Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Those were the days....

I borrowed this image from the French site, Au fills de jour (for which many thanks) , and my goodness it does takes me back. Nothing in a third world prison can match the sheer sadism of a bunch of senior school girls when they've got it on for one of the group .

"Come on! Let me, it was my idea to pull her knickers down."

"It must be my turn, you've been spanking her for ages!"

“Wait till it’s my turn . I’ll show you all how it’s done!"

And later it will all be forgotten. Her bottom will be kissed better in the dormitory, and in due course the group will re-form and the victim will have her turn at being an oppressor.

It was ever thus!


Way back in the seventies there was a sexploitation Hammer Horror film called Twins of Evil, but here by way of contrast I give you twins of pleasure.

How you chose to take your pleasure from these two delectable upturned bottoms is up to you!

Who'se been a naughty girl then?

Monday, 29 November 2010

In urgent need of a spanking

“......so yes, I've been a very naughty girl, and I'm getting worse by the minute, so I think you should get here as son as you can and give me a really good spanking. Yes, I'm already naked and ready, but if you don't get here soon who knows what I might get up to.....”


It’s a while since I’ve done a posting on masturbation, and maybe it’s time to revisit the subject again. I take it for granted that anyone who visits this or similar sites does so to add fuel to their erotic imagination, and that maybe as they read it or possibly later, on their own or in the company of a lover, turns arousal into satisfaction. If that is the case then I have succeeded in my aim. The world out there can be a dark place at times for all of us, and every orgasm is a beam of light

At the risk of stating the obvious, masturbation can be an act of sexual generosity, you stimulating another while you are taking pleasure in simply giving , or it can be your own loins you are manipulating while your lover does the same thing. Here the two of you are going through the motions of self stimulating, though your self pleasuring is added to and stoked by the sight of your partner’s naked body and by his or her own growing arousal. Like penetrative sex, should you be fortunate enough to reach your eruption at the same time, then so much the better, the two of you collapsing cross eyed and happy on rumpled bedding .

And then there is masturbation carried out when solitary and alone, and this is when it is capable of giving the greatest pleasure of all. Forget any question of this being for the sad and lonely, this is a magic time when hand and libido can be in perfect harmony. It is only you who truly understands exactly what it is that stimulates you to the limit, what fantasies and images turn your insides to liquid joy, and only you can speed or delay the growing wonder that is tingling and glowing down there, eventually stroking it to an explosion of pure satisfaction.

If after reading this and maybe checking out favourite posting or two from the past you feel like taking yourself somewhere cushioned and private before lending your libido a helping hand, then you will have made Elizabeth a happy girl.

In control

“Now listen here big boy. Just for a second I’m in charge, so take note. I want to be spanked, do you understand, SPANKED! Told I’m naughty, thrown over your knee, my nightie pulled up and my bare bottom soundly punished. Don’t ask why, don’t take any more nonsense from me, just spank me! What you do after that is up to you, but after a spanking I’m hardly likely to try and stop you.

“And if you need a reason I’m about to give you one. Those shorts of yours are coming off and what I’m going to do is so naughty it’ll give you an excuse for a week’s worth of punishments!”

Hollywood and Vintage

There’s something very appealing about these images from a little while back, primarily I think because they came from a time when men considered it quite normal to administer a spanking to keep harmony in the house, and when film makers took full advantage of this by stirring our loins with ostensibly innocent scenes, fully aware that it was giving the audience an illicit thrill.

But as spanking on television or in mainstream films is such a rarity these days, you’ll just have to keep checking out my blog to be reminded of those glory days!

Wedding Dress

As the newspapers seem to be obsessed with weddings at the moment (Is someone special getting married? I must have missed it.) I couldn’t resist posting this picture. I love the contrast between the ethereal purity of the dress and the girl’s nakedness underneath and I can imagine the surprise waiting for the lucky groom on his honeymoon:-

“Darling, you’re naked!”

“I know! Did you know you were marrying such a naughty girl?”

“But that means in the church, and with my parents…….”

“Exactly!” (Looking at him with limpid eyes) “Maybe you should punish me for being so wicked.”

“Maybe I should.” (Sudden gleam appearing in his eye) “I know it’s our honeymoon but….”

“But what?” (Runs fingers down his shirt) “What do you think?”

(Heart racing and blood rushing to unexpected places.) “I’ve never spanked you before, but maybe I should start as I mean to go along.” (Takes hold of her by the wrist.) “Now come here you dreadful little girl.”

(Sort of struggling) “You don’t mean……”

“I certainly do, and from now on you must call me ‘Sir’.” (Pulls her across his knee and explores her bare bottom with his hand ) “I’ve a feeling I’m going to enjoy this!

(Giggling and excited knowing her plan has worked.) ”Whatever you say, Sir!”

Friday, 26 November 2010

Mrs Fotherington-Fanshaw remembers....

But of course, darling, it wasn't just at school we were spanked. When I was home,mummy spanked me if I ever misbehaved

as indeed her mother had spanked her when she was young . Isn't that what a young girl's bottom is for?

Anyway after I left school I went to Paris for a while and got in a with a very interesting crowd. I was sharing an apartment on the left bank with a girl called Colette who became a very special friend if you know what I mean. We got up to all sorts of nonsense together, and it was like being back with the girls in the dormitory at school.

She'd take me to some very interesting bars and clubs, and my dear, the things that went on! Bodies everywhere, all knotted together like tangled knitting.

I rather enjoyed all that, maybe a bit too much as even Colette said I was getting too naughty for my own good, and from time to time she'd take me over her knee for a spanking just to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Kind of her really as I'd rather missed it!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Starting out (Seven)

(New readers scroll back to parts one to six.)

And it's the next day and you're in the office again and you have to make something happen. You love it when your boss takes you across his knee and spanks you, but now you want to be taken across his bed as well. As for your boyfriend who doesn't spank you, well you'll have to worry about him separately

So as you go about your duties you pose and position yourself in ways you know will drive him wild, and then when you see that to relieve his frustration he's on the verge of throwing you across his knee again, you go and look at him with those limpid eyes of yours and stop him in his tracks.

"Sir," You say, rubbing your fingers up and down his shirt. "Sir, I know I'm being a really naughty girl today and you want to spank me for it," Then you meet his eyes full on. "But if you want to give me the thorough spanking I deserve, why don't I go back to your flat with you after work and then you can take your time over it."

And he's done for, and for the rest of the day the two of you are like animals on heat, circling round each other, purring and growling in anticipation of what's going to happen.

And then suddenly it's evening and you're at his flat, and it's just a matter of time. "Would you like me to leave my knickers on?" You ask him, looking at him over your shoulder. "So when I'm across your knee you can choose your own moment to pull them down?

"Or," And it only takes a moment to make truth of your words, "Would you prefer my bottom to be bare to start with?”

You can see from the way he is looking at you that he's on the verge of pouncing on you, but you want his spring to be ratcheted up as far as it can go, so just to get him even more excited you go and lay yourself invitingly on a particularly decadent couch.

“How about this?” You say. “I’m ready for whatever you have in mind.

and in a fury of frustration he throws you over his knee and spanks you till you are squealing in protest, excited by his passion and knowing from the feel of his engorged manhood thrusting up at you what this will inevitably lead to.

“Sir! Sir!” You scream out, overwhelmed by a weird mixture of pain and arousal. “I’ve learned my lesson!” But he can hardly hear what you’re saying as he’s busy ripping your clothes right off you, and the next thing you’re impaled against the wall by his excitement and the two of you are on the very edge of your joint crisis. In a moment you yell out in unison and and at last you’ve achieved the cocktail of punishment and pleasure you’ve wanted all along.

Now all you’ve got to do is to sort out your boyfriend.

Role confusion

"You're a naughty girl!"

"No, you're a naughy girl!"

"No, you're......"

Sapphic sensuality

As I’ve said a few times, I’m a romantic at heart, and I find these images all too seductive. Girls in all the glory of their young naked beauty, limpid eyed and drugged with love and sex, hearts and bodies intertwined as they take pleasure in themselves or each other.


Assuming the position

You said go the the bedroom and assume the position. You didn't say for what.

Boys! Boys!

Boys! Boys! It’s very flattering that you so enjoy reading Sexuelle, but maybe just a little restraint!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Showing your appreciation

If the man in your life is kind enough, generous enough, let's face it, sensitive enough, to take you across his knee when you need it, bare that naughty bottom of yours and spank it till you've leaned your lessson, the very least you can do is to show him your appreciation .

If he's prepared to take time to do this for you, you must always ensure that underneath that flirty little skirt of yours he's going to find a bottom as nicely displayed as he could ever hope for.

If its a simple pair of panties , something more elaborate , or even if you surprise him by being bare and ready, it's important that he has something sexy to look at while you struggle and squeal and protest as he gives you the punishment you deserve.

Because if you don't, he might stop bothering to spank you, and that would never do. Without regular and thorough spankings you might turn into somebody really naughty, and you don't want that.

Your mother did warn you!

Joanna Lumley

Is this really Joanna Lumley getting her bottom smacked? We all Love Joanna, but she did manage to annoy a lot of people in the government over the Ghurkha business, so she must have known that there would be a price to ay at some time. This is probably a junior from the Crown Prosecution Service sent down on a mission to teach her a lesson.

"Just put her over your knee and give her a spanking will you, Thompson. Make sure there are no photographers around as they’ll be no end of a fuss, and probably best not to not take her knickers down as otherwise we'll have that sleazeball Bellasconi on the phone offering to come and give you a hand.”

On closer inspection I see it’s not her at all, but it might have been. Shame really. She’s such a good sport I’m sure she would have enjoyed it.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Deadlier than the male

It's a moot point which of the sexes have the edge when it comes to sexual cruelty and sadism. The women in these drawings certainly seem to know how to inflict pain on a victim for the express purpose of gaining erotic satisfaction, and in two of them at least they are being positively despotic. It’s one thing to take your girlfriend or secretary across your knee for a spanking, it’s quite another to give someone a savage whipping.

But then of course they are only drawings and very likely penned by a man who was turned on by the concept of fetishised females indulging their sadistic needs on each other bodies.

I rather suspect that the jury will remain out on this subject for a long while.

Mrs Fotherington- Fanshaw Remembers

Darling, it seemed to me that the older we got, the more time we spent across the teacher's knees with our knickers down. Once we were in the upper sixth I don't know why we bothered to put them on each morning. It wasn't all bad though as there was so much stroking and fondling while they told us how bad we were it really was quite enjoyable. The actual spankings were quite painful but it was like adding a touch of chilli to a recipe; just a bit of extra zing to the whole experience.

Canings were different, and my dear they really did hurt! You only got caned for something serious like the time I got caught playing the champagne game with Bunty Weatherspoon and Pippa Hamiltion. Oh you don't know that one? It's very simple and rather fun. It's as many girls and chaps as you like and the chaps have to make their corks pop while their chosen girl is doing anything she likes to help the process along. You know what I mean, don't you darling, I don't have to spell it out. There's a prize for the first to pop and one for the chap who pops furthest. Such a hoot!

Anyway I'd got caught, so there I was bent over in front of the whole class, knicks down and touching the toes. Fearfully embarrassing. I was really quite nervous of how painful it was going to be, but Foxy Turpin called out something quite inappropriate about how far she could see up my botty and the teacher got very cross about it. It ended up that she got spanked in front of the class and he seemed to forget all about me.

Such lovely innocent fun darling.


This is me being a little self indulgent, to some extent talking about myself, though at the same time talking about all of us.

We are all so complex and have so may facets, the different faces we show to the world at different times. There is the person seen by our superiors or subordinates at our place who is somehow different from the person we present to, say, the Italian delicatessen when we buy our bread and olives on a Saturday morning. But we are different yet again when sitting quietly at a cafe table waiting for a friend to appear.

I am unashamedly bookish. Books tumble off the shelves in my house, I always have one or two on the dashboard of my car and I feel insecure without at least one in handbag I can dip into if at any point in the day there is time to kill. The public me is a quietly dressed, studious looking young female that any Mum out there would be happy for her son to meet.

But then there is our private self, the person we are when alone or in the company of our lovers, our brains seething with fantasy and our loins moist with longing as we anticipate the erotic pleasures about to be bestowed on us by the beautiful prapic man hungrily enjoying the sight of our languid limbs, or of course by our own probing fingers. And depending who is sharing this bedroom moment we can be different again, a wanton harlot, greedy for satisfaction, or a naughty little girl who needs a good smacked bottom before he decides what else to do with us.

I enjoy being all the different Elizabeths. I hope you take satisfaction in all your different selves.