Wednesday, 26 December 2012

A Couple Questions Answered

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.

We are still at my parents' house in Virginia, so there really isn't any time for a proper post.
But, I have caught up with a lot of my email back up and I thought I would take a few minutes to answer some questions that I have been getting.

First and common one is that the site seems to be getting more explicit lately.

Spanking, for my boyfriend and I is all in fun and is either part or invariably ends up in sex. So discussing different situations and aspects will tend to emphasize the sexual nature. It does not mean that I am indifferent or don't understand those that use this type of activity for the more punishment motivation.

Also, I tend to write how I think and talk and I have always been able to openly and honestly talk about sexuality and I think that is a good thing when open ideas are exchanged. As a girl, I can be very aware how female sexuality is complex and probably sometimes frustrating to some men. Let's face it, you guys out there do do most of the "work", so you deal with indivdual needs, responses, physiology, psychology, and I think you and your partner(s) will benifit if perhaps in my small way might help explain some things. And maybe help girls be more comfortable discussing their own particular wants, needs, etc. And, like J, and Liz, before me, would really like to see more female feedback.

Also, I get asked if I will write any stories.

Liz is by far the most talented erotic writer I have ever read. She has a mastery of the language and a visionary skill I marvel at. The saying is that a picture is worth a thousand words. Liz is one that can paint thousands of pictures with her words. I might go ahead and give a few stories a try. I write how I think and talk so, it will most likely be all first person, and I do not have close to the vocabulary Liz is eloquent with, so I will probably repeat myself. I can write of some experiences and fantasies and such.

Another is can I post more often.

I will try. I know Liz posted often. I will try.

I hope this has helped explain a few things that people have been asking, and I do welcome the correspondence, and I will try to get back with those that write at
have a happy safe new year if i dont get back to you before then. We will be here in Virginia still so it probably isn't likely that I will.

have fun xxx

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Christmas Party

Yes it's that time of year again. Christmas time.

I'm not here to discuss the religious aspects of it. More like what it means to us.

When we were little, it was of course all about the presents.

After moving out, however, whether in college or work, this was the time for that truly fun time of year. The Christmas party.

The Christmas party. This party is different from any other. Usually EVERYone is invited, there seems to be more booze flowing, and there is almost a whole different attitude about acceptable behavior or at least the eye turned away from a lot of sometimes otherwise unacceptable things happening. A lot of things said and done are dismissed and forgotten and not held against anyone the next day. Chalked up to maybe the booze, getting lost in the occasion, etc.

Girls especially, tend to be much looser and less inhibited as the night progresses and the alcohol is consumed.

I suppose it can be psychological for some. Giving themselves permission, say, to act and do in ways, things they would not normally be prone to do.

I bring up the Christmas party because I hear so many guys and girls say that it is so hard to find partners that share their interests for fear of rejection, consequences of propositions, just plain fear, and what not.

The Chirstmas party is the perfect opportunity for all of us who like things a bit different.

It's not just for the "plain" people. Jack from accounting hooking up with the boss' secretary in the break room.

Or Mary the straightlaced history major trying some girl/girl sex for the first time with her sorority sister.

Think about this. When else would it ever be the perfectly acceptable opportunity for you guys to go up to the girl that you have been eying and ask her if she has been naughty girl this year.

If both of you are lucky and she is of kindred yearnings, she will blush, lower her eyes, and say, I have been very naughty, Sir. And you can both go about the business of dealing with very naughty girls where and how you guys decide.

Afterwards, well... that can develop as such things often do.

Girls, you know we have things relatively simple if we just have our fears and inhibitions loosed enough. We can pretty much steer a conversation to any way we want it and with the right tactics get what we want... espcially if we are wearing the right dress.

You see that hot santa sitting there, and you know all you have to do is sit on his lap, wiggling just a little and ask him which list you are on this year.

If he is smart, he will say the naughty one of course. Then wiggling a bit more, you ask him well what happens to naughty girls? And if you have done your job, he will show you exactly what.

After you have been given the spanking you have been needing and craving, well.. I know what I would want next.

Ok everyone, forget yuletide carols and other such Christmas noise. I want to hear bottoms slapped and bed springs squeaking!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

We Have Our Ways

One of the things a girl can do best, is get what she wants. I don't of course, mean things that are dangerous or anything. I am talking about things that are reasonable and not harmful.

I am of the opinion that a house runs best with the guy in charge. At least that he thinks he is. You girls know what I am talking about. We know that it is important that a guy knows that he is running things. Without this, there is butting of heads and discontent.

When it comes to things that we want, we will find the way to get it and as a bonus can often let our guy think it was his idea in the first place. It takes, cunning, finesse, and a bit of manipulation, but lets face it, that is what we can do quite well.
As an example, I will use what happened with me on Friday.

My boyfriend works construction and usually on Fridays when he comes home he just wants a nice home meal after a hot shower followed by some tv and bed.
Well, I just didn't feel like cooking and it had been almost a week since we had any fun, so I decided things would go a bit different.

I had a maid outfit that I hadn't worn in many years, so I dressed in that and had a bunch of veggies and some meat on the counter so it would look like I was in the middle of preparing dinner when he came home.

When he got home, he was quite pleased with the way I was dressed and headed off to his shower with renewed enthusiasm.

That was when I put my plan together. I quickly lined a roasting pan with foil and put a bunch of food stuff that I had when I cleaned out the fridge that was going to be tossed out anyways and stuck it in the oven on a high temperature and then called a friend of mine.

Well soon after Mike got out of the shower, he came to see how dinner was going. I paid him no attention and kept talking, to his annoyance, and he went to watch tv.

It wasn't long before the burnt stench soon filled the air and the smoke alarm went off.

I made sure I was still on the phone when he came into the kitchen, then told my friend I had to go, and then went to the oven.

Oh how he carried on about being on the phone burning dinner and all and decided I should be spanked. It stung plenty at first considering that all I had on was a thong under the outfit.

But, as with all our spanking play, the heat of arousal was soon overpowering the discomfort as we both began to be quite turned on. And when he yanked my panties off and continued spanking, it was not long before I was making his lap quite damp and I was feeling his insistent erection against my tummy.

He went on spanking, his hand seemed tireless and I was going crazy with lust hoping it was soon over and hoping it would continue until finally he was done and I couldnt get at him fast enough.

After some high energy sex and a little cleaning up, we ordered Chinese food delivery.
Sure, it took a bit of work, but in the end, I got a good spanking, some great sex, and shared some teryaki chicken, peppered beef and egg rolls.

And he thought it was all his idea.

Tell me we don't know how to get what we want when we try.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Back to School

It was a strange feeling first walking into the halls of the high school I have started teaching at.

It brought back so many memories of the confusion, discovery, arousal, and development of sexuality that a girl coming of age and maturing experiences.

High school is when a girl starts to get the at first confusing feelings of arousal that comes with being near so many guys and starting to realize the effect that her body is having on them.
For many the realization of this power led to quite a bit of teasing. You girls remember what we used to do, as do you guys too remember of course.

We used to stop off in the bathroom and fold the waistbands of our skirts inward to shorten the length far more than our parents would have approved of.

maybe bend further then necessary

Sit in such a way to show our panties, giggling at the number of things the guys would be dropping so they would have to lean down and pick them up.

Of course, we knew the effect of our actions. Remember, we were getting our first real experiences of the sexuality of guys as well. sure we saw pictures and such, but it was the first time we saw things up close in person.

Not long would come pairing up, dating, the first exploration and arousal of exploring the body

The escalation to perhaps a bit of oral

For some girls though, the pairing goes another direction.
It might start with just a playful little bit of say practicing kissing

that eventually goes much further when they start realizing the feelings they are having and explore those further

For some of us, including me, things go even another way. For me, along with sexual maturity came the realization that I liked things, well, a bit different. See, this is the time when we spend days with those in authority that are not our parents.

Suddenly we see the teachers, and principal maybe, with a different eye.

From various mediums, maybe tv, internet, etc, we start to realize that what is fueling our erotic thoughts include a strong, decisive, dominant man, or woman for some, that will take us in hand when naughty. Arousal at the thought of being taken over a handsome, mature man's lap and spanked for misbehavior and naughtiness.

Girls around my age and younger have all heard the stories of corporal punishment in schools in the years past, and are fascinated and aroused at the thought of being subject to such discipline.

Perhaps because of this, in an unconscious (or maybe even conscious) way to attempt to turn fantasy to reality, we start acting out or turn our teasing towards the teacher in hoping to garner the sort of attention we are craving.

Unfortunately, for us, in today's school systems, we are most likely to end up here

When what we are really dying for is to end up here

Now that I am teaching high school and watching all these things taking place in my class, I watch the girls teasing the poor guys, and even notice the few girls turning their attention to me. It is no wonder the naughty schoolgirl is by far the most popular scene in spanking circles!

After spending a day back at school, I say spank 'em all!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Good Girls & Bad Girls

There sometimes seems to be a disagreement as to what bad girls are and what good girls are.

Here, I hope to showcase the differences thru several examples.

See, a good girl will sometimes bring her boyfriend breakfast in bed

A bad girl is breakfast in bed

A good girl will see her man off to the train

A bad girl will see to her man on the train

A good girl has no problem with her boyfriend going out to play a game with his friends

A bad girl encourages him to stay home and play with her and her friends

A good girl practices her piano lessons diligently

A bad girl needs reminding to practice by being given a good lesson

A good girl who gets a bad test result will study harder to improve her next test grade

A bad girl will do what she can to get the teacher to change the test grade

A good girl spends many a loving time on her boyfriend's lap

A bad girl spends a long time on his lap, before they get to the loving

A good girl realizes that spankings are for her own good and will try to behave to avoid them and understands that:

A bad girl says, "bring it on!", encourages her boyfriend to spank her, and even says:

I hope this has clarified the difference.  What are some of the differences you all have come across?

Girls, it's up to you decide which you are and guys it's up to you to decide which you want and will have the most fun with.
I know my choice.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

On a Mission

Something for you guys out there to know:

Contrary to what you may read or what some vapid celebrity might say when "accidentally" caught boosting publicity

a girl does not just "forget" her panties. When a girl goes out without her panties she is on a mission!

As she dresses for her date, maybe putting on that sexy lingerie set with the garter belt and stockings

before putting on that flowing dress with the thigh high slit.

Or perhaps she will go with that sexy form fitting mini dress that shows of her long smooth legs

She knows that tonight will go a bit different than usual.

After you pick her up for the night out, you notice she clings a bit more to you as she brushes her breast against you as you walk.

Getting out of the cab, she carelessly lets her dress show her long leg.

At the restaurant she repeatedly makes sure to put her hand on your thigh often, gives you peeks down her top as she leans in to speak softer.
She knows that it wont be too long until you start to reciprocate the touching. You reach down and put your hand on her own leg, feeling the stocking, tracing your fingers up over the top, running your hand slowly further.

She hears your little catch of breath and sees the look on your face as instead of now brushing against the silk material of those sexy panties that she loves to wear, your fingers find very wet, bare pussy.

Why is she so wet? Because ever since the moment she decided to leave those panties in the lingerie drawer, she has been anticipating this moment. She knew that with the teasing, flirting, showing off she has been doing, at some point, your hands would go for a feel under her dress and you would find her secret.

The look on your face and the next thing you are going to say, is what she has been waiting for:

Naughty girl! You will be spanked for this.

She will feign innocence of course. Say something like, Oh, I knew I forgot something. She will try to stall for time, picking at the rest of her food, taking the littlest sips of wine, but, make no mistake, just like you, she can't wait for you to get her home.
And get her home you do.
When the cab drops you off, you quickly take her over your lap to start her spanking at first still wearing her dress

But it is not long before you have her clothes off, which in this case does not take long since all she is wearing is the dress.

Noticing this, you spank a little more firmly, telling her that you do not approve of her evenings attire and behavior.

Oh how she is squealing and kicking, but you can clearly see as her thighs open and close, how aroused she has become, responding to your show of dominance. Your cock hard as a rock beneath her squirming body is testament to how much you too, are enjoying this.

It is not long until you no longer feel the need to spank her anymore and you can both get on with the fast, furious, animalistic fucking that this night and events have been building to.

After a while and a few small orgasms, she gets on top. You grab her heated red flesh and help her with her movements on your hard cock. Both of you straining to reach that ultimate climax that soon comes.

Then as she climbs off, both of you preparing to slip into an earned sleep, you will see a satisfied proud smirk on her face, as she can't help but smugly congratulate herself knowing that the night ended with: