Friday, 25 July 2014

A Call To Help

As all of you wonderful readers know, I just have not been able to keep up here.

Rather than see all of Elizabeth's wonderful creation fade away, I thought there might be an opportunity to save this site.

My friend has run into the same trouble as me, real life taking its toll on time.

What I thought I would do is call out for YOU all to help.

Why dont all of you take the opportunity to be part of this blog rather than just reading.

We can try this.

Any of you can send in anything you want to talk about and I will print it. I will not edit it, I will not censor it. It can be all you. You email it to me and I will publish it, including any pictures you send to accompany it.

I am sorry, I should not have gave that blanket statement. There are 3 things I have to edit and censor:

You have to keep everything above the age of 16, no animals, and nothing sexual between direct relatives. Let's draw the line at cousins. Cousins and "step" relations are fine.

There must be a lot of you that wished you have been able to contribute.. now is your chance.

J you have wanted for a good birch post for a long time that I felt so bad about not getting to.

Janice, you have such incredible stories I am sure.

ND, i KNOW you have some to tell ;)

So everyone, please help.

My email address is  :

Send me your contributions and I will publish them within the limits of the afore mentioned 3 constraints.

Hope to hear from many