Sunday, 8 December 2013

We All Need Somebody To Lean On

I am so sorry for the delay. We ended up needing a new laptop after all.

Anyways, to tell you about the wonderful visit we had from a lovely girl.

 For the sake of telling about what happened, I will refer to her as Jen which is not her real name but I really don't want to only say "she".

We had started talking a few months ago when I wrote of my experience viewing spanking videos.

Jen has been in spanking movies for quite a while and has been in many. Anyways, we had wrote for a while and then talked on the phone and often would talk about how nice it would be to meet.

Well, it finally happened. Jen was going to stay with relatives for thanksgiving holiday and would make a stopover in New Mexico to see us  and we arranged for her to stay the weekend with us. We would pick her up at the airport Saturday morning and drop her off Sunday evening.

We had such a nice talk in the car on the way to the house. She talked of all the places she has been mostly for video shoots and how she really liked visiting England.

We got home and she marveled at the wide open space.

                                                       this is basically our back yard

She had not been to a desert before and loved the peace and quiet we had of neighbors a half mile away. And the dogs absolutely loved her.

It wasn't long after we were home and had been talking for ages that Jen was already starting to tease Mike. I don't remember what it was even about but she was relentless.

So, Mike had her on his lap and started spanking. Then while he was spanking away, she started talking to me!

 about nothing really, whether we get much rain, stuff like that.

Now keep in mind, he really wasn't putting too much effort into it, which made sense, you know this being the first time and all. But, she was clearly giving him the go ahead that he wasn't making any progress at all. So, he started spanking harder, and then she says something like, Amber was right, you don't do much spanking do you?

He stopped and said something like oh yeah, well she is next. Naturally I had to protest that I said no such thing, but he wasn't listening anyway, he had raised the bottom of her sun dress up and started spanking her over the thong that had left her cheeks bare to his hand.

She finally started making a couple squeaks, and a bit of a squirm, and after a few more minutes had her get up and told me I was next. I had been quite enjoying watching him spank her, and decided not to fight it.

I went ahead and pulled my jeans down, and since I too was wearing a thong, just went ahead and got over his lap for my spanking.

I guess Jen had this thing about talking during spanking and started asking me about my teaching, my students, whether there were some that could use a spanking. I had tried to talk for a bit, but I couldn't concentrate because the spanks were starting to heat up and sting. A couple minutes later, I was let up.

After a few more minutes of talking, I went to start an early lunch. Jen can talk! I am not complaining at all, I liked it in fact, just saying, WOW can she talk! When I told them lunch was ready, they were still talking away.

After lunch, we took Jen to Roswell to see to see all the alien hype. On the drive there, Jen started up with the "are we there yets". I guess it was after like 5 straight minutes of this, Mike pulled down a deserted side road opens the back door, undoes her seatbelt, helps her out of the car, pulls her against the car and starts spanking her.

She starts squealing and saying it was MY idea! Geesh, this girl is all about throwing her buds under the bus! (might be an expression not used elsewhere, means rat on, get in trouble, etc). So after a good spanking I get hauled out and spanked too!

The rest of the drive was pretty uneventful. If you don't count us squirming around for a while!

We had a great time at the ufo museum

 and novelty stores and all. I know people think that there is lots and lots of alien stuff there, but really, a couple hours and you have seen it all. So we headed home.

On the way back we got onto the subject of cards and I had mentioned that Mike plays nickel/dime games with his friends a few times a month. So, after some asking, Mike said he would teach us to play the different popular poker games. This sounded like fun. I had asked him but he would put it off. Who know it would just take a pretty girl that he has seen for the first time and spanked to ask!

So after we got home and we all cleaned up, showered/changed etc., Jen and I were in shorts, Mike in jeans, and we were in the living room around the coffee table and Mike started teaching about the different games. I guess we weren't getting it too well, all the rules and what hands were better and all. So he said the right way to learn was with spank poker.

Jen, wins a hand, I get some spanks, I win a hand, she gets some, He wins a hand we both get some. But he said we had to lose the shorts. We took them off and both had worn thongs again. Well after thousands (it seemed anyways) of trips over his lap,

 I couldn't believe it, but it actually worked. We learned how to play, pretty good too.

Very red and a bit sore, I said I was going to get dinner together and Jen went ahead and helped. We left our jeans shorts off and she started putting together a bowl of salad, while I put the lasagna that I had almost all the way baked the night before, into the oven, and got some homemade garlic bread toasted and we had a real nice dinner.

As we were setting the table I was shocked to see that her butt was hardly red anymore. She said it was one of the downsides of doing spanking movies. It just doesn't last long anymore. She saw I was still quite red and even still had several clear hand and finger prints.

Anyways, after more talking during dinner, I think Jen asked if Mike's arm ever got wore out, or something like that. I guess she was thinking about all the spanking that had been going on. So, I told her that he had become ambispankterous. He could do just as well lefty. She didn't think it was possible. She didn't think any of the spankers she worked with could use both hands equally.

What followed had to be the silliest excuse for spanking ever.

Jen and I bent over the back of the couch while we had to guess what hand he was spanking with. After some spanking, I was guessing right more often and she claimed I had unfair advantage since he spanks me so much I could probably tell from his hand. This actually seemed to make some sense. So he switched to a leather paddle and a tawse.

I don't know how long this went on. It had to be the funniest spanking time ever. We were laughing so hard. I don't think we were even sure why we ended up with laughing fits. Even the dogs, came to investigate. They aren't fazed at all with spanking anymore and they lost interest. I, though, was for all the laughing, getting pretty sore. Very sore in fact. I said I was done for a while. Jen acted like she was just getting started! Mike didn't mind. Hell, I think he was glad for the workout.

I watched for a bit and they finally called an end, too. Still in our thongs and shirts, we ate some chocolate chocolate chip ice cream that I had made the day before and watched some television.

It was about midnight I guess when we started to wrap things up and head for bed, when Jen pipes up with, "What no bedtime spankings?". Geesh, this girl was a spankomaniac. We went to our bedroom and showed her all the spanking toys we had. She was impressed with all the beautiful wood paddles. I told her Mike made them himself. She thought that was awesome and wanted to try them the next day. Of course she did!

Anyways, she picked out a belt and a tawse. I looked in the mirror and decided I was good.
Jen bent over the bed and Mike used the belt and tawse for a while.

I think she appreciated that he could switch hands with them and keep all the strokes "evened out" over both sides. She was also doing quite a bit of moaning and it was obvious that she was getting pretty aroused. I realized that I hadn't really been before. Not as much as spanking usually does anyway. But, watching how much it was affecting her now, I was starting too also.

After a while, she said she was ready for bed and got up with a grin and a glow to her face. She gave Mike a hug and a kiss on the cheek and thanked him for all the spanking and she went to the spare bedroom. I was quite sure she would be a bit busy before sleeping. And I don't blame her. I was now way hot, wet, sore, and in need of some damn good sex. Which Mike was expecting and just as ready for.

After some breakfast, Jen and I went for a walk with the dogs. Along the way we talked about the video industry a lot. She said while she really likes it, it is very different from her private life. She was really enjoying this time here with us and said she could get spanked all day. We checked out each others butts and I couldn't believe it. When she went to bed, it looked like she would have ALL kinds of marks. I know I would have. But, no, just a couple light purplish marks along the bottom. She said she wasn't kidding about them not lasting. My own was still a bit red. Not much, but she had had also had quite a bit more spanking.

Jen was still educating me about the spanking movie industry and how she wouldn't work with anyone that faked it. Just how long a 10 minute movie actually took before editing. How she would actually end up making a few movies during a few day stay with each company. That many of her girl/girl scenes had ended up with the girls taking turns doing the spanking. About how different it was for another girl to spank her. And how arousal on the movie did happen sometimes but most often it was too distracting, but in personal life it could be very sexual. She said that she had been turned on from some of the spanking so far that we had and especially the bedtime one. I told her it pretty much happened all the time with me and usually ended in great sex and definitely did the night before.

When we got back, Jen saw the deck of cards in the living room and wanted to play poker again. I kind of liked the game too but neither of us remembered all the rules so Mike said that we had to play the same way again. This made Jen quite happy. Mike went and got a leather paddle, and Jen had already took off her shorts so I did too and we played in thongs again.

It really was quite a bit of fun, and we played better, too. We didn't get any fewer spanks mind you, but, hey, wasn't that really the whole purpose of the game?

We had a good time even if we did spend most of it squirming around either on his lap or sitting on the cushions on the floor.

Later after lunch, Jen reminded us that she still wanted to try the paddles that Mike had made. I showed her where he made them and that when he works construction, he will take home some scraps sometimes and thats what he would use. And sometimes he gets some lovely ones, mahogany, walnut, rose, etc.

Before we went back, she got quiet and I could tell she had something on her mind. She said that she knew that Mike and I didn't do spankings for punishment, but she wondered if she could have one. I asked her what she meant, and she said she needed a real punishment, and that it had been far too long. She said that she wanted to be spanked for things she had done wrong, wanted a good cry. That it was something that she needed. I told her I really didn't know and that I would ask him. She waited in the bedroom while I talked to Mike. He thought about it and said he would.

We occasionally do some role play, so he knew how to dress the part. I went and told Jen that he would. She seemed so relieved and said she would dress for it.

Mike came to the living room with about 15 different wood paddles and I told him Jen was ready and what her safeword was. He called her out, using her full name.

My mouth hit the floor. I knew that she had acted and all but the transformation was unbelievable. She looked like a kid in school or a daughter in big trouble.

And Mike, wow did he get into it. He started scolding her on credit card misuse, procrastination, not remembering to take meds all the time (real stuff, that she had talked about). I can't remember details about what all was said, but she sounded truly sorry and he sounded truly upset!

Then he told her to take off her skirt and panties and bend over the arm of the couch. She did so and he started paddling her. Every few swats, he would scold her for something and it looked like after 10 he would switch paddles.

I think it was about the third paddle, it sounded like she was starting to cry, he stopped for a minute and she said she was ready. He continued spanking swatting a little harder than before and her reactions showed it.

I went to the couch in front of her and checked, and she looked like she was fine. Even held out her hand for me to hold it.

I wasn't counting, this was not something I was liking, and I could tell from Mike he wasn't either, but she said this is what she had been needing.

I don't know how long it took or how many swats, but she began crying, crying steadily, he stopped again and she waited a second and nodded and said she was ready, I realized I was crying a bit too. She actually squeezed my hand and said it was ok.

He started spanking her again, and a couple minutes later said that was all. No more. She acted like she would be fine with more, but he said no it is done.

It took Jen a bit to be able to stand and she turned and went into Mike's arms and cried into his chest. He rubber back and told her all was forgiven and she was a good girl. He just held her like that for a few minutes and I saw why he stopped.

When she went back to the bedroom,

I told Mike I would look after her. I went in and found her lying face down on the bed. She said she really needed that and was very grateful that we were able to give her what she had been needing for a while now. I stayed with her, she didn't want to talk, just wanted to lie there. So, I sat next to her on the bed, held her hand and just softly talked about teaching, about what it is like to live where most of the year you need air conditioning in the day and heat at night. After about 20 minutes, I saw she was asleep. I saw that she was already starting to bruise dramatically and the cheeks were still quite swollen. I quietly went to find Mike.

The poor guy looked so sad. That was really something he did not like to do. I told him how much she appreciated  what he did, and how she said that she had really needed that. I suggested he watch his football games for a while. He did. He had been recording all the games for the weekend. I did her laundry that she gave me and then watched with him.

Jen came out a couple hours later in one of my robes I gave her and sat carefully on the couch and watched the game with us. I said something like I was surprised she could sit at all and wondered how she was going to handle the plane ride later. She laughed and said she was wondering the same thing since she was the sorest she has ever been. I told her she could stay extra days if she wanted and that she was welcome to be in the house by herself while we were at work. But she said the tickets couldn't be changed.

When it was time, she dressed in a sundress and we dropped her off at the airport. She and I had a bit of a cry as we hugged. I was going to miss her. She promised she would visit again, and said something like next time it was going to be her spanking me too. I just laughed and said I was thinking the same thing about trying my hand at spanking her. She hugged Mike and thanked him for a great time and spanking.

She called later to say she got there ok. We talked for a while and promised she would visit again when she could.

I am sure some of you know who she is. But, I will let it be up to her if she wants to talk about it. She knows she can't use our real names because I am a teacher, but she knows she is free to talk about anything else. She also knows she is welcome her again anytime.

Have any of you ever needed that kind of spanking? Just a flat out hard as hell "beating" until you are crying and bruised like that? Does it do for you the same as what it does for Jen?

For those of you that do the spanking, would you give a spanking like that? If you have, how did it make you feel?