Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Oh my God! He wants to spank ALL of us!

Well, it was your idea!

The lovely Madeline Smith

A number of you were entranced by my picture of Madeline Smith a few postings ago, and I can certainly understand why. She had the perfect mixture of overwhelming prettiness with her big open eyes, full beautiful breasts she was prepared to give us rationed glimpses of from time to time, and the gift of always looking and sounding totally innocent, particularly at those moments when misadventure or the wicked schemes of lascivious men resulted in her total or partial undress.

Regrettably, for you, me, and possibly even her (how do I know what she was in to ), never once on film or on television was she given a spanking. That is such a shame as I can’t think of any actress better suited to find herself unwittingly across the knee of some aristocratic bounder gleefully lowering her knickers in readiness to punish her pretty young bottom.

"But, Sir Roger!" I can hear her breathy voice saying as her huge eyes open in disbelief. "Surely your not going to SPANK me !!"

As people often say at the passing of some great elder statesmen, we shall not see her like again.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Triple Punishment

Sapphic fantasy

Midnight musings

To enjoy sex in all it’s glory, and certainly to enjoy masturbation which I suggest is the leisure activity of choice for most of the world's population, you need to have a vivid imagination and a strong sense of fantasy. Without it , one's solitary sessions of bliss could lack a a certain sparkle. There's none of us however who do not benefit from having our sexual imaginations tweaked occasionally by some outside stimulus, an image, a story, or a film where out of nowhere an erotic concept plugs into something deep rooted in our subconscious and leaves us with have our insides melting.

One of my weaknesses, as I mentioned in a comment on the blog recently, is pretty young girls with big innocent eyes, wandering graveyards and woods in flowing nightdresses that we pray will get provocatively ripped from their lovely bodies when they suddenly find themselves face to face, and often mouth to mouth, with something vampiric and devastatingly attractive. Sometime the girls are swooning victims, sometimes predators in their own right, but the concept is the same. The midnight meeting is going to end in a consummation where in a state of heightened ecstasy, fluids are exchanged.

Those of us who enjoy being rendered helpless by dominant men, up ended, exposed, and spanked as we fight and struggle before accepting our new role as a tasty feast for them to consume, are living out a similar fantasy to those played out on the screen in vampire films. It is that of a force greater than us taking us against our will to a level of pleasure which we would normally be too frightened to try out, and of course in the process making us one of the initiates who in due course will go out prowling for succulent victims of our own.



Goodbye for three days

These are my last few posts before the long weekend. I have to say I am very pleased it is here as the many different strands of my life have been particularly demanding recently, and it is good to have a few days to re-group.

I'll leave you with a limerick about the painter Titian, apparently penned soon after the discovery of a colour, Rose Madder, which helped painters when working on skin tones.

When Titian was mixing Rose Madder,
His model reclined on a ladder,
Her position, to Titian,
Suggested coi-itian
So he climbed up the ladder and had her!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Put upon

I don't mind, Sir, but it always seems to be me who has to pick up the chalk!

Errr...Haven't you forgotten something?

Elizabeth- Early influences

I will never forget a particular early Sunday evening, me twelveish, slightly bored, watching an old film on TV with my parents. I don’t know what the film was, though I’d dearly love to find out, but it was a standard issue costume adventure with lusty men in cloaks and women in long dresses. There was a brief scene where a man and a woman, both on horseback, have a fiery exchange which concluded with his suddenly riding off, but it was his parting words that suddenly had me riveted to my chair. “If you do it again, I’ll put you across my knee and spank you!”

Nothing happened, but his words painted such a graphic picture in my mind it was like an electric shock going through me. In a second my insides were full of some strange sweetness, spoilt only by the fact that I knew that my face was crimson with an embarrassment I did not understand. Fortunately I was positioned so neither of my parents could see me, and when I had calmed a little I went to the bathroom to recover, confused to find that the gusset of my schoolgirl panties were streaked with moisture.

This was not the first incident like this. As my parents were film buffs I got to watch a lot of early films, and only a week or so before I had to endure the sight of Jenny Maxwell being spanked by Elvis Presley in Blue Hawaii, and not long before this I'd been forced to watch Maureen O’Hara taken across John Wayne’s knee in her underwear while a happy crowd watched her humiliation. I remember my father letting out a deep lascivious chuckle as he watched which did not help me to deal with the weird internal turmoil that scenes like this set off inside me. If that was not enough, a few weeks after this they put on a video of an old episode of The Saint where Erica Rogers was spanked across Roger Moor's knee in her slip.

At this stage of my life my sexual curiosity was taking me over, but I was still essentially innocent. So far none of the local boys had even got as far as getting on first name terms with my newly minted breasts, yet it seemed that my parents in all innocence were in a conspiracy to turn me into a pervert before my sex life had started. At this formative point in my sexuality, although I did not know why I found the idea of being spanked by an attractive man massively exciting, and it is not surprising that my reaction to these scenes confused me a great deal. These spankings that I witnessed were not about sex, yet somehow they were. For a sexually mature girl to be taken across a man’s knee simply had to be loaded with erotic implications, even if I was to young to understand them. To add to their power, in other films where school age girls were threatened with spankings, they were often told it would be with their knickers down, the thought of which both embarrassed and excited me beyond belief.

None of the films I saw overtly focused on the sexual, but I was more than happy to do that for myself. I found myself imagining the girls in these scenes being spanked by their lovers with their panties dragged down and it made me nearly dizzy with arousal. Although I was ashamed and confused by them, my early masturbatory fantasies were of my being spanked by a man who, starting with my panties, removed more and more of my clothing as the spanking progressed, though because of my lack of experience, what happened at that point became unclear. The evening of the adventure film I mentioned at the beginning of all this I made a point of going to bed early so I could replay the scene in my head, and in particular the man’s words which had so resonated with me. As I plied my fingers to my moist entrance it was those words that were building up my excitement as much as my vision of her struggling and protesting as he spanked her.

Not surprisingly, this fetish, deep rooted having seen first light in such an impressionable stage in my life, lay simmering in my subconscious for some few years, and then as you will know from other postings, in due course a boyfriend spanked me for the very first time and the die was well and truly cast.

Dealing with that here would take far too long so I’ll talk about it in another posting.

Just another wet Wednesday evenining....

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Just asking for a spanking

What a foolish girl you are, wandering round in a tiny skirt and no panties, your peachy little bottom on display and designed to drive men wild.

Don't you know that all the men and a lot of the women who read this blog given half a chance would throw you over their knee, shrug your derisory little skirt out of the way then give you a long and thorough spanking on that wicked little bottom of yours for being for being so wanton and provocative. Certainly I would, and in fact there's a good chance I'll be thinking about doing just that when I drift into sleep tonight.

Comments from all those who agree with me will be gratefully received.

Sex Slave

What will it be when he comes? The sweetest lovemaking, the roughest sex or taken across his knee and my bare bottom spanked and spanked for my endless transgressions. Maybe, to keep me guessing, it will be a combination of all three. Whatever it is, I know while it lasts I will be, all too briefly, my true self.

I am nothing but an erotic poem he writes afresh every day, and my body is
the instrument on which he plays music that vibrates through the sounding board of my fantasies. I am tethered to his needs, and through pain he gives me joy and I have no freedom outside the cage of his demands. He is the mirror that reflects my true needs to myself, and without him I am nothing but the shadow of a person who does not exist.

I can hear him now, and my loins weep in anticipation,

Not very bright!

Tethered for pleasure

Monday, 23 August 2010

Girl on girl, a few thoughts

I stand to be corrected on this, but I suspect that when we girls give a spanking we have a more finely tuned sense of what it is about than a man about to administer punishment. After all, most of use served our apprenticeship in the subject across the knee of horny opportunists, dominant lovers, and lascivious older men, having our bottoms crimsoned as we squealed and protested. We know exactly what the squirming little creatures are going through when we lower their panties and stroke their peachy little bottoms, wondering if we are going to be kind or cruel, take pleasure in their pain, or simply tease and stimulate with a token punishment that is little more than foreplay to something else entirely.

It’s a fact of life that victims become oppressors when the opportunity presents itself. It’s not surprising therefore that after several years of being told that you are wicked little minx and just how much you deserve the spanking he’s being kind enough to give you, that when your moment comes and some delightful little creature has submitted to being punished by you for the first time that the temptation to wallow in this new power is hard to resist. Now you understand at last why spanking you gave him such a vibrant erection and why he had such an urgent need to expel it’s hardness into you afterwards.

Personally I find those delicious pre-spanking moments almost more arousing than the spanking itself, the sudden realization that there is a complete change of dynamic when you look at her with that unmistakable gleam in your eye. “You’ve gone to far young Jennifer (or whoever). I think I’m going to have to spank you.” And the look of mixed apprehension and excitement on her face when she realizes that, oh God, she’s going to be spanked! I love those irreplaceable moments when she’s first across your knee and you’re almost purring with pleasure as you pull her skirt to her waist and stroke her bottom, slipping your fingers inside the leg of her panties and making her wriggle.

“You know I’m going to have to pull your knickers down.” You say, because even just saying it turns you on, and of course she begs you not to, knowing of course that simply nothing will stop you. You both know that there’s no need to pull them down, they are so skimpy and briefly cut they don’t offer even token protection, but its all part of the wonderful ritual that makes giving and receiving a spanking so exciting, reducing the humiliated victim to nothing more than a naughty little girl who has no say in the matter whatsoever.

And just as men always do to you, you can’t resist circling her now naked bottom with your hand, wallowing in the feel of her young vulnerable flesh as if gauging exactly what level of spanking it most needs. Would she benefit most from sharp and fast, a rain of endless little stings, or a firm steady and apparently dispassionate rhythm to teach her the best lesson. But however hard you pretend, it cannot possibly be dispassionate as already you are both moist between the legs, and when that first crisp spank lands and she lets out a tiny scream, the jag of erotic arousal that shoots through you is like a sharp violin note preparing you for the symphony of pleasure that spanking her is going to be.

And afterwards, but I don’t have to say much about afterwards, the sweet pleasures of her contrite affection and your own loving benevolence as you melt into each other, mutually undressing and whispering endearments. So sweet it’s hardly surprising how quickly she misbehaves again, this time taking the initiative herself.

“I’m really sorry.” She says looking at you with limpid eyes. “I’ve been very naughty.” I think you might have to spank me again.”

Taking a risk

Made for each other!

Friday, 20 August 2010

Would you prefer to spank me.........

Knickers on...

knickers down...

or knickers off?

Perfect secretary

Picture story

In love

And sometimes it's best to forget everything except that special person who makes your senses race, to take time to dwell on the feel of their skin against yours, the touch of their lips, and even the beat of their heart when your liquids mingle and flow together. While this feeling lasts, bathe in the beauty of it, in the poetry of that person’s existence. It is all the more precious because of its transience.

Thursday, 19 August 2010


What a pretty girl, so sweet and innocent in her short summer dress, but then again maybe not. She's not wearing any panties, her bottom as pretty as she is peeping out from under her hem, a walking provocation to anyone catching a glimpse. Was she simply careless and forgot to put them on, or is she more wanton than she looks and left them off deliberately, taking pleasure in feeling naked and free? Maybe she met with some accident or adventure on her walk resulting in their being removed.

But when she gets to the house where her young man is waiting for her, how will he react to her knickerless state? Will he render her horizontal, still in her innocent dress, and sweetly but firmly fuck her, taking pleasure in her young body as he probes her moist depths.

“No panties” He'll whisper in her ear, his cock hard and happy inside her as his arousal grows nearer and nearer to it's moment of exquisite fulfillment, “I'm fucking you because your not wearing panties. But maybe you should be spanked as well.”

“Oh yes, Sir.” She'll whisper back, her plan working. “I should be spanked, and spanked.” And then, as their bodies arch together. ”But then you should fuck me again.”

Awaiting Instructions


"I'm afraid there's still three floors to go. Are you happy to go on following me?




Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Great Book Cover