Friday, 28 August 2015

Elizabeth is back at a new location. Please visit her and comment on her work

One of the hardest things I have done was to have to stop running this blog.

It was an absolute pleasure taking over for Elizabeth and trying to continue her incredible work.

But, alas, I was unable.

But, Elizabeth is back and started a new blog, and I hope everyone will go see her.

Please, leave her comments as well.

She has truly been missed.

You can find her here:

I miss you all.


Wednesday, 24 September 2014

a plea for assistance

As much as my intentions were sincere, I just am unable to continue.

As Elizabeth did a couple years ago, I call upon any of you to take up this blog and keep her exquisite and creative writings a home as well as to continue as I have tried, to address issues as well as be a source of evocative musings.

So please, anyone who would like to assume the reins please let  me know. I will give you administrative access to publish what you will. And I would sometimes contribute when I can.

This is an open invitation to all. Surely there is someone who wishes to at least help if not take over.

Please do help keep this blog alive.

Leave comment with contact info or email



Friday, 25 July 2014

A Call To Help

As all of you wonderful readers know, I just have not been able to keep up here.

Rather than see all of Elizabeth's wonderful creation fade away, I thought there might be an opportunity to save this site.

My friend has run into the same trouble as me, real life taking its toll on time.

What I thought I would do is call out for YOU all to help.

Why dont all of you take the opportunity to be part of this blog rather than just reading.

We can try this.

Any of you can send in anything you want to talk about and I will print it. I will not edit it, I will not censor it. It can be all you. You email it to me and I will publish it, including any pictures you send to accompany it.

I am sorry, I should not have gave that blanket statement. There are 3 things I have to edit and censor:

You have to keep everything above the age of 16, no animals, and nothing sexual between direct relatives. Let's draw the line at cousins. Cousins and "step" relations are fine.

There must be a lot of you that wished you have been able to contribute.. now is your chance.

J you have wanted for a good birch post for a long time that I felt so bad about not getting to.

Janice, you have such incredible stories I am sure.

ND, i KNOW you have some to tell ;)

So everyone, please help.

My email address is  :

Send me your contributions and I will publish them within the limits of the afore mentioned 3 constraints.

Hope to hear from many


Sunday, 18 May 2014

Not The End

As I know you have noticed, I just am not able to post with the frequency I had hoped to and wanted to.

Real life is taking a great toll on time.

It makes me feel awful neglecting this absolutely wonderful blog that Elizabeth created.

However, I have invited a friend to help.

You will like her, I promise. She is creative, fun, intelligent, and very much a real part of the life, too.

I will still post as well, I plan to shortly in fact.


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

You Know Something Is Wrong When...

One of the biggest thrills of "kinky" type play is the anticipation.
It can even get a bit overwhelming at times.

It had been a while since we had our fun and I knew that that night we were going to really let it all hang out since neither of us worked the next day or really needed to do anything the next day.

All day I was a wreck. I am sure my students had to know something was up, and at their ages, I am sure that quite a few of the girls at least had an idea of what I was on edge about, and how antsy I was looking forward to the evening.

It started out as everything I could hope for. We didn't get too dressed up, but we did go out for some dinner so that there would not need to be cooking or cleaning to look forward to.

I guess I got a bit naughty. A little careless with my dress, silly remarks to the waitress, just mild little things like that. Nothing too big. Of course, my actions were met with all sorts of threats of punishments for being a bad girl, things that would happen to me when we get home.

I tell you, with looking forward to the evening, the atmosphere, his sexy threats, waitress overhearing some and probably knowing what was going on, I was so aroused, so anxious for us to just get home.

Eventually we did get home, and I got carried to the bedroom. I so love that. Feeling his strength, I am 5' 6" and he just picks me up and I am sort of over his shoulder with relative ease.

After a bit of spanks and squeals of protest (completely insincere of course), dress came off, thong came off, and I was over his lap for a long fantastic hand spanking.

As much as I love being naked over his lap after he has taken off his suit jacket and rolled up his sleeve, I like it better when he gets undressed too and so then he did so.

So, he was just in his shorts and had me bring him a leather paddle and it was back over his lap. Now it was even better! I just love a leather paddle and he was using it so deliciously.

It was so good. The spanks coming very gradually harder and just a little faster, with most of them getting that low central spot that just makes me melt.

Soon I was wriggling and howling and litterally dripping. I could feel it running making his thigh slippery. I just could not help my movements. It was impossible as an intense orgasm started ripping through me. He was so hard beneath me. With my hips raising for the spanks and then pushing down and rubbing against him as they fell, I felt like I was going to pass out.

Then with a quick series of swats in the same place, that orgasmic wave that was rolling crashed. I yelled, I jerked, I came, and I managed to slide mostly off his lap and partly on the floor.

And at the same time I heard this awful thwacky sound accompanied by a terrible howl of pain.

Mike had been in the middle of landing one more hard swat when I fell, and he had hit himself right on his cock with the leather paddle because I had fallen out of the way.

I felt so awful and he was in such pain. I  got him ice. I got him booze. I was doing anything to try to help.

For hours I tried to help. Wondering if we needed to get him to the hospital, Having played semi professional football, he had experience with injuries such like this (obviously not paddling his own penis), and was sure he was going to be ok.

Well, he is on the mend. He has to be very careful working, getting aroused is painful so I try very hard not to do anything that might be considered sexy. I wear baggy sweats, I dress in another room, etc.

I reminded him that it REALLY IS supposed to hurt me more than it does him. This got a painful laugh.

We have heard of accidents happening to those who get the spankings, but have any of you that do the spankings hurt yourselves? Or the person you were spanking hurt you somehow?

Those getting spanked, have your spankers ever gotten hurt spanking you?

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Now That's Just Lazy..

I am all for finding ways to make things easier. But, let's face it. When it comes to a good spanking, surely there is nothing like putting in the extra effort, right?

I know that one of the biggest turn-ons for me, one of the things that just makes me melt is having my man in charge. Knowing that I am over his lap/across that bed/etc. until he decides that I have had enough.

I trust him completely. For me every spank, every hot sting of his flesh (or of course some toy/tool) against mine just seems to show me his love, care, dominance, and turns me into a writhing cauldron of lust wanting so desperately for it to end yet hoping like hell it doesn't.

I don't want to know that I will be spanked according to a chart. I want to know that I will be spanked until he is satisfied.

Of course, this isn't the only aspect of the experience that I love, but, I do think it is a good part of it. (It is a cute sexy picture though.)

Do you feel the same? Or does that really matter for you?

For you that do the spanking, how do you feel about setting an amount/length/etc? Do you start with something like that in mind? Or do you just see how it goes as it goes along?

Thursday, 13 February 2014

You Take Me By The Heart When You Take Me By The Hand

It is human nature that all attention centers around the female. One of the timeless irrefutable adages that everyone has heard and is prevalent in anything from movies, to beer, to motorcycles, to computer games.. Sex Sells!

Product marketers know this and gear nearly everything we buy to it. There is not much for sale that in some way has not had a half (or more than likely, less) dressed, large chested, sex starved, pretty woman touting its praises.

Where it is probably even most obvious, is in the sex and porn industry itself. Aside from the gay male genre, every production is completely advertised by talking about the female stars and actresses.

In the commercial side of the BDSM/spanking society and lifestyle, this is true as well. All advertising focuses on the girl that is getting tied up, clamped, spanked, etc. and what she has done to bring such "punishment", you know what I mean. Almost all blogs written by the sub/bottom/spankees.

This is merely observations. It is what it is.

I just want to take the time to honor and praise the unsung heroes of our community. The Doms/Tops/Spankers without who (or is it whom, good thing I teach math and not english) we could not enjoy our activities. Well, I suppose we could all self spank, but I think that would get old fast.

You guys out there. You pay for everything on a date. You go thru emotional uncertainty and turmoil when trying to figure out the best way to tell your lady you want to put her over your lap, pull up her dress and her panties down, and spank her silly.

Ever mindful that if you make even a little mistake, you might blow the whole thing and mood and end the night much sooner than you want.

Should you be fortunate to have got her acceptance, you have to be almost mind readers and figure out exactly how to spank, how long, what you can use. Especially if it's her first time!

Your poor hand gets sore, your arm might get tired. You have a half naked girl squirming around on your poor confined erection.

I think I can speak in chorus for those of us in the community and lifestyle when I say in lould voice,

"Thank you, guys!"

You may never get the recognition you deserve, you are the recipients of jokes meant and in good humor, you get "bratted", you wear out your arms and hands, you pay for everything, and you rarely get credit for your "work"...

But, I promise you, you are appreciated.

And hey girls, next time your man/partner takes the time to give you the spanking you need, let's all show him just a little extra "gratitude".

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress

I am on a borrowed laptop from a colleague. Fortunately, she has said I could use it as long as I need. A bit of caution from bad luck experience. You get what you pay for in a computer. If it seems like an almost too good deal, it is! Anyways..

As no doubt all of you know, a girl knows just how to entice a man's interest.

A girl does dress for herself. She will wear what she feels sexy and attractive in. What she feels confident in. This is true.

There is however, always in mind, especially a single girl, how she knows will attract the interest of a man. She wants him to look at her and think I have to have her.

The misconceptions I think, happen once she is in a relationship. I have so many girlfriends that have told me that their boyfriends get mad and jealous if she dresses sexy and want her to stop. I guess they have an idea that she is only dressing to "get a man" and that once she has one, she should stop dressing "like that".

Guys, this is a big mistake. We are not just dressing like that to get a man. You should have no worries and should be secure with how we dress. A girl wants to feel desired, to be looked at, to be attractive. We have no intention of doing anything with anyone else. We know we are still going home with you, and that is how we want it. You should be proud that your woman wants to dress sexy and that other men want her but they know you are the lucky guy that is taking her home. You should encourage her to keep dressing sexy, not stop her. And here is another bit of knowledge, a secure man is a big turn on for a girl. And dressing sexy is also. So you get the rewards of her passions at the nights end.

For most girls, there is 2 very sexy attires for a man. First, and this is probably no surprise, is a man in a uniform. It is in our nature, you wont be able to help or change this. Of course, relatively speaking, the vast majority of men are not in uniform.

The other attire for most girls is a man in a suit.

For most of us, it is one of the most sexy things a man can wear. A man in a fit suit exudes confidence, power, assertiveness. As much as we know the things to wear that will have a guy panting, you should know that if you get a good tailored suit, a subtle but masculine cologne and carry yourself with confidence and be assertive, you will have a girl's panties moist and ready to drop very quickly.

This is especially true for a kinky girl longing to have a man take her in hand.


I love going out with my boyfriend to where he can wear a nice pleasure formal suit and tie, and I can wear a slinky mini dress with garters and stockings and heels.

We did this last night. Went to see a play and then out to dinner at a nice restaurant and lounge. I love sitting next to him when we are dressed up. Leaning into him, inhaling his scent, feeling his arm around me, stroking my shoulder and arm. Then he started whispering the things he wanted to do with me and I found it getting harder to keep track of what was going on in the play. My mind kept going to images of us doing all kinds of stuff in balconies, dark corners. Where the chance of people finding out was great.

I was more than a little turned on when we got to the restaurant. We danced a little in the lounge before dinner. And I admit, I was teasing him. With touches, letting my dress ride up as we moved to the faster energetic dances, rubbing my body against him in slower dance. I ignored any eyebrow raises and scowls and had my bit of naughty fun. Then we went to order dinner.

They had great food that I was enjoying, when out of the blue, Mike tells me to hand him my panties.

You want to make a girl blush and wet in a flash, order her to do that for you!

It would have been bad enough going to the ladies room to do it, but he wanted them right there at the table. It wasn't difficult. My dress was tight but it was short enough to easily work my black lace panties down and off.

 I knew they were wet, I could feel them in my hand as I gave them over to him only to have him take it in his open hand and bring it to his face with a smirk.

I am sure people saw us. I just couldn't bring myself to look around, though. It was such a wrong and bad thing to be doing, and I LOVED it. He told me how naughty I had been and that I would be getting such a spanking when we got back home. I was so ready to go right then with him, but as he paid, he wanted to dance some more.

Now I love dancing, but, now I am wearing a short dress and no panties, and I wasn't so eager to be teasing him with the rising hem anymore. While a flash of panties and garter and stocking tops can be exciting, I wasn't really looking forward to showing bare ass and pussy. Yet he wanted to dance some more and we did, with my movements much more careful and shorter and certainly not the faster sexier dancing I like.

We left a short time later, and a little after we got home, it was into the bedroom for what I hoped would be a long good spanking.

I think any girl will tell you that there is something so sublime and sexy about a guy taking off his jacket, rolling up his sleeve

 and taking her across his lap, especially when she is still dressed from the night out.

Oh my god, I was so hot and wet. I had been so from the moment he asked for my panties. He sat on the bed and pulled me over his lap.

My short dress was baring me in this position and he began a slow delicious long spanking. After a while he didn't go any faster but his strength had increased and soon I was squirming around and rubbing myself on his slacks and moaning and not long after just begging for him to stop and fuck me silly.

A few minutes later he did just that. As much as I love him in a suit, I needed him out of it and into me a lot more!

A great end to a fun sexy night.

Guys, do you like or dislike when your woman dresses sexy? Have you found your feelings changed after you got together? Do you have a dress code for her?

Girls, have you noticed your boyfriend/husband/partner told you they don't want you to dress sexy now that you are together? Also, do you find a guy in a suit as sexy as I do so that you can back me up and hopefully get guys out there to wear them more?

Thursday, 2 January 2014

In A New Old Fashioned Way

I am so sorry about the wait.

We are still at my parents' house in Virginia for the holidays.

With them and the rest of the family being about 2000 miles away, I only get to see them once a year for these holidays.

What I guess I had not thought about was what it was going to be like to go 2+ weeks without any spanking and sex fun.

See, even though a while ago I wrote about how my parents got into spanking (well we got them into it actually, by accident), I just cannot talk about it with them much less get spanked with them around.

Janice and Beth, a couple of dear readers, have an incredibly open relationship with their families that I have to admit is very envious, especially at this time. With Janice, maybe being a little embarrassed, they have no real problem with anyone in the family knowing a spanking is going on. And with Beth, over their christmas holiday, all the girls were spanked at some point!

So, here we are, boyfriend back on track with wanting to do spanking, I have been getting all I have been needing and now we are stuck with both of us wanting it, and nowhere to go.

With only being able to see all of them once a year, we are always at one of their houses.

And to top it off, one evening we got back from my aunt's house to find that mom and dad were able to have some fun since we were out of their house. Oh, they didn't say anything, of course, but then they didn't have to.

It was all the classic signs that we all are aware of. They both had smiles they couldn't even try to hide. Both much more affectionate, you know in how they talk and look at each other. Mom shifting a little in her chair at the table or unconsciously reaching back for a rub, etc.

I wasn't making things any easier. I would frequently tease Mike in some way that back home would have usually been met with a rapid up close look at the carpet. I don't know why I would do this. I was making it hard on myself as well as him since I needed to be spanked as much as he wanted to do it! It is just our nature I guess. Girls are just natural teases and at the new years eve party, I was have to admit, pretty relentless. Maybe, with the alcohol, I was kind of hoping that Mike would do something about it anyways.

Well, yesterday was scheduled to be the day to spend at my brother's place with his wife and my nephews and niece.

Mike and I took my dad's car for the short drive over to their house. I wasn't really paying attention when we turned down a dirt road but after a bit I knew it wasn't the right route to their place and I started getting little flutters in my tummy as I was hoping that he was looking for some remote place to park for a while.

Then he found it. A little clearing set back away from the small dirt road that no one would be able to see until well before we knew they would be coming.

We got out of the car and he didn't need to tell me to take my jeans off. I didn't care that it was 45 degrees out (8C I think?) I was already taking them off myself.

He leaned against the car and kind of put my over his side under his arm and started spanking away. I didn't hear a word he was saying, I was just loving the stinging warmth of his hand. He was spanking so fast, I could barely breathe. Then he pulled my panties up between my cheeks and started again. I didn't care though, because the friction against my by now wet pussy felt great as I was squirming under his hand.

Realizing I needed much more, he put me on my feet and my groan of disappointment changed to a squeal of delight as I saw he was taking off his belt. I just LOOOOVE his belts. I happily bent over the hood of the car and saw him trying to adjust himself. He was so hard it looked like he had trouble standing.

Oh did that belt sting as I squirmed and squealed. I was so hot and so wet. I didn't feel the cold air at all anymore, all I felt was that belt adding paths of scorching sting to my butt. I felt on the edge of a fantastic orgasm that I just couldn't reach.

Mike stopped and I pleaded for more. He had a concerned look and he said ok but no more with the belt. I groaned because I didn't want it to stop.

But, when he tucked me back under his arm, and pulled my soaking panties down, and started spanking with his hand while I was writhing on his cock, I didn't complain. It felt so good after so long. In only a couple minutes, I let out a muffled yell into his arm as the orgasm that I was racing to since he was using the belt finally crashed.

I stood up and started kissing him frantically while we both were trying to get his pants down. I needed him and I was being more in the way than helping so I just bent over the hood and waited for him.

Finally with his pants and shorts down I felt his first thrust. He was so hard and big, I was so ready, that first feel as he went in all the way at once started another orgasm well into way. His motions were hard and fast. This was animalistic fucking at its best!

I came two more times before I heard him groaning and unleashing into me and I lay down on the hood catching my breath and trying to return to normal. He pulled out and picked me up and we held each other just calming down.

We took stock of ourselves then. My jeans were on the ground filthy. My panties had got torn. I had his cum and my own juices running down my legs. His pants were wet at the crotch where I had been against. And we reeked of sex. There was no way in hell we could go like that to my brother's house.

I used my panties to wipe up the best I could, put the filthy jeans on, and we made the quick drive back to my parents' house.

When we opened the door, they were both RIGHT there. They had called my brother and when he said we hadn't got there, they got worried. Well what we had been up to was so plain. Any hopes of sneaking into our room to clean up were gone. Thankfully they didn't say anything. Just had stupid grins and said they would call my brother again to tell them we wouldn't be over.

After we had showered and changed, my brother and family were there since they all decided to come over to have dinner.

Then I was the one showing the signs. I didn't even realize I was squirming at the table until Mike squeezed my leg. I couldn't help it. I was so sore. I still have plenty of marks and soreness now. I stopped squirming, but the big grin didn't go away.

We both REALLY needed that and who knows... maybe we are one step closer to being more open about it and might not need to sneak off somewhere next time. I doubt it, but never know.

Sorry no pictures.. really can't go looking for any here. Hopefully I let you know how it went.

Have any of you had circumstances like that. Maybe not them walking in on you, but being caught out after? Where it was so obvious what you have been up to?

I am so sorry for so infrequent posts. Now that the holidays are over, I WILL post more often. I promise.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

We All Need Somebody To Lean On

I am so sorry for the delay. We ended up needing a new laptop after all.

Anyways, to tell you about the wonderful visit we had from a lovely girl.

 For the sake of telling about what happened, I will refer to her as Jen which is not her real name but I really don't want to only say "she".

We had started talking a few months ago when I wrote of my experience viewing spanking videos.

Jen has been in spanking movies for quite a while and has been in many. Anyways, we had wrote for a while and then talked on the phone and often would talk about how nice it would be to meet.

Well, it finally happened. Jen was going to stay with relatives for thanksgiving holiday and would make a stopover in New Mexico to see us  and we arranged for her to stay the weekend with us. We would pick her up at the airport Saturday morning and drop her off Sunday evening.

We had such a nice talk in the car on the way to the house. She talked of all the places she has been mostly for video shoots and how she really liked visiting England.

We got home and she marveled at the wide open space.

                                                       this is basically our back yard

She had not been to a desert before and loved the peace and quiet we had of neighbors a half mile away. And the dogs absolutely loved her.

It wasn't long after we were home and had been talking for ages that Jen was already starting to tease Mike. I don't remember what it was even about but she was relentless.

So, Mike had her on his lap and started spanking. Then while he was spanking away, she started talking to me!

 about nothing really, whether we get much rain, stuff like that.

Now keep in mind, he really wasn't putting too much effort into it, which made sense, you know this being the first time and all. But, she was clearly giving him the go ahead that he wasn't making any progress at all. So, he started spanking harder, and then she says something like, Amber was right, you don't do much spanking do you?

He stopped and said something like oh yeah, well she is next. Naturally I had to protest that I said no such thing, but he wasn't listening anyway, he had raised the bottom of her sun dress up and started spanking her over the thong that had left her cheeks bare to his hand.

She finally started making a couple squeaks, and a bit of a squirm, and after a few more minutes had her get up and told me I was next. I had been quite enjoying watching him spank her, and decided not to fight it.

I went ahead and pulled my jeans down, and since I too was wearing a thong, just went ahead and got over his lap for my spanking.

I guess Jen had this thing about talking during spanking and started asking me about my teaching, my students, whether there were some that could use a spanking. I had tried to talk for a bit, but I couldn't concentrate because the spanks were starting to heat up and sting. A couple minutes later, I was let up.

After a few more minutes of talking, I went to start an early lunch. Jen can talk! I am not complaining at all, I liked it in fact, just saying, WOW can she talk! When I told them lunch was ready, they were still talking away.

After lunch, we took Jen to Roswell to see to see all the alien hype. On the drive there, Jen started up with the "are we there yets". I guess it was after like 5 straight minutes of this, Mike pulled down a deserted side road opens the back door, undoes her seatbelt, helps her out of the car, pulls her against the car and starts spanking her.

She starts squealing and saying it was MY idea! Geesh, this girl is all about throwing her buds under the bus! (might be an expression not used elsewhere, means rat on, get in trouble, etc). So after a good spanking I get hauled out and spanked too!

The rest of the drive was pretty uneventful. If you don't count us squirming around for a while!

We had a great time at the ufo museum

 and novelty stores and all. I know people think that there is lots and lots of alien stuff there, but really, a couple hours and you have seen it all. So we headed home.

On the way back we got onto the subject of cards and I had mentioned that Mike plays nickel/dime games with his friends a few times a month. So, after some asking, Mike said he would teach us to play the different popular poker games. This sounded like fun. I had asked him but he would put it off. Who know it would just take a pretty girl that he has seen for the first time and spanked to ask!

So after we got home and we all cleaned up, showered/changed etc., Jen and I were in shorts, Mike in jeans, and we were in the living room around the coffee table and Mike started teaching about the different games. I guess we weren't getting it too well, all the rules and what hands were better and all. So he said the right way to learn was with spank poker.

Jen, wins a hand, I get some spanks, I win a hand, she gets some, He wins a hand we both get some. But he said we had to lose the shorts. We took them off and both had worn thongs again. Well after thousands (it seemed anyways) of trips over his lap,

 I couldn't believe it, but it actually worked. We learned how to play, pretty good too.

Very red and a bit sore, I said I was going to get dinner together and Jen went ahead and helped. We left our jeans shorts off and she started putting together a bowl of salad, while I put the lasagna that I had almost all the way baked the night before, into the oven, and got some homemade garlic bread toasted and we had a real nice dinner.

As we were setting the table I was shocked to see that her butt was hardly red anymore. She said it was one of the downsides of doing spanking movies. It just doesn't last long anymore. She saw I was still quite red and even still had several clear hand and finger prints.

Anyways, after more talking during dinner, I think Jen asked if Mike's arm ever got wore out, or something like that. I guess she was thinking about all the spanking that had been going on. So, I told her that he had become ambispankterous. He could do just as well lefty. She didn't think it was possible. She didn't think any of the spankers she worked with could use both hands equally.

What followed had to be the silliest excuse for spanking ever.

Jen and I bent over the back of the couch while we had to guess what hand he was spanking with. After some spanking, I was guessing right more often and she claimed I had unfair advantage since he spanks me so much I could probably tell from his hand. This actually seemed to make some sense. So he switched to a leather paddle and a tawse.

I don't know how long this went on. It had to be the funniest spanking time ever. We were laughing so hard. I don't think we were even sure why we ended up with laughing fits. Even the dogs, came to investigate. They aren't fazed at all with spanking anymore and they lost interest. I, though, was for all the laughing, getting pretty sore. Very sore in fact. I said I was done for a while. Jen acted like she was just getting started! Mike didn't mind. Hell, I think he was glad for the workout.

I watched for a bit and they finally called an end, too. Still in our thongs and shirts, we ate some chocolate chocolate chip ice cream that I had made the day before and watched some television.

It was about midnight I guess when we started to wrap things up and head for bed, when Jen pipes up with, "What no bedtime spankings?". Geesh, this girl was a spankomaniac. We went to our bedroom and showed her all the spanking toys we had. She was impressed with all the beautiful wood paddles. I told her Mike made them himself. She thought that was awesome and wanted to try them the next day. Of course she did!

Anyways, she picked out a belt and a tawse. I looked in the mirror and decided I was good.
Jen bent over the bed and Mike used the belt and tawse for a while.

I think she appreciated that he could switch hands with them and keep all the strokes "evened out" over both sides. She was also doing quite a bit of moaning and it was obvious that she was getting pretty aroused. I realized that I hadn't really been before. Not as much as spanking usually does anyway. But, watching how much it was affecting her now, I was starting too also.

After a while, she said she was ready for bed and got up with a grin and a glow to her face. She gave Mike a hug and a kiss on the cheek and thanked him for all the spanking and she went to the spare bedroom. I was quite sure she would be a bit busy before sleeping. And I don't blame her. I was now way hot, wet, sore, and in need of some damn good sex. Which Mike was expecting and just as ready for.

After some breakfast, Jen and I went for a walk with the dogs. Along the way we talked about the video industry a lot. She said while she really likes it, it is very different from her private life. She was really enjoying this time here with us and said she could get spanked all day. We checked out each others butts and I couldn't believe it. When she went to bed, it looked like she would have ALL kinds of marks. I know I would have. But, no, just a couple light purplish marks along the bottom. She said she wasn't kidding about them not lasting. My own was still a bit red. Not much, but she had had also had quite a bit more spanking.

Jen was still educating me about the spanking movie industry and how she wouldn't work with anyone that faked it. Just how long a 10 minute movie actually took before editing. How she would actually end up making a few movies during a few day stay with each company. That many of her girl/girl scenes had ended up with the girls taking turns doing the spanking. About how different it was for another girl to spank her. And how arousal on the movie did happen sometimes but most often it was too distracting, but in personal life it could be very sexual. She said that she had been turned on from some of the spanking so far that we had and especially the bedtime one. I told her it pretty much happened all the time with me and usually ended in great sex and definitely did the night before.

When we got back, Jen saw the deck of cards in the living room and wanted to play poker again. I kind of liked the game too but neither of us remembered all the rules so Mike said that we had to play the same way again. This made Jen quite happy. Mike went and got a leather paddle, and Jen had already took off her shorts so I did too and we played in thongs again.

It really was quite a bit of fun, and we played better, too. We didn't get any fewer spanks mind you, but, hey, wasn't that really the whole purpose of the game?

We had a good time even if we did spend most of it squirming around either on his lap or sitting on the cushions on the floor.

Later after lunch, Jen reminded us that she still wanted to try the paddles that Mike had made. I showed her where he made them and that when he works construction, he will take home some scraps sometimes and thats what he would use. And sometimes he gets some lovely ones, mahogany, walnut, rose, etc.

Before we went back, she got quiet and I could tell she had something on her mind. She said that she knew that Mike and I didn't do spankings for punishment, but she wondered if she could have one. I asked her what she meant, and she said she needed a real punishment, and that it had been far too long. She said that she wanted to be spanked for things she had done wrong, wanted a good cry. That it was something that she needed. I told her I really didn't know and that I would ask him. She waited in the bedroom while I talked to Mike. He thought about it and said he would.

We occasionally do some role play, so he knew how to dress the part. I went and told Jen that he would. She seemed so relieved and said she would dress for it.

Mike came to the living room with about 15 different wood paddles and I told him Jen was ready and what her safeword was. He called her out, using her full name.

My mouth hit the floor. I knew that she had acted and all but the transformation was unbelievable. She looked like a kid in school or a daughter in big trouble.

And Mike, wow did he get into it. He started scolding her on credit card misuse, procrastination, not remembering to take meds all the time (real stuff, that she had talked about). I can't remember details about what all was said, but she sounded truly sorry and he sounded truly upset!

Then he told her to take off her skirt and panties and bend over the arm of the couch. She did so and he started paddling her. Every few swats, he would scold her for something and it looked like after 10 he would switch paddles.

I think it was about the third paddle, it sounded like she was starting to cry, he stopped for a minute and she said she was ready. He continued spanking swatting a little harder than before and her reactions showed it.

I went to the couch in front of her and checked, and she looked like she was fine. Even held out her hand for me to hold it.

I wasn't counting, this was not something I was liking, and I could tell from Mike he wasn't either, but she said this is what she had been needing.

I don't know how long it took or how many swats, but she began crying, crying steadily, he stopped again and she waited a second and nodded and said she was ready, I realized I was crying a bit too. She actually squeezed my hand and said it was ok.

He started spanking her again, and a couple minutes later said that was all. No more. She acted like she would be fine with more, but he said no it is done.

It took Jen a bit to be able to stand and she turned and went into Mike's arms and cried into his chest. He rubber back and told her all was forgiven and she was a good girl. He just held her like that for a few minutes and I saw why he stopped.

When she went back to the bedroom,

I told Mike I would look after her. I went in and found her lying face down on the bed. She said she really needed that and was very grateful that we were able to give her what she had been needing for a while now. I stayed with her, she didn't want to talk, just wanted to lie there. So, I sat next to her on the bed, held her hand and just softly talked about teaching, about what it is like to live where most of the year you need air conditioning in the day and heat at night. After about 20 minutes, I saw she was asleep. I saw that she was already starting to bruise dramatically and the cheeks were still quite swollen. I quietly went to find Mike.

The poor guy looked so sad. That was really something he did not like to do. I told him how much she appreciated  what he did, and how she said that she had really needed that. I suggested he watch his football games for a while. He did. He had been recording all the games for the weekend. I did her laundry that she gave me and then watched with him.

Jen came out a couple hours later in one of my robes I gave her and sat carefully on the couch and watched the game with us. I said something like I was surprised she could sit at all and wondered how she was going to handle the plane ride later. She laughed and said she was wondering the same thing since she was the sorest she has ever been. I told her she could stay extra days if she wanted and that she was welcome to be in the house by herself while we were at work. But she said the tickets couldn't be changed.

When it was time, she dressed in a sundress and we dropped her off at the airport. She and I had a bit of a cry as we hugged. I was going to miss her. She promised she would visit again, and said something like next time it was going to be her spanking me too. I just laughed and said I was thinking the same thing about trying my hand at spanking her. She hugged Mike and thanked him for a great time and spanking.

She called later to say she got there ok. We talked for a while and promised she would visit again when she could.

I am sure some of you know who she is. But, I will let it be up to her if she wants to talk about it. She knows she can't use our real names because I am a teacher, but she knows she is free to talk about anything else. She also knows she is welcome her again anytime.

Have any of you ever needed that kind of spanking? Just a flat out hard as hell "beating" until you are crying and bruised like that? Does it do for you the same as what it does for Jen?

For those of you that do the spanking, would you give a spanking like that? If you have, how did it make you feel?

Monday, 18 November 2013

Don't Let The Moment Run Too Fast

As anyone in the spanking interest knows, lotion is an absolute must to have on hand and plenty of.

We all know what the needs are. To keep the skin smooth, soft, promote healing, etc. And any of us that get spanked know, we slather it on to prevent the dreaded leather butt.

Of course, also it feels so nice after a good spanking to rub it in or even better to have it rubbed in.

I have been told by some girls that it is the best or one of the best parts of the spanking. The caring way it is rubbed in after and the near immediate relief it provides.

Especially after what may have been an intense spanking. And all you want to do is rub,

having the one that spanked you, after causing the discomfort, now providing the relief, can be quite stimulating.

This is not what I want though.

Not when I have spent the last 15, 20, 30 minutes.. however long, getting spanked with hand and variety of toys.

All this time that I have spent taking every spank, feeling the ever increasing sting... every swat driving my pelvis into his lap as I squirm and then lift up welcoming the next blow.

I have felt how hard his cock is under me. I have been leaving his lap a soppy mess as every spank has just left me wetter and wetter.

As much as I know how sexy and good it may feel to have him rub some lotion into my burning skin
I don't want this feeling to end.

I want to savor every delicious tingle I am feeling as the heat and sting of my spanking spreads throughout my body. I want him to squeeze my sore ass as we hug and kiss.

I want to sit on his lap, squirming against him, rubbing my soaking pussy on his legs as my hips cant help but move with the sting.

I want sit on his cock and ride him for a while feeling him stretching me as we move and he grabs my ass to help lift me.

Then I want him to take me from behind. Feeling his hips bump my sore cheeks as we fuck hard and fast and welcome some more slaps and pulling my hair as we move.

Until we finally cum so explosively that I nearly pass out from the intensity.

This is the culmination of the spankings I take and can't wait to again and again and again. I don't want lotion diminishing those sensations at all.

Later, much later, after I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience, then yes, I would love him to rub some lotion in, arousing us again to some more action.

Do any of you feel the same way? Do you want the lotion right away? Do you like to wait until later? For those that do the spanking, when and how do you want lotion used?

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

... The Kind You Don't Take Home To Mother

 I sure hope my computers is working now. I have missed all of you.

We all know that Halloween is a time for kids to have fun, dress in scary or hero costumes and go door to door asking for all kinds of candy.

Then there is the Halloween for adults.

This day is the one where a girl can look her sexiest, act with apparent shameless, and no one thinks twice about it. Except that is to enjoy her exhibitionism.

Nothing is too short, too tight, or too outrageous on Halloween.

Girls take the time and don their sexiest outfits and costumes for one reason and that is to tease you guys out there. She loves the attention, it makes her hot.

She wants you to appreciate her body. She wants your stares. She wants your attention. It is what the night is for.

And she is hoping it will end with a night spent with a man confident enough, strong enough, to know what he wants and to be bold enough to get her some drinks and realize this is what she wants.

For those of us that lean to the kinkier side of things, this is the night where a girl can flaunt her wishes and desires, advertise her fetishes and no one will think any less of her and will in fact compliment and maybe envy her for daring to be different.

Make no mistake however, she is hoping that she will find a man that recognizes her signals and selections for what it is. A girl who likes things a little spicier and needs a man that can provide it.

And you guys this is one of the times that you can count on finding a girl who shares your passions. For the only night of the year, you can tell which girls are just looking for a man that will take them in hand.

There are no good girls on Halloween. Believe me.

One of the most if not the most popular outfit on Halloween is the naughty schoolgirl.

When a girl wears this, she knows she will get the attention of any authority figure. She might not be looking to be punished. But, she is certainly looking for some teacher to keep her after school for a good lesson.

 However, if she is one of us, you will know instantly. This is after all the one outfit that any girl knows will guarantee to get her just what she is looking for from that stern principal or teacher. You need only ask her if she has done her homework, or studied for the test, or if daring enough, ask her if that is regulation panties she is wearing. Her head will drop, and she will fiddle with her skirt, maybe twist her pony tail, and say no sir. And give you all indications that she knows the consequences of her naughty behavior and actions.

As I said though, there are no good girls on Halloween and another favorite outfit is that of the maid.

You have but ask her if she finished her chores, or tell her that the dusting was sloppy or some such comments, and you will find right off whether she is a naughty servant in need of some discipline from the lord of the manor.

A sexy nurse

 need only be asked if she was aware of the guidelines for proper attire at the hospital. You will know right off if she needs a sexy doctor to teach her that she can't be dressing to cause the male patients heart failure

Act decisively and relatively soon guys. I can tell you that when girls are dressed up like this and the liquor starts flowing, inhibitions quickly leave.

And if she has not had a man give her the attention she needs, the girls may just start without you.

They will dance with each other, and I can tell you when girls in very skimpy clothes, already aroused by their exhibitionism start dancing, it can get very hot quick.

They might even decide that if there are no guys offering to take them in hand, they will go ahead and start some action themselves.

Halloween is most assuredly a time when no one should be going home empty handed. The late night and early mornings should be alive with the sound of good spankings and bed rocking sex heard from coast to coast.

So get out there and do your part.