Wednesday, 30 October 2013

... The Kind You Don't Take Home To Mother

 I sure hope my computers is working now. I have missed all of you.

We all know that Halloween is a time for kids to have fun, dress in scary or hero costumes and go door to door asking for all kinds of candy.

Then there is the Halloween for adults.

This day is the one where a girl can look her sexiest, act with apparent shameless, and no one thinks twice about it. Except that is to enjoy her exhibitionism.

Nothing is too short, too tight, or too outrageous on Halloween.

Girls take the time and don their sexiest outfits and costumes for one reason and that is to tease you guys out there. She loves the attention, it makes her hot.

She wants you to appreciate her body. She wants your stares. She wants your attention. It is what the night is for.

And she is hoping it will end with a night spent with a man confident enough, strong enough, to know what he wants and to be bold enough to get her some drinks and realize this is what she wants.

For those of us that lean to the kinkier side of things, this is the night where a girl can flaunt her wishes and desires, advertise her fetishes and no one will think any less of her and will in fact compliment and maybe envy her for daring to be different.

Make no mistake however, she is hoping that she will find a man that recognizes her signals and selections for what it is. A girl who likes things a little spicier and needs a man that can provide it.

And you guys this is one of the times that you can count on finding a girl who shares your passions. For the only night of the year, you can tell which girls are just looking for a man that will take them in hand.

There are no good girls on Halloween. Believe me.

One of the most if not the most popular outfit on Halloween is the naughty schoolgirl.

When a girl wears this, she knows she will get the attention of any authority figure. She might not be looking to be punished. But, she is certainly looking for some teacher to keep her after school for a good lesson.

 However, if she is one of us, you will know instantly. This is after all the one outfit that any girl knows will guarantee to get her just what she is looking for from that stern principal or teacher. You need only ask her if she has done her homework, or studied for the test, or if daring enough, ask her if that is regulation panties she is wearing. Her head will drop, and she will fiddle with her skirt, maybe twist her pony tail, and say no sir. And give you all indications that she knows the consequences of her naughty behavior and actions.

As I said though, there are no good girls on Halloween and another favorite outfit is that of the maid.

You have but ask her if she finished her chores, or tell her that the dusting was sloppy or some such comments, and you will find right off whether she is a naughty servant in need of some discipline from the lord of the manor.

A sexy nurse

 need only be asked if she was aware of the guidelines for proper attire at the hospital. You will know right off if she needs a sexy doctor to teach her that she can't be dressing to cause the male patients heart failure

Act decisively and relatively soon guys. I can tell you that when girls are dressed up like this and the liquor starts flowing, inhibitions quickly leave.

And if she has not had a man give her the attention she needs, the girls may just start without you.

They will dance with each other, and I can tell you when girls in very skimpy clothes, already aroused by their exhibitionism start dancing, it can get very hot quick.

They might even decide that if there are no guys offering to take them in hand, they will go ahead and start some action themselves.

Halloween is most assuredly a time when no one should be going home empty handed. The late night and early mornings should be alive with the sound of good spankings and bed rocking sex heard from coast to coast.

So get out there and do your part.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Just As Long As You Are There

This weekend we had a wonderful little getaway for a couple days.

It was my birthday and Mike had surprised me by taking us for a stay in Las Cruces at a lovely place called Hotel Encanto. And because he made these plans a couple months ago, he got very inexpensive rates on the packages.

The only negative I had was that EVERYthing at the restaurants had green chiles. This was fine for Mike, but I can't eat stuff that is very spicy. Tummy gets very mad. Fortunately, almost all dishes were able to be gotten without the chiles.

Of course with it being my birthday there HAD to be birthday spanking. And there was. Several in fact. We didn't worry about noise. Just turned on the television and had at it.

There was one that was particularly lengthy, with a leather paddle. After some strenuous activities, we noticed that it was time for an appointment at some nearby stables for some horseback riding.

Well that was an experience! Riding a horse after a good spanking is NOT easy. I was squirming like crazy, and the bouncing was almost like getting spanked again. It was also extremely arousing. We barely made it back to the room before I attacked Mike and had my way with him.

The hotel had a magnificent pool, so clean, so refreshing with poolside drink and food service. There was no way I was going to miss out on it. So, even though there had been plenty of spanking, I still put on a bikini and sunscreen and we went to the pool.

Mike had said that it was pretty obvious if you looked, that my butt was red, but like I said, there was no way I was going to miss out.

It was an odd feeling, I was certain I was being stared at and that everyone had to have known that I was spanked, I thought I could feel my face turning as red as my butt. However, once we had settled into the chairs, and ordered a couple drinks, I was starting to not care anymore, and we used the pool, had a snack, drank, and had a great time.

The weekend was fantastic. Hotel was great. It is so nice being able to do as we wish and then have maids do the cleaning up. The food delicious. The dancing and music was awesome. But, it was the spanking and sex that was nuclear. Something about being far from home, knowing that people knew what was going on (or at least could guess), and not caring that just added an extra excitement.

Do any of you find this true for you also? Has being in a different/strange place and bed made sex and spanking more exciting? Have you ever known you were showing off that you were spanked, but like in this case, you either had to or miss out on something you wanted? Was it exciting or mortifying?