Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Good Girls & Bad Girls

There sometimes seems to be a disagreement as to what bad girls are and what good girls are.

Here, I hope to showcase the differences thru several examples.

See, a good girl will sometimes bring her boyfriend breakfast in bed

A bad girl is breakfast in bed

A good girl will see her man off to the train

A bad girl will see to her man on the train

A good girl has no problem with her boyfriend going out to play a game with his friends

A bad girl encourages him to stay home and play with her and her friends

A good girl practices her piano lessons diligently

A bad girl needs reminding to practice by being given a good lesson

A good girl who gets a bad test result will study harder to improve her next test grade

A bad girl will do what she can to get the teacher to change the test grade

A good girl spends many a loving time on her boyfriend's lap

A bad girl spends a long time on his lap, before they get to the loving

A good girl realizes that spankings are for her own good and will try to behave to avoid them and understands that:

A bad girl says, "bring it on!", encourages her boyfriend to spank her, and even says:

I hope this has clarified the difference.  What are some of the differences you all have come across?

Girls, it's up to you decide which you are and guys it's up to you to decide which you want and will have the most fun with.
I know my choice.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

On a Mission

Something for you guys out there to know:

Contrary to what you may read or what some vapid celebrity might say when "accidentally" caught boosting publicity

a girl does not just "forget" her panties. When a girl goes out without her panties she is on a mission!

As she dresses for her date, maybe putting on that sexy lingerie set with the garter belt and stockings

before putting on that flowing dress with the thigh high slit.

Or perhaps she will go with that sexy form fitting mini dress that shows of her long smooth legs

She knows that tonight will go a bit different than usual.

After you pick her up for the night out, you notice she clings a bit more to you as she brushes her breast against you as you walk.

Getting out of the cab, she carelessly lets her dress show her long leg.

At the restaurant she repeatedly makes sure to put her hand on your thigh often, gives you peeks down her top as she leans in to speak softer.
She knows that it wont be too long until you start to reciprocate the touching. You reach down and put your hand on her own leg, feeling the stocking, tracing your fingers up over the top, running your hand slowly further.

She hears your little catch of breath and sees the look on your face as instead of now brushing against the silk material of those sexy panties that she loves to wear, your fingers find very wet, bare pussy.

Why is she so wet? Because ever since the moment she decided to leave those panties in the lingerie drawer, she has been anticipating this moment. She knew that with the teasing, flirting, showing off she has been doing, at some point, your hands would go for a feel under her dress and you would find her secret.

The look on your face and the next thing you are going to say, is what she has been waiting for:

Naughty girl! You will be spanked for this.

She will feign innocence of course. Say something like, Oh, I knew I forgot something. She will try to stall for time, picking at the rest of her food, taking the littlest sips of wine, but, make no mistake, just like you, she can't wait for you to get her home.
And get her home you do.
When the cab drops you off, you quickly take her over your lap to start her spanking at first still wearing her dress

But it is not long before you have her clothes off, which in this case does not take long since all she is wearing is the dress.

Noticing this, you spank a little more firmly, telling her that you do not approve of her evenings attire and behavior.

Oh how she is squealing and kicking, but you can clearly see as her thighs open and close, how aroused she has become, responding to your show of dominance. Your cock hard as a rock beneath her squirming body is testament to how much you too, are enjoying this.

It is not long until you no longer feel the need to spank her anymore and you can both get on with the fast, furious, animalistic fucking that this night and events have been building to.

After a while and a few small orgasms, she gets on top. You grab her heated red flesh and help her with her movements on your hard cock. Both of you straining to reach that ultimate climax that soon comes.

Then as she climbs off, both of you preparing to slip into an earned sleep, you will see a satisfied proud smirk on her face, as she can't help but smugly congratulate herself knowing that the night ended with:

Monday, 12 November 2012

Vive le Différence

Until not so very long ago, the myth was that most girls were not sexual. Did not have the same desires as guys. Were not capable of arousal and sex was an unorgasmic chore to keep their men happy.

Thankfully, that is no longer the beliefs. We want and need sex just as much as guys. We have desires, lusts, needs that most of us are now comfortable seeking to satisfy.

We do seem to go about it a little differently than guys. Examples, we like porn just as much but we tend to want there to be a bit of seduction and romance in it. We tend to gravitate towards erotic readings like Elizabeth's books rather than Hustler and Penthouse. While we may not be as obvious in it as guys, we are checking them out at the construction sites and the pools just as much as they are us.

When alone and arousal needs to be quenched, we too take matters into our own hands and this too is done a bit differently.

While some can get right to it, most girls most of the time need to have things just so to be able to achieve the relief needed.

Like taking a nice soak in a hot bath to relax

maybe slipping into something sexy

turn on some soft music, light some incense and candles

select the toy of the evening

making sure she has the batteries

then lay on the bed to  begin the vibrator stimulation and focus on the fantasies that will play thru her imagination

like the rugged warrior that came to her rescue after capture
                                                     (photo contributed by J)

that hot new neighbor that just moved in

or if she is one that likes things to be a bit spicier: her handsome boss spanking her for repeated personal phone calls

the mailman putting an end to her teasing him daily

or maybe herself being the one to deal with a catty coworker

until finally with a whimper or a roar, the waves crash and release is reached

Things are quite a bit simpler, easier, faster for the guys.

He might be looking out the window and quite naturally gets very excited watching his neighbor and her friend having some fun in the sun in the back yard

or perhaps those college girls across the way left their apartment curtains open and he watches them settling a disagreement

being quite turned on, he takes off his jeans and strokes his demanding erecton

a few minutes later he grunts and shoots

and then goes back to his football game

Of course, I am exaggerating slightly, but the difference here is pretty clear.

I thought it might be interesting if you all told what sorts of differences in sexual matters between the sexes have you observed and experienced?

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Leather - a feast for the senses

Leather has to be the most sensual material there is. It has such a strong sensory appeal to just about everyone one in one way or another. The most obvious being of course


A woman in leather just exudes sexuality. No shy woman wears leather, she wants to be looked at, she wants to be desired.

A man in leather is also very hot. On him, it shows machismo and a sense of danger that a woman loves


Not my favorite, but leather even has an appeal to taste for some


Leather clothes has that unmistakable creaky scrunchy sound that it makes when moving and I love the sound of a man pulling off his belt that whoosh as it is pulled thru the loops in preparation for use.


I love the smell of leather on a man. I can get so wet smelling a man's natural scent combined with that of leather. There is even leather scented cologne. You guys want to attract a woman, put some of that on.

Feel: I can't get enough of the feel of leather on me. If it wasn't so expensive, most of my wardrobe would be made of leather. Then of course there is being spanked by leather.
By far it is most everyones favorite thing to be spanked with.

The look on this girl's face says it all. She can't wait!
I am sure I have the same look, too. And I have had many a orgasm while being spanked with a leather paddle so I know exactly why she has that smile.

Leather is indeed a veritable feast for the senses. And something for you guys to remember:

Good girls don't wear leather ;)