Thursday, 27 June 2013

Every Day Seems A Little Longer...

The last several days I have thought back over how things have been over the last years, and I have come to realize something that perhaps I (and maybe many of you) have taken for granted.

I became spoiled I guess would be the word, in that I just assumed I would get a spanking whenever I needed/wanted it. I guess this assumption came from that I always did. Whether my mood indicated it. Whether I teased my boyfriend enough. That we both love it as part of sex play too.

We have no neighbors to worry about noise or nudity over. We don't have any kids to worry about. We have a dresser full of spanking toys, several that he has made himself.

Spankings were always "there" to be had.

Mike not being in the mood has made me realize that this is not the case, for I remain unspanked.

It has also got me wondering about what it must be like for the one doing the spanking. I have realized, it must be a lot of work.

You guys (meaning that do the spanking), it really isn't as easy as just swinging your arm and connecting hand or other object to a willing ass is it? There is quite an onus on you to deliver the spanking that is needed, to know how it is needed, to make sure you give the amount that is needed, know when to stop. I mean you can't always get what you need to know by the reaction of the one being spanked. There are times when she/he may not even know themself, and it is up to you. And, as I have found out now, you have to be in the mood to do the spanking.

You all that do the spanking, what other things do you find yourself having to do? Am I right about it not being so easy and simple? Do any of you feel that sometimes you are taken for granted and that you will simply stop to give a spanking whenever the spankee feels or needs one?

Those of you that are the ones getting the spankings, do you too sometimes find that you expect your mate to spank you whenever you feel like you need or want one? That you take for granted that they will always be there to get?

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Desperate times?

Perhaps so.

See, I thought for sure I would have gotten a spanking by now, but sadly not and my bottom remains an annoying shade of pale.

It hasn't been for lack of trying. I have not been a very good girl lately.

I have been wearing things a little shorter and tighter

made sure he saw me dressing

making sure to be adjusting my shoe just as he happened by to see me in this

or some other suggestive pose

gotten a little careless with the neckline or hemlines

things that would be getting my panties wet with anticipation because it would also usually stop what he is doing, get his pants tightening in reaction

and his hands itching to put me across his lap and give me a good spanking

But not these times and that has been frustrating.

See Mike just hasn't been up for our usual fun. He has been stressed out lately about still not finding permanent and legal work, worried about some expenses and says he just isn't in the mood.

Ironically, these are the things that getting a good spanking would set right (or at least help me put it out of my mind for a while) for me, but it just wont help him at all to do the spanking. Getting spanked provides me the relief from the things that are actually keeping him out of the mood to do the spanking.

I may not completely understand this, but I certainly will try hard not to pressure him into doing anything he just wouldn't be into. I want it to be as much fun for him as me.

Girls (and all those that get the spankings), do you run into this often? your mate just isn't in the mood at times? how have you successfully gotten him in the mood?

Those of you that do the spanking, do you find yourselves just not in the mood for any action? How have you dealt with it and what tips would you have to help us help you?

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Do That To Me One More Time...

I re-discovered something that perhaps I had been taking for granted.

Well, maybe not ALL the time, but I am telling you, sick for over a week after it had been over a week since the last one, has made me realize just how much I really need it.

Once I was back on my feet the first thing I wanted was to be right off my feet and thrown across his lap for a damn good long spanking but it hasn't happened yet, but hopefully over this weekend.

I feel like I am going crazy. It is all I can think about. I look at the weirdest things and wonder what it would be like to be spanked with it. I would never act on it, but I am looking at every good looking guy and wondering about the strength of his arms and hands and how his thighs would feel underneath me. I jump at any sound that is even slightly similar to that of a hand or paddle meeting flesh. At work, when sitting down, without even thinking about it, I sometimes find myself squirming in my seat, almost like my bottom is remembering how good it feels like when it is hot and stingy from a good spanking. And the near constant arousal, I have taken to carrying a couple extra panties in my purse just in case.

This is the longest I have gone without a spanking since we started the act and I can tell you, this feels like real withdrawal. Sure most of it is of the mental nature rather than the physical shakes and sweats of drugs withdrawal, but it has left me in no doubt about it. I am addicted to spanking.

Do any of you believe you have an addiction to spanking? Do you find yourself going thru these withdrawallike symptoms if you have gone without for a while?

Those of you that do the spanking, do you feel like you are addicted to it? How does going without spanking for a while affect you?

Thursday, 6 June 2013

uncontrollably delayed

I am afraid a proper post will have to be delayed hopefully only a couple more days.

See I have spent the last couple days in bed, and not the fun kind

but rather the stay home from work and sleep all the time kind

and Ii best be getting back to bed before i get spanked for being up and about
so i will be back soon, have a great weekend