Thursday, 13 February 2014

You Take Me By The Heart When You Take Me By The Hand

It is human nature that all attention centers around the female. One of the timeless irrefutable adages that everyone has heard and is prevalent in anything from movies, to beer, to motorcycles, to computer games.. Sex Sells!

Product marketers know this and gear nearly everything we buy to it. There is not much for sale that in some way has not had a half (or more than likely, less) dressed, large chested, sex starved, pretty woman touting its praises.

Where it is probably even most obvious, is in the sex and porn industry itself. Aside from the gay male genre, every production is completely advertised by talking about the female stars and actresses.

In the commercial side of the BDSM/spanking society and lifestyle, this is true as well. All advertising focuses on the girl that is getting tied up, clamped, spanked, etc. and what she has done to bring such "punishment", you know what I mean. Almost all blogs written by the sub/bottom/spankees.

This is merely observations. It is what it is.

I just want to take the time to honor and praise the unsung heroes of our community. The Doms/Tops/Spankers without who (or is it whom, good thing I teach math and not english) we could not enjoy our activities. Well, I suppose we could all self spank, but I think that would get old fast.

You guys out there. You pay for everything on a date. You go thru emotional uncertainty and turmoil when trying to figure out the best way to tell your lady you want to put her over your lap, pull up her dress and her panties down, and spank her silly.

Ever mindful that if you make even a little mistake, you might blow the whole thing and mood and end the night much sooner than you want.

Should you be fortunate to have got her acceptance, you have to be almost mind readers and figure out exactly how to spank, how long, what you can use. Especially if it's her first time!

Your poor hand gets sore, your arm might get tired. You have a half naked girl squirming around on your poor confined erection.

I think I can speak in chorus for those of us in the community and lifestyle when I say in lould voice,

"Thank you, guys!"

You may never get the recognition you deserve, you are the recipients of jokes meant and in good humor, you get "bratted", you wear out your arms and hands, you pay for everything, and you rarely get credit for your "work"...

But, I promise you, you are appreciated.

And hey girls, next time your man/partner takes the time to give you the spanking you need, let's all show him just a little extra "gratitude".