Friday, 26 July 2013

Can You Tell Me Where It Hurts

I feel a bit sorry for dentists. Like all doctors, they have a sense of "calling". A devotion to helping people usually from a pretty young age, and then they incur massive debt spending 19, 20 years in school.

And then after all that work, the dentist becomes one of the most hated people. No one wants to go to the dentist. It is never without pain as even a cleaning hurts some. Then there is that long needle and then when the novocaine wears off, more pain.

I bring this up as I have what I fear to be an abscessed tooth and have been in terrible pain and have not slept or ate

Now I have not said this to get sympathy, it is to bring up what I want to touch on here postponing the other subjects that I will get back to I promise, it is just this is happening now.

That is that when all else failed such as over the counter (store bought, in case that term is not used elsewhere, heat/cold/ and other stuff, we tried spanking.

No foreplay, no roleplay, no play at all. Just a long long very intense spanking with just about anything that can be used comfortably, at least for him, over his lap.

And I am here to tell you, It works. What may seem counter-intuitive at first, that of a very hot stinging, spanking alleviating the much different more pain from the toothache.

Neither of us felt like sex after which has been almost always the result of any spanking action. I found I was a little aroused but it was not the urgency or degree of arousal that is usual. All I felt like was getting a long much needed sleep. And I did.

Spanking really does work to alleviate other pain.

Have any of you tried spanking as a source of pain relief? Did it work for you? Do you think you might try it?

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Where The Lines Overlap

I have gotten a few emails saying I am clueless and narrowminded because I am being sexist about only guys spanking girls.

I did not mean to give that impression. It's just when I write, I write what I feel, think experience. In my relationship, I am the one that gets spanked.

It is the only way I would have it. I can't think to always type him or her, he or she , etc everytime I talk about something. I can imagine that things are similar sometimes for guys that get spanked, I just don't have that experience. And of course there are girls that do the spanking as well, but since I am not one, I can't speak for them either.

I also know that there are many that use spanking as punishment as well. And that is kind of what I wanted to touch on after a response to the previous post rather than talk about my boyfriend's birthday (which I will, promise). It was:

" Although the thought of being dominated is very arousing to me, I've never really enjoyed spanking. I suppose in a way I think about the times my parents would discipline me that way so I would get EXTREMELY uncomfortable with the idea of a partner employing the same act. So I wonder if you have any such disconcerting pasts with some type of sexual play? Your posts have been very amusing, but I still can't warm up to the idea of being spanked. I know my loved one wants to do more than just fondle my ass, but for now he'll have to bear the vicious threats of clawing his veins "

I have a feeling that I am in the minority of women that while I enjoy domination sexually, I also don't have anything to do with punishment for punishments sake. What I mean is that spanking and other forms of light BDSM play is just that, play.. all in fun, unless there is maybe the occasional role play going on where the punishment/discipline is part of the game/scene.

What I am trying to do is say to the woman that posted the above response, is that you don't have to make it about punishment. Although I was never spanked at home or school, I can understand how you could be uncomfortable with a partner spanking you in punishment would make you uncomfortable as it was how your parents punished you.

However, spanking with a partner, especially a sexual partner, can be COMPLETELY different, and especially since you say you already know and find being dominated is very arousing.

Have you and your partner put aside the idea of punishment for the time being. Just make it an act of submission. A part of sexual domination. Let it not be for any reason, nothing you have done wrong, but rather that you are sure he wants to do it and so you can see just how great it can be. And I promise you it WILL be if you keep your mind away from it being a punishment and your partner makes sure not to refer to it in any way as such while spanking you.

I am telling you there is nothing so arousing as being over your man's lap (again speaking from my point of view and experience). There is so much other than the spanking itself that all makes up the experience. It is being in his control, knowing you are trusting him, knowing this is what he wants to do, that he is dominating, in charge, macho, his hard body so contrasting with your softer one. The feel of his muscular thighs beneath you. And the feel of his hard cock pushing against you. And I promise it will be very hard. I am betting that there are few guys that would not be.

Then there is the spanking. The feel of heat and sting coursing thru your body as you squirm against him, so wanting more until a point where you are almost beg for him to stop and desperately hope he does not. At this point, is when if I am going to have an orgasm (which has happened many times) it is almost mind numbing. If not, I will be going nuts for one. I will be so hot, wet, and probably begging him to stop and fuck me already.

And then it happens. Some of the best sex of your life, I promise. Sex after spanking is nuclear. You will kick yourself for not having done this sooner.

That is what I urge you the writer of that response (and anyone else) to try. Forget the punishment mindset for now, and try it!

For those girls out there that spanking is part of sexual domination play and not just punishment, have you found it to be like I say?

For you guys that like being spanked as part of sexual domination play, I did not meant to exclude you, I just don't know if you have the same reactions. Do you? If not what is it like for you?

Those of you that do the spanking, do you feel the same way?

Friday, 12 July 2013

Im So Dizzy My Head Is Spinning

My boyfriend was probably anticipating a quiet birthday night with just the 2 of us on the 8th. With me cooking a favorite meal of his, taking his birthday spanking, some good sex. Which is what it has been in the past. But, I have convinced him that we should celebrate tonight giving the reason that tomorrow we don't have to be up early for work. He has no idea that it is because of a surprise I have planned for him that I talked about in the last post.

For me though, the anticipation of waiting is driving me crazy. If I thought I was going nuts from withdrawal, it isn't anything compared to the knowing (well, I am almost completely positive) that there will finally be some action and knowing when too.

Perhaps it is because this is the longest I have done without that is making it so nerve wracking. What I do know is that I have been going crazy the last couple days knowing what I am hoping is coming tonight.

I have been making mistakes at the chalkboard, been caught several times squirming in my chair (I can only imagine what the students think, probably that I have to pee), I have been so distracted and so very horny.

How do you deal with anticipation, knowing what is coming. Is it as distracting for you or have you able to have a oh well, nothing I can do about it anyways, attitude? Do you find that time since last spanking is a factor or does that really matter?

Those of you that do the spanking. What kind of anticipation do you go thru knowing that say on a given night, you will be giving some naughty minx a a spanking? Is it as distracting to you during the days ahead?

What I do know is that my hands are almost trembling typing this, knowing that in about 9 or so hours, what I have to look forward to. I am fidgeting like crazy and so aroused and I feel like all of the other teachers are staring at me here in the faculty lounge and knowing my secret.

Friday, 5 July 2013

In My Mind, I'm Already There

Without going into specifics about my boyfriend's personal matters, I believe I may have figured out why he has not been in the mood for intimate spankosexual play.

You see his birthday is July 8, and I think that has been weighing on him lately.

I have also thought about the way things have been prior and I think I may have been taking him for granted in the ways I alluded to earlier. That of just assuming he would always "be there" for the spankings and other play that I have come to want and need.

With these things in mind, I believe I have come up with a plan to heighten his spirits and mood and hopefully get him back to his confident self again.

In new mexico (and I assume just about everywhere), there are several outfits that provide erotic/fantasy maid/hostess/waitress services on an out call basis.

Any doubts and rumors and prejudices I had about such services, were gone after I spent time in person at the office of the one I decided on. The owner could not have been more helpful as she went over all the guidelines and fees and services and I even met the girls that would be coming over. And she even gave a significant discount for a couple.

I briefly explained to the girls my plan of what I would like and they even offered suggestions about how we could possibly make it even better depending on Mike's reactions and degree of comfort. The did not even bat an eye when I explained some of the things we might get up to and if I wasn't mistaken, I believe I saw a great deal of interest shown by one of them. I found out that they can even join in some activity if they wanted as long as they did not accept additional money (or something like that) it gets a little vague, but basically they are protecting themselves from anything that could get them in any trouble with law enforcement, even tho I made it clear to everyone that we were not in any way affiliated with any agency and from what I understand, saying that immunes them from any type of sting, I think, like I said it's a bit vague.

I have to say I am very excited by my birthday plans and I hope Mike will be too when we surprise him. The idea of the three of us catering to him for a few hours, possibly being spanked in front of them, having them watching, and possibly the one joining in, has got me very very excited.

Guys is this something you would like to be surprised with? Very scantilly dressed girls waiting on you hand and foot for a few hours? Would you be comfortable engaging in any spanking and/or other sexual activity with them present? To me I would think that it would be awesome for you, but I have come to realize a lot of the stereotypical assumptions about male psychosexuality has been quite different to reality. How would you feel about this being a complete surprise sprung on you say on your birthday?

Girls, how would you feel about having a couple of half to mostly naked girls as an audience to your activities. Would you find it very exciting and arousing anticipating it too? How would you feel if one (or both) joined in? Have you had a similar experience?

I hope to have a great story to tell you after this birthday. Wish me luck.