Wednesday, 31 October 2012

But what of Liz?

I thought for my first day on the job here, that I would check up on our beloved and very busy Elizabeth.

We do miss her so, but, let us she what she has been getting up to.

First she hired a girl to help with the typing. But, the poor thing was not very good and Liz had to be stern with her and warn her that her work needs to improve.

But, even that did not help, as the girl still kept making many mistakes. So, of course Liz tried the old fashioned method of trying to motivate her.

This turned out as it often does and you can see, Liz got quite distracted from her writing.

Then she was at an impasse in her story and needed some research so she phoned her friend Stefon who was more than happy to help.

As she coyly sat on the couch,

she presented him with a couple of hypothetical questions.

Suppose that I went to the office yesterday like this and had to bend over often in front of the male staff

or suppose that this afternoon I went shopping like this, and found many reasons to get the products from the bottom shelves,

What  would your reaction be?

Oh I see, a bit of scolding

Then it would be straight over your lap for a long spanking for being so naughty.

And when the spanking is over, what will... Ohhhh

Well, as you can see, our beloved Elizabeth is doing just fine and is in good hands. We do so hope she will stop by as often as she can to let us know how she is doing.

I hope to try to make weekly posts and hope you will let me know how I am doing.

J, I remembered that you had asked about submitting pictures that you would like to see put to use. If anyone has any suggestions or pictures, fell free to email me at

and i will see what I can do.

Happy Halloween



Thanks for your message and alerting me. No I have not received any e mails. Could you try again(, or if you don't mind the risk, send another message to this site with an e mail where I can communicate  with you.

Thanks for  your continued interest.


Friday, 12 October 2012

Thank you

Thank you  all for your wonderful messages. I appreciate them more than you can ever realise.

And Amber, I would be really thrilled if you were to take over Sexuelle. I know it would be in safe hands. As I mentioned in the last post, if you send me a contact  mail to I can reply giving you all the necessary information and of course the log in details.

Thanks again.


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Sexuelle up for grabs

It is with enormous regret that I have to accept what has been becoming more and more obvious to me over the last year that it is simply not an option for me to continue with Sexuelle. None of you who check it out regularly will have failed to notice that my posts have been getting fewer and further between, and this is simply because of my having to keep too many plates spinning at the same time. On top of the usual demands that life places on me, I have a couple of mainstream books about to be published, which is of course good news, but the time I will need to take marketing them, plus the time I need to edit a further book means that I will not be able to find the time for anything like regular posts. It is surprising how time consuming it is to put something together plus finding the right images. 

All may not be lost however. If any existing erotic blogger or even a complete novice would like to take over the site I would be thrilled. That way it could continue, and if there was no objection I could make the odd guest posting from time to time when the muse hit me. 

 Let me say I am not taking this decision lightly. Running Sexuelle has been enormous fun and I will miss it, but as with everything in life, the time comes when one has to move on. PLEASE, if there is anyone out there who can keep it alive, please let me here from you. The best thing would be to send an e mail to lazy.liz@live .com and we can communicate from there. 

Could I must mention before I go in roughly a month Educating Anna will be available as an audio book so look out for it. (Hands free porn; what more could one ask for!) I do not have the details to hand, but will add them as soon as I have.

It only remains for me to give my love and thanks to my special readers (you know who you are) who have supported me with your feed back and wonderful comments. You have no idea how much I will miss you all.


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Sans Culottes

Some time back I wrote a piece about a day I had spent with boy friend wearing a long floaty summer dress, all very innocent looking to the world at large, but without any knickers on underneath.

For me that feeling of cool nudity under the thin cotton, and for him the awareness of how available I was had a similar effect and it made the two of us massively horny and having great problems keeping our hands off each other. I have some recollection of a moment’s privacy when he backed me against tree, pulled my dress up and planted his lips on my cleft. Even now the thought of it makes me wet. 

 I think it’s something to do with the erotic contradiction of it. When the two of you are naked for the purpose of having sex, then it’s all very straight forward, but if you’re are wearing say office clothes but you’ve left your knickers off along with your morals then the outside show is that you are a good and respectable girl with a job to do, but underneath you are a whore in desperate in need of punishment and penetration, and for the man in the know that’s dynamite.

But let’s take the stakes a fraction higher. Your knickerless state is a secret known to you alone, but from time to time you can find all sorts of teasing positions to light the fire of curiosity in his mind,

and then when you are ready you can just happen to bend or reach just that fraction more and all is revealed!

!f it’s to your established lover it’s excitement enough to blow his top,

but it’s too some dishy guy who till now has never laid a finger on you then we are in different territory again . 

 In either of these scenarios you can more or less guarantee that it’s going to end up with some pretty serious fucking, and whether it’s there and then or after some long simmering build up depends on all the other factors involved.

It can also mean that you might earn yourself a pretty thorough spanking as well. Whatever your relationship with the man in question, you have given him as perfect an excuse as he could ever hope for. “You little madam ! No knickers on ! I really aught to ……”

And the chances are that he will. What greater treat for him than taking you over his knee and easing up your skirt to reveal your delicious young bottom already bare and vulnerable and ripe to be spanked for your wickedness.

And after your spanking? Well we all know what happens to pretty girls after a spanking so little point in elaborating. But will you have learned your lesson? Of course you will. From now on you’ll be leaving your knickers off on a regular basis!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

No use sulking!

No use your looking so sulky and resentful like that! OK, you’re being spanked, but it’s probably what you deserve and probably not before time.

Think yourself lucky he didn’t pull your knickers down first (most men do, believe me.)

And then spank you on your bare bottom,

or even strip you naked first to get across that you really are in trouble. It’s quite common when a girl has done something really naughty.

So what did you do to earn this? Enjoy your piano lesson a bit too much? (It was singing top C that gave you away!)

Or out of the kindness of your heart did you help that nice Mr Jones down the road with his bath, as after all, his wife is away and you thought he might need someone to lend him a hand round the house.

Well, something like that anyway. How do I know all this? Bit of a silly question! I’m a girl too, just like you. Believe me, I’ve been there!

Monday, 1 October 2012

Just suppose....

Suppose, just suppose you were young and impressionable and the sort of girl who likes other girls, and a lot of us do, and you were quietly and innocently looking at the sort of literature that makes you think warm and cosy thoughts about them.

And your mind happened to wander in the direction of that delicious Amada and how the two of you started to get really rather friendly the other day when the two of you were changing after hockey.

So you rather forgot yourself and gave in to thoughts that were so delicious and wicked that, well, you got totally carried away…….

But you got caught by Miss Strict! Why did it have to be her of all people as she only has to look at you and it makes you feel al nervous inside. Not only that, you’ve been having interesting thoughts about her as well!

My goodness, how will she punish you? Maybe she will take her time to decide exactly what to do, making you wait in front of her while she takes a really good look at you and decides what will be most appropriate. But as she insisted that you bend over while she carries out her inspection, you are sure that you know what punishment she will choose. And of course you are right!

She’s going to spank you, and not only that, you can see she’s going to enjoy it!

She takes you over her knee where you wait in trepidation. Oh my God, will she …..will she….? Yes! She does take your knickers down, peeling them off slowly and relishing in the sight of your young bare bottom which she’s about to scourge for your wickedness.

She doesn’t seem to be in any hurry and it seems an age while you lie there bare bottomed and nervous and listening to her telling you what a wicked little madam you are, even though you knew that already.

And you’re right, she’s not in any hurry at all, and when she does set in to spank your naughty bottom, far harder than you could have imagined, it’s as if she’s never going to stop.

But all things, even long stinging spankings , come to an end , and finally it’s over and back in the dormitory you take yourself to bed and just lie there with your bottom stinging and throbbing, but all the while suffused with a strange excitement you don’t understand.

But look on the good side. Suppose, just suppose, your friend Amanda gets to hear about what’s happened and she pays you a visit so she can comfort you. And then, well maybe the two of you discover all sorts of wonderful things about each other you hadn’t even realised! And as your whole body is strangely alive and sensitive after your spanking, it’s all far more wonderful than you could have dreamed of.

But of course none of this is true, and it’s all just supposing which is a bit of a shame. But there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go and have a quiet lie down with some appropriate literature and see how if you get carried away. Who knows what might happen!