Thursday, 28 February 2013

Holding Out for a Hero

             (credit to Bonnie Tyler for the title)

I was flipping thru tv channels desperately trying to find anything worth watching, when I began realizing a disturbing prevalence in almost every story line.

Almost all men, especially in the leading roles, were shown as idiots. Bumbling, stumbling, over-emotional, effeminate. The few that did have any type of masculinity, talked in mono sylable grunts and given apish intelligence and mannerisms. The men are treated with such disrespect, disdain, and ridicule by girlfriends/wives, female coworkers and friends, and even their daughters.

One show, NCIS, did have a strong male lead, but it seems like the team needed a member that was a fool that was constantly derided by the female member and seemed only to accidentally be of help when he was.

Show after show after show, was like this.

We have not been to the movie theaters in a long long time, but I have to assume that this emasculization trend has reached the big screens as well.

I know what you are saying.. it's only tv

Growing up, my brother and I were not allowed to watch much television at all. It was pretty much limited to approved of children's shows and educational shows.

As a teen, I started watching tv downstairs in the basement after i was sure that my mom and dad would be in bed for the night.

Pretty much the only things on then, since we only had basic tv service, was talk shows that I have never been interested in or watched, old movies, and reruns of old tv shows.

Television, also, for me was exposure to men not my dad or my teachers. Handsome men playing the part of cowboys, gangsters, fathers in sitcoms, detectives, and so on and so on.

The memorable, remarkable, and very noticable distinction of men being strong, decisive, intelligent. Men with machismo and of noble character. Men who were in charge of the house and confident and competent in daily affairs.

Like many girls, specially with the inclinations of those reading this site, these old shows and movies became the fuel of all kinds of imaginative scenes and fantasies during budding curiosity and sexual awareness.

I would let my fingers and mind wander to fantasies being under the care and protection of those rugged hard macho cowboys.

Perhaps of the wisdom and guidance of many of the father figures of family shows

A femme fatale to a gruff no nonsense detective

And should I show disrespect or a bit too much sass and willfulness, taken in hand by the assertive strong man that would not hesitate to correct these errors when spanking such young ladies seemed quite the norm

 rather than now spanking being associated with serial killers or women with mental illness.

I feel sorry for girls watching men protrayed as whiny, dumb, helpless, effeminate as they are today since it was watching the real men of older tv and films that made me realize the type of man I want.

Is it just American tv and such that has turned this way or is it the way of European tv as well? Can you think of any shows today that show men as they used to be portrayed? Girls can you remember being influenced and/or fantasizing of the men? Guys did you try to emulate them?

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Music is Everywhere!

This is the message that jazz musician Jorge Perez has set out to spread far and wide.

Who would not applaud such an effort. Music is an art that spans all ages and cultures with so many variations and combinations of different instruments and vocalists.

Well you have to love how Perez has decided to air his message.

He spanks 4 thong-clad women for 3 minutes.

What an incredibly brilliant idea at least for a spanking enthusiast that I fully believe he must be.

Think of what must have been involved in this professional production.

The auditions- who knows how many women lined up to audition to work with and be associated with this reknowned artist. And of course he would have to give them spanking tests to make sure he could work with them. Maybe even giving each one a repeat spanking as the candidates narrowed down to be sure he is ending up with the right 4.

Then the production itself. In the music industry, a 3 minute video is far from lasting a mere 3 minutes. Hours of takes and retakes are required to achieve the edited 3 minute final video.

Jorge Perez could possibly have spanked a hundred women, some more than once and then these 4 may have been given several thousand swats before the final 3 minutes. So, yeah, the individual swats may not have been very hard, but, after a few thousand of them, I can guarantee, from a bit of experience, that they had the marks and the soreness of a "real" spanking the next morning.. specially if they had little or no spanking experience.

Then he is applauded and recognized for spreading the message of music and will most likely make a LOT of money as a result.

Absolutely brilliant, Mr Perez. Let us all hope it is the beginning of what will be come a spanking music craze.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

A Reasonable Plea from the Corner

Ok all of you, I think we can agree that two of the most widely discussed and contentious aspects of a spanking is rubbing and corner time.

And here I am going to bring it up again. And I know what you are thinking. As a frequently spanked girl, I am going to be against both corner time and the no rubbing rule. I will admit it now, you are right.

The thing is, I can understand you guys out there and your positions on both. You spent all this time spanking her and making sure she feels it and you don't want her to "rub the sting away". You want her standing in the corner, reflecting on what she has done wrong and feeling the stinging and throbbing results of all your efforts you put into spanking your naughty young lady.

I get this. I really do. It makes sense. But, let me plead my case as to why this is not only not necessary, but it would be benificial to both of you to forgo these ongoing practices.

There are two things that a just spanked girl wants to do most as soon as she is let up. The first is to rub, of course. The second is to have a look. This is only natural!

Her bottom is on fire and stinging with a heat that is not like any other sensation life can offer. Repeated impact with hand, leather, wood, is so different from any other burn or sensation. Touching a hot pan left on a stove for instance, leaves an immediate burn to skin that she will not want to rub. This burn is different. Spanking has skin and muscle left with a deep heat and sting that demands a rub, but what you guys don't understand, is that it really doesn't do any good. It is more psychological than physical that rubbing really helps.

 It is something to do with the hands and may seem like it's helping but really, unless you let her do it for minutes on end, really is not making any difference. And girls, be honest, you know it's true. Specially the longer the spanking has lasted.

So really, you have no need to worry that she is rubbing away the stinging pain that you have worked so hard to create. It will still be there, plus, think about this. When she rubs, she feels that heat in the skin, she feels that change in texture from a smooth surface to perhaps being able to trace raised fingerprints or even the distinctive so-named tramlines left by a cane and all in between.
Ok, you wanted her to learn a lesson. Let that be it. Let her feel for herself the results of your efforts.
Now, assuming you have let her rub, the next thing she wants to do is look.

She has just spent 20 minutes, half hour, maybe longer. Over your lap, bent over the bed, what have you. Getting spanked possibly with hand, leather paddle, tawse, wood paddles, canes, whatever you have decided to use. You have had the pleasure of watching every swat and reaction and observed her pale skin turn the spectrum of pinks and reds and perhaps into the magenta, purples depending on how much spanking you have felt she needed. You got to see every squirm, kick, wriggle, bounce.

You have seen up close the reactions in her body that she might have wished she could hide yet as she did squrim and kick you have seen the evidence that your every stroke has sent her into a malestorm of arousal that only the combination of pain and pleasure of a spanking can leave her with that has your pants damp under her and has her so swollen and wet.

You have had all this visual stimulus and no doubt she too has felt how hard you are beneath her.
Now let her have a look in the mirror to see the results of your labor. Let her see what she has felt. Let her stand in front of the mirror and feel proud of that she has took all you have dished out and let her see those red handprints, those brush ovals, those strap stripes, those cane welts.

Probably the most popular complaint of a regularly spanked girl is that the redness and marks are so shortlived. Right girls??

So, let her have a chance to appreciate what you have seen for the last half hour or so.

Now as for corner time. Assuming you have let her rub and look, and you have watched her doing so, you cannot tell me that you now want to send her to a corner. You may think she will be thinking of what she has done wrong, but I gotta tell you, for most of us (obviously not all, especially to those that are far more serious about spanking as pure punishment) the time she has thought about that is long past.

Right now, she is a just spanked hell cat dripping with desire, hot, wet, and can't wait for you both to fuck each others brains out. So why lose that with time in a corner. Surely you both want what she wants, what we all want next!

So, how bout it guys? No more "no rubbing, young lady" and no more corners. Right girls?

Friday, 8 February 2013

Valentines Day Spanking Importance

OK, here is the thing. My boyfriend has insisted on holiday spankings. This means christmas, new year, fourth july (i think maybe you guys call it rebellion day or something), thanksgiving, easter, etc etc, and valentines day.

Do I complain? of course not! Far as I'm concerned, the days of NO spanking should be the exception.
However, Mike insists that valentines day really IS a holiday with a spanking tradition.

Now, he knows he does not need to convince me, that I will readilly go with any day he decides is a spanking day, so that made me wonder just what kinda tradition really calls for spanking.

Wellll, it turns out he is right!

According to a guy named Lenski speaking to National Geographic (so we gotta assume its accurate)

"In ancient, Pre-Christian era Rome, 13, 14 and 15 February were celebrated as Lupercalia, a pagan fertility festival. This seems to be the basis for a celebration of love on this date. It was marked in a subtly different way in those days, however. According to Noel Lenski, classics professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder, speaking in the National Geographic, young men would strip naked and use goat- or dog-skin whips to spank the backsides of young naked women in order to improve their fertility; an early IVF, if you will."

Ok, so...

You have a bunch of men and women stripping off, men getting a bunch of leather floggers (well, thats what i think they mean by an animal skin thong) and they go around spanking the women. And this is all to promote fertility.

I am thinking, well duhhh, how could it NOT?

Let's take a look at what I mean.

For simplicity sake, let's assume the total number of young females taking part in this ritual is one million. OK, is it not reasonable to assume that with any group of women willing to strip off and get spanked that at least 80 percent might be like the girls reading this that actually like getting spanked and might find such a group spankathon ritual exciting enough to get very aroused by all the guys wanting to go around spanking them?

Ok now this next bit takes a bit of math and logic. During any given month, a woman can conceive about 5 days in a row. Now with that there are 30 (on average) groups of consecutive 5 day periods a woman of child rearing age will be likely to conceive. Of those intervals, 15 will include the 3 day valentines ritual.

Ok next logical assumption, of the 1 million young female adults 800,000 of which will get very aroused from this ritual then 400,000 of which will be at a time of pregnancy capability (15/30 and rounding WAY down just to make it even more conservative estimate) Now let's round WAY down for sake of best guess since not everyone will get pregnant, not every one is able to conceive and not every guy is potent., So lets say 250,000

Out of a million women stripping off and getting chased and spanked by men weilding leather floggers of which 800,000 (and i think i may be low balling) will be getting very excited enjoying it, all these men chasing them and spanking them and come on, you know its gonna end up in some damn good holiday fucking,
mathmatically back in a time when there was basically little contraception, you gonna have 250,000 ending up pregnant.

It's no wonder it was called a fertility ritual with that rate of pregnancy! And what was the catalyst? SPANKING

So, there you go.. Want to start a family? Spank your woman daily but especially on valentines day just to be sure.

Ok, that simplified things ridiculously, but hey, so what? Anyone want to tell me it's bad advice?? I thought not! and besides, she aint gonna complain! are you, girls? And hell, even if you don't want to get pregnant, spank her anyways on valentines day just for historical tradition sake.