Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Good Girls & Bad Girls

There sometimes seems to be a disagreement as to what bad girls are and what good girls are.

Here, I hope to showcase the differences thru several examples.

See, a good girl will sometimes bring her boyfriend breakfast in bed

A bad girl is breakfast in bed

A good girl will see her man off to the train

A bad girl will see to her man on the train

A good girl has no problem with her boyfriend going out to play a game with his friends

A bad girl encourages him to stay home and play with her and her friends

A good girl practices her piano lessons diligently

A bad girl needs reminding to practice by being given a good lesson

A good girl who gets a bad test result will study harder to improve her next test grade

A bad girl will do what she can to get the teacher to change the test grade

A good girl spends many a loving time on her boyfriend's lap

A bad girl spends a long time on his lap, before they get to the loving

A good girl realizes that spankings are for her own good and will try to behave to avoid them and understands that:

A bad girl says, "bring it on!", encourages her boyfriend to spank her, and even says:

I hope this has clarified the difference.  What are some of the differences you all have come across?

Girls, it's up to you decide which you are and guys it's up to you to decide which you want and will have the most fun with.
I know my choice.


  1. Oh yessssssssss, its bad girls all the way... is there really a choice :) xx


  2. A

    brilliant, brilliant realy does one need to say more

    ok one will - invariably girls want to be good girls but they are not, yet they are not really bad girls - what they are however are naughty girls and that can be remedied with a touch of 'le vice anglais'


  3. Why choose? Of course naughty devils want to spank and love them both! =;)

  4. Elizabeth Forster3 December 2012 at 08:19

    Well done Amber. This was mentiond by Cross which has increased your viewing stats quite a bit.

    Keep up the good work.


  5. I couldn't agree more, Sir Stephen. Bad girls all the way.

    Very good point, J. Well said.

    Ah, NG, nothing wrong with being a bit greedy ;)

    Thanks, Liz, and Cross. It is appreciated :)

    amber xxx