable as I've always had a vibrant erotic imagination, so writing down my thoughts was a good way of coming to terms with them and of course sharing them with other people. I'm all too aware that a lot of both women and men do not have the sex life that they would love to have, so in their head they build an Ivory Tower to escape to, a place where bodies are always beautiful, where men are always erect, and orgasms are both multiple and simultaneous. This is where erotic literature comes in to its own, creating steamy sexual swamps we can sink into when we need.

My principal turn on is being spanked, so as well as perfumed penetrations and candle lit seductions, pretty young girls having their bare bottoms spanked across the knees of strong dominant men, and sometimes women, feature a lot in my writing. To explain my interest I need to give some personal history. Like so many of our sexual tenancies it comes from events when I was young.

I was never spanked as a child, but my parents were film buffs and I watched a lot of films from the forties and fifties where it was a regular occurrence for adolescent and teenage girls to be spanked, primarily by parents or teachers, but often by their boyfriends or husbands. As an adolescent myself and just getting interested in boys and sex, the idea of the man in your life giving you a spanking was weirdly exciting and it always made me feel funny inside, and having discovered the pleasures of masturbation I often found myself thinking about some of those scenes when I did it. I didn't realize it, but a seed had been sown that was to affect my sexual reactions ever since.

Moving on to my being eighteen and I was growing into becoming something of a spoilt brat. Being attractive and with a good figure I was used to getting my own way with boys, and when an aunt bought me a sports car for my eighteenth birthday I was getting far too high an opinion of myself. I then fell for a man who was about ten years older than me. He was a carpenter, very fit and good looking, and I was pretty smitten but I still thought I could get away with murder and I wasn't always on my best behaviour with him. One Sunday afternoon the inevitable happened. I was teasing him quite badly and he snapped, and the next second not only had he pulled me across his knee but he'd even gone as far as pulling down my panties before spanking me till I squealed. I was outraged. It was painful, undignified, and demeaning, but despite that, or possibly because of that, it was strangely exciting. Just as I used to go all melty inside when I watched those girls being spanked on television, I realised I was actually on the verge of orgasm and the harder he spanked me the more excited it made me. When he made me say that I was a naughty little girl and that I'd deserved it, it made me positively wet and I was done for. We had the most incredible sex afterwards, and a pattern had been formed. After that he spanked me regularly, and and later with other boyfriends I always found that a bit of bratty behaviour followed by my being punished for it always resulted in great sex.

Being spanked like that was a Bridge of Sighs I had to cross to discover my true sexuality, a significant turning point in my sex life that made me realize how complex the whole subject is. With something as deep and mysterious as sexual pleasure it’s no surprise that the path to it is not always a straight one. Since that first spanking I have been exploring my sexuality in every way that I can, but it still remains one of the most exciting sexual moments I have ever had, and often if I’m alone in bed at night I re-live it in my head.

My first erotic book, Educating Anna, is loosely based on that turning point and things that have happened in my sex life since. In the book, Anna, who at eighteen has a head full of erotic fantasies but because of her circumstances is still a virgin, is spanked by her good looking tutor and suddenly she is alive. Like lots of girls have done before and since, she positively encourages him to do it again and the floodgates open. After days and nights of endless sex with him she moves on to start an erotic journey on her own.

I like to think that it is as good book as you will ever come across take into your ivory tower, so if you are interested in buying a copy or finding out more, details can be found at

Have a glass of wine, sink back into your pillows and enjoy. So far as my own erotic journey and thoughts on men, life, women, and sex are concerned, look out for further postings.


  1. L

    thanks for your prompt dissertation

    9 out of 10

    you are such an obediant creature

    damn, so for promptness and high marks no marks for you - on this occasion


  2. Dear Elizabeth

    Your loyal readers / correspondents are with you for the marathon distance, not a mere sprint.

    We applaud your committment to quality and the anticipation merely builds over time.

    Martin F

  3. Your loyalty much appreciated. I'll try and live up to it.


  4. J

    when someone says 'i'll try' they are preparing themselves, and everyone else, for doom, gloom and failure - no you will succeed

    the alternative, for what could be your fate, is too delicious to contemplate

    so another of life's conflicts to face . . .