Tuesday, 8 April 2014

You Know Something Is Wrong When...

One of the biggest thrills of "kinky" type play is the anticipation.
It can even get a bit overwhelming at times.

It had been a while since we had our fun and I knew that that night we were going to really let it all hang out since neither of us worked the next day or really needed to do anything the next day.

All day I was a wreck. I am sure my students had to know something was up, and at their ages, I am sure that quite a few of the girls at least had an idea of what I was on edge about, and how antsy I was looking forward to the evening.

It started out as everything I could hope for. We didn't get too dressed up, but we did go out for some dinner so that there would not need to be cooking or cleaning to look forward to.

I guess I got a bit naughty. A little careless with my dress, silly remarks to the waitress, just mild little things like that. Nothing too big. Of course, my actions were met with all sorts of threats of punishments for being a bad girl, things that would happen to me when we get home.

I tell you, with looking forward to the evening, the atmosphere, his sexy threats, waitress overhearing some and probably knowing what was going on, I was so aroused, so anxious for us to just get home.

Eventually we did get home, and I got carried to the bedroom. I so love that. Feeling his strength, I am 5' 6" and he just picks me up and I am sort of over his shoulder with relative ease.

After a bit of spanks and squeals of protest (completely insincere of course), dress came off, thong came off, and I was over his lap for a long fantastic hand spanking.

As much as I love being naked over his lap after he has taken off his suit jacket and rolled up his sleeve, I like it better when he gets undressed too and so then he did so.

So, he was just in his shorts and had me bring him a leather paddle and it was back over his lap. Now it was even better! I just love a leather paddle and he was using it so deliciously.

It was so good. The spanks coming very gradually harder and just a little faster, with most of them getting that low central spot that just makes me melt.

Soon I was wriggling and howling and litterally dripping. I could feel it running making his thigh slippery. I just could not help my movements. It was impossible as an intense orgasm started ripping through me. He was so hard beneath me. With my hips raising for the spanks and then pushing down and rubbing against him as they fell, I felt like I was going to pass out.

Then with a quick series of swats in the same place, that orgasmic wave that was rolling crashed. I yelled, I jerked, I came, and I managed to slide mostly off his lap and partly on the floor.

And at the same time I heard this awful thwacky sound accompanied by a terrible howl of pain.

Mike had been in the middle of landing one more hard swat when I fell, and he had hit himself right on his cock with the leather paddle because I had fallen out of the way.

I felt so awful and he was in such pain. I  got him ice. I got him booze. I was doing anything to try to help.

For hours I tried to help. Wondering if we needed to get him to the hospital, Having played semi professional football, he had experience with injuries such like this (obviously not paddling his own penis), and was sure he was going to be ok.

Well, he is on the mend. He has to be very careful working, getting aroused is painful so I try very hard not to do anything that might be considered sexy. I wear baggy sweats, I dress in another room, etc.

I reminded him that it REALLY IS supposed to hurt me more than it does him. This got a painful laugh.

We have heard of accidents happening to those who get the spankings, but have any of you that do the spankings hurt yourselves? Or the person you were spanking hurt you somehow?

Those getting spanked, have your spankers ever gotten hurt spanking you?