Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The North Wind Shall Blow.....

To quote Mark Twain, “Rumours of my death are greatly exaggerated.” Yes, between being snow bound and other problems, postings have been slim for which I can only apologise. An MGF may be a lot of fun in the summer, but being so low slung, with the weather we have had here in the remote depths of the countryside, it takes half an hour to find it under the snow before I can even start to dig it out.

Christmas obligations being what they are I had intended to close the blog for about ten days anyway, but I’ve decided to close early rather than give the odd limp posting here and there. Let’s face it, whatever your gender or inclination, I suspect that limp is not to your taste.

Let me wish you all a Very Merry Christmas, in particular certain favourite correspondents who shall be nameless, but whom I will miss during the break. What I will say is that since I started the blog all those months ago I have done way more than three hundred postings which means comfortably more than a thousand images. Think of Sexuelle as one of those fat and glossy art or design books you can quietly leaf through with a glass of Muscadet and a plate of olives during those wonderful moments of quiet solitude that life gives us all too infrequently.

Look forward to being back in early January. Who knows what wonderful things I will have for you then.



I’ll leave you with some images of some girls who also seem to be a bit tied up with things!

Thursday, 16 December 2010


I think that what this girl trying to tell us that her sex life isn't a shadow of what it used to be!

Decadent (again)

I did a posting on decadence a day or so back. On the same subject I thought I'd give you another image that encapsulates exactly what it's about, every element from cross dressing to girl on girl kissing captured in this brilliant black and white photograph.

Wash day

Life can be tough on a simple country girl when she has so few clothes that when she washes them she has nothing to put on.

All the local farm boys feel so concerned for her they line the neighbourhood fields with binoculars just to check that things really are this bad for the poor young thing. They feel so sorry for her they even consider stopping their habit of stealing her clothes from the line when she's not looking, but well, it's so much fun it's hard to give it up.

Oh lucky man!

The perfect present for the man who has everything. Let's hope he takes his time undoing the ribbon and appreciating how carefully chosen it is.

Fantasy and the French Maid

In men's fantasy lives, or so it seems to me as a girl who enjoys pandering to them from time to time, it is apparent that three characters appear on a regular basis. The stalwarts of hot masturbatory nights and erotically charged evenings with a compliant partner seem to be either the naughty schoolgirl,

the chirpy secretary in need of regular spankings

and the French maid.

I'm going to concentrate on the French maid in this posting, but first I will consider the similarities between the three of them.

In our fantasy world they all wear dangerously short skirts with their panties barely out of sight so at any one time a sudden movement or reaching up results in an unintended visual treat. They all wear stockings and high heels that make the best of their short skirted legs, and additionally, but fundamental to the whole fantasy working, they are all subject to our authority. This means that when they make the sort of mistakes which in the real world would result in written warnings, and meetings with union representatives, in our fantasy these little minxes can simply be thrown across our the knee and soundly spanked with their knickers down.

What is so intriguing about this is not that we have such fantasies (confession time, I have them as well! ) it's that they are all based on a world and social order that was struggling to survive after the last war and gave out its last breath not long after the nineteen fifties.

If you don’t accept the above, will all of you who employ a live-in uniformed maid subject to your smallest whim raise your hands. Exactly! I don't either (more's the pity) but, Oh boy, how we live to think about the idea.

“Francois, my Brandy is not at room temperature and I'm going to make sure that from now on you never make such a mistake ever again. Come over here, but take your panties off first . That's right, you're going over my knee for a long and thorough spanking.”

But we can all dream! In our minds our maid is always young and pretty with kissable breasts and willowy legs. And her bottom! Oh that perfect little bottom of hers! And of course she's totally compliant and takes for granted that several times a day she will be across our knee with her panties down round her stocking tops while we spank her ripe little bottom in an effort to teach her the error of her ways.

And at bed time of course, well, never mind hot water bottles. What better way to warm the Master's bed than to lie on it wearing the other outfit he likes so much, her own pretty skin, naked and unadorned. If she’s lucky, really lucky, he may even allow her to stay for a little while and ease away the tensions and stiffness that have built up during the day.

Why weren't my parents filthy rich so I can have one?

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Black tie spanking

If fortune decides that a man is going to put you across his knee, pull down your panties and soundly spank that juicy young bottom of yours, either because you’ve been asking for it, or because he simply feels like it as it’s going to make him even hornier than he is already (and very likely you in the process) then how nice if it’s the man in question is properly dressed in a dinner jacket and black tie.

Let's be honest about this. If a man is good looking and well made (sexy to you and me), he will look even sexier dressed like this, and, cutting to the chase, when it comes to your turn to start helping him out of his clothes, how nice that it’s such elegant clothes you’re removing.


I did a good two or three postings on Vargas some time back but eventually came to the conclusion that I had exhausted all the best images available. I’m pleased to be able to give you one more having come across a further of his illustrations quite by chance. It’s typical of him in that it’s not of a woman who simply happens to not be wearing a lot of clothing, but she is unashamedly sexual, her pose a blatant invitation to be leapt on and pleasured. Her out thrust rear is such a cock tease that any real man finding a real female posing like this would be most likely to throw her across his knee and soundly spank her for her impudence before taking his reward.

But as I said in a recent posting on another subject, maybe that’s just wishful thinking!


I love this image as, being a romantic, I firmly believe that the real essence of seduction is subtlety. Of course there is a place in our sex lives for a blatant outfit or brazen conduct, but how nice when a word or touch can give off a hint of sexual promise as delicate as a distant whiff of perfume, the two of you then spending the evening glowing in pleasure as each tiny step takes you closer to that first soft kiss and the promise of everything it will lead to.

This girl's skirt is a tease, a flirtation in its own right. It's just short enough that when sitting down it becomes apparent that she is stockinged and suspendered underneath it, a hint of what pleasures she might just have to offer to the right man. And maybe, just maybe, that right man could be you!

I can't believe I'm really doing this

Dare I give you two topless and well endowed females, and then go as far as even breathing the word, "Knockers"?

No! I couldn't possibly do that.

Thursday, 9 December 2010


As I've often commented in the past, drawings can so often encapsulate a sexual concept more effectively than a simple photograph. That being the case, I'm giving you a few to ponder over at your leisure.

Sex for sale

For a lot of men, certainly most of the men I know, the thought of paying for sex is demeaning , taking the view that to pay for it means that they are not attractive or charismatic enough to find women who want to have sex with them for its own sake. This is something I can understand

But for some men, the idea of paying for sex gives it an additional glamorous edge, and the love the idea that they have bought this woman for an agreed period of time and that she is theirs to do with as they wish for as long as they wish.

The couple of images here, for me at least, encapsulates that concept perfectly. The men with their expensive tailoring contrasting with the women attired to be sexually alluring. The kneeling girl with her ripe breasts offered up in their lacy bra, and the girl in the car playing with herself to give the man an idea of what pleasures await when they get to his hotel or flat are perfect examples of how we like to think of professional ladies of the night.

Where do I stand on the subject? Best not to comment.

Preparing Madame

Yes I am, Sir. I'm getting Madam ready for you right now. Of course she's naked, Sir, just as you asked and I'm just putting on her blindfold. Will many of your friends be coming tonight, to enjoy her as well, or will it be just you this time?

I can tie her wrists to the chair if you'd like me to, but, if I might make so bold, Sir, there's greater possibilities with her if she's not just fixed to one object. I can leave the ties for you as usual, and then it up to you how you deal with things.

Join you at the end, Sir? Oh how kind of you! It would be a pleasure. Yes I am wearing stocking and those special panties you like under my dress, but I'll need to slip on some high heels as well.

No, Sir. I haven't been punished today. Not once. I was going to mention that.
And of course if you would like your friends to help, Sir ......

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Park pleasure, Park punishment

Young lady, if your pleasure yourself in a public park,

There’s a good chance that some right minded citizen might just put you across their knee,

Pull down your panties

And spank your bare bottom.

Or maybe that's just wishful thinking on my behalf.

Fur coat

When I was a young girl there was a neighbor of ours who would refer to any woman she thought had ideas above her station as being “All fur coat and no knickers.”

Well here is as good an example of such a female as I’ve ever come across, and sorry Mrs Rogers, I’m afraid I think she’s rather wonderful.


Ahh, decadence, what would life be like without it, the whiff of cigarette smoke, the air perfumed with of opium and beautiful girls in black lingerie stealing kisses in smoky basements.


Off subject

This extraordinary image is a little off subject, but I just had to share it with you.

Any comments gratefully received, and brownie points for anyone who can make a joke that does not include the word ‘Cock.’

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


The other night I dreamed I was a naughty schoolgirl, wandering the streets in a very short skirt so everyone could see my panties.

When I got to school, it was even worse. My skirt was even shorter and my panties were on full view.

The teacher told me I was a naughty little minx, and first I had to pull my panties down so all the class could see my bare bottom

and then I had to take them of completely .

The next thing, he’d put me across his knee and spanked me in front of the whole class.

I don’t know why, but the next day the dream wouldn’t go away so in the evening when my boyfriend was coming round I dressed the same way , a naughty schoolgirl who had forgotten to put her knickers on.

We both got very excited, and the next thing we were having sex, and he was smacking my bottom while we did so.

But when it was over, he told me I had to be careful as I was in danger of developing a spanking fantasy.

A spanking fantasy! Me?! The very idea!