Thursday, 25 April 2013

.. And She Passed By In Painted On Jeans

What you guys out there might not know is that we girls have a few pairs of jeans in our wardrobe that we like to wear when the mood strikes us.

These aren't ordinary jeans, not by a long shot... these are the "painted on jeans", you sometimes hear referred to in some songs.

These jeans are not for a time of water retention or after those 2 or 3 holiday pounds that accrued by January. No, they are hard enough to get on in the best of times.

They require a shimmying shuffle and laying back on the bed and all kinds of contortions before they are up over the hips and secured in place.

Regular style panties with these jeans are a bit silly to try to wear, they just gonna end up wedged in and all out of place and the lines will show. So it is a thong or nothing basically.

Why do we go thru this, well, as with any attire we usually pick out, it makes us feel sexy, confident, and of course, we dress to look good for you guys out there. We know how it makes our butts and legs look

especially when some heels are added.

Now, for any other girl out and about with friends or her boyfriend, it would be an ordinary time.

However, with a couple who like things a bit spicier and well, kinkier, these jeans become like waving a flag in front of a bull. It doesn't take long before you guys get that itching palm look in your eyes. And quite frankly, we like it. It isn't long before we make sure we put a little extra sway in the hips, bend over a bit more often than necessary, get a bit more teasing and sassy.

Believe me, when we are tugging pulling and bending to get these on, we know that a spanking is coming our way, the only question is how long you guys can take it til you just have to give it.

The problem comes when you guys get so impatient and frustrated that you don't take time to get them down or off, and trust me without her cooperation, that aint gonna happen.

So, in your hurry, you get her over your lap and try to start spanking.

My boyfriend is the first to admit that that is a big mistake. He says its like trying to spank iron. With already skin tight jeans stretched even further bent over, your hand is gonna get a hellofa lot sorer than her butt is going to get.

So then you think you will just reach for a paddle or brush or cane, etc to do the job.

I think we all have seen what happens then. Sure she will feel it and you might get some pretty good reaction, but very shortly you just end up like this

breaking perhaps her and your favorite toys.

So, guys do you both a favor and do whatever needs to get done to get those tight jeans down/off
and do a proper job of the spanking.

Sure, it will take a lot more effort, but don't worry, your hard work will be well rewarded.

and that is what she has been looking forward to when she first reached for those skin tight jeans to struggle into in the first place

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Ah Yes, It's Friday

Here we are with another Friday coming up.

For most it is just like any other day.. except maybe dress is a little more casual. But, still it is the same routine of clock watching and counting down the time until when can punch the clock and head home for the weekend.

But, I have a better idea for Friday.

Many times the fantasy of office discipline is addressed. Secretaries filing mistakes, mishandling appointment schedules, taking late lunches, etc. justifiably dealt with by stern bosses

trying to make the office more productive.

But, let's face it. We all know that that will not do very much especially if you have an office full of naughty wanton girls looking for a bit of over the lap and desk action from bosses they fancy.

I have a solution for this that I believe will revolutionize the workplace. The rewards system.

Instead of punishing secretaries, their achievements and productivity are kept track of and on Fridays there is a half-day of work followed by hours of spankings for rewards.

Think about how much better daily results and morale would be.

A week of perhaps teasing their favorite bosses.

Making sure to stay bent over going thru bottom desk drawers.

Clothes just a little too tight and short to be considered proper for the office.

Bending over seductively and suggestively hinting of where they wish to end up on Friday.

It might be fair to say that such behavior might be distracting and perhaps counter productive, but, believe me, they will make sure everything is still done correctly and on time when anticipating that on Friday, their hard work will be rewarded.

After Friday morning of work, the phone ringers turned off, the doors locked, and bosses and secretaries head to offices where we hear the smacks and squeals of a hard week's work being rewarded.

As, work tensions are released, heated stinging squirming progresses, arousal builds and nature can take its course. Whether privately

Or perhaps several get caught up in the moment at the same time.

Who is with me in thinking this rewards spanking Fridays policy needs to go into effect immediately? I know I would be looking forward to going to work, wouldn't you?

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Let Us All Be Glad

I think we should all take time to appreciate how good we all have it nowadays.

As pointed out in the last post, women are becoming more and more comfortable with their sexuality and wants and needs.

While discipline in households during the victorian era was not only acceptable but expected for the most part, can you just imagine time consuming and difficult it was to spank a naughty young lady in that century?

A proper young lady wore half a closetful of clothing when they went out.

After washing up, they would first put on pantelettes (the predecessor to panties) which was 2 leggings sewn together and open in the middle.

Then would come a chemise which covered the torso and gave a bit of protection from the binding of the next item worn

The corset.

This was a shaping garment more than anything, to push up the boobs and cinch in the waist.

Then came a rather plain petticoat to go over everything so far.

Then came a corded petticoat that was thick and heavy and added a billowing out structure to the lower garments.

Then came another petticoat over that that would smooth out any shape of the corded petticoat.

Then came a more decorative petticoat that would go all the way down and the bottom of which might be lacy and patterned and the last few inches would often be seen when the young lady would climb steps or be helped into a carriage.

Then came the full length dress.

Just imagine what the poor gentleman who has decided that she needs a good spanking has to go thru! He better have cleared a couple hours just get to a layer of clothing over which she might actually feel anything. There was no simply pulling everything up. The size and weight of all the cloth would have made that near impossible.

Look how lucky we all are with today's women's fashions. Now, look how easy it is to give a good spanking to a naughty young lady dressed for a night out.

How quick it would be to put that dress up, put her over your lap, and give her the spanking she has been needing.

With some outfits, they may be short enough that they will raise themselves once she is bent over.

Sure some tight pants or jeans may provide a minute or 2 of work, but once down, it becomes a simple manner.

Should it be decided that the spanking will be bare, look how easy underwear has become for that.
A couple garter clips released, and panties pulled down.

And now instead of needing to have a snack after all the effort of preparing voluminous amount of clothing and dishing out a spanking, we can all get to satisfying a whole different appetite once it is over.

So victorian clothing might make for some exciting occasional role play, I am sure glad I get to wear the outfits of today's styles. How bout you all?

Friday, 5 April 2013

The dawn of a new day

We are in the midst of a new day of psychosexual developing evolution. In particular that of female sexuality.

For a long time, most women thought of themselves and were seen to be non-sexual. Of course, not everyone, but for most, sex was seen as a chore- a wifely duty to keep her man happy and to bear children. It was even thought as a revolting painful chore.

It wasn't until the 1950's when those like Alfred Kinsey and Ernst Grafenberg (for whom the G-spot would later become named) started their studies, that women would start to be seen as sexual and they were publicly ridiculed and attacked. Later Masters and Johnson would get into much more extensive studies and their findings that women were more widely accepted as indeed being sexual.

Though these people were instrumental in changing the way women were thought of, I think that the way that women thought of themselves took a long time to change. I think one of the most common discussions in spanking communities for example, is when it is mostly older men that say that their wife does not share their spanking and other sexual interests.

I think that this kind of problem is becoming a thing of the past, thankfully.

I believe that women of around my age and younger are having a much easier time coming to understand and accept our sexuality including any kinks/fetishes that makes up a part of it. And I think it is the internet that has the greatest impact in making this possible as well as the availability and advancement of sexual aids and more porn being made to appeal to female viewers.

The porn industry has begun to cater to the niche of female viewers in producing a "softer"core variety that gives more of an illusion to romance, couples, seduction, etc. that appeals to a lot of women.

The advancement of variety and availability of sex toys from those like these

to more like these

has led to women becoming much more knowledgeable and able to communicate better their needs and orgasmic ability as well as the internet providing a way to purchase them anonymously rather than being uncomfortable going into seedy adult bookstores

as was the only way to acquire them in the past.

The worldwide expansion and explosion of the internet including a near infinite variety of low priced pornography as well as the free informative blogospheres has led to sharing of ideas and interests that have further made women able and comfortable to accept their sexuality. Just look at the results of a google search entitled "women that like to be spanked"

 returned. Over TWENTY MILLION.

I think that the mismatched partners of incompatible and/or different sexual/fetishstic/kinky interests will decline vastly as this trend of women developing psychosexually will keep going and its thanks to all of you out there that are and will continue to pave the way for further generations of women to become even more able to be comfortable and unashamed to communicate their wants and needs and it will continue to become easier to find partners that share them.

So never give up and keep persistent in looking to find a partner. He and she are out there and will become even easier to find... I promise.

If you are having a problem finding partners that share your interest in spanking and other pursuits, to what do you attribute the difficulty? If you are successful, what kind of advice would you share?