Thursday, 29 July 2010

Goodby for ten days

This is my last posting for about ten days.(Back with you on the 9th August.) I’m going to be away and off line, (don’t ask me where or why, a girl has to keep her mystery!) but I know my imagination will still be smoldering the whole time and that when I return I’ll be ready to share further thoughts on sex and eroticism and the weird and wonderful pleasure of being spanked .

I'm not suggesting you change loyalties, but while I'm away you can always check out some of the other better sites. The Pink Report, the very special Au Fils de Jour, and the inimitable Cherry Red Report, and if while I’m away you want to send any comments on the blog so far and any subjects you’d like me to apply myself to in the future, I’d be glad to read them.

Pending my return, I’ll leave you with a classic picture.


The lesson


I said quite seriously in an earlier article, (Girl on girl, The Agony and the Ecstasy) that during the course of my erotic relationships with girls I’ve often taken pleasure in spanking them, and that clearly I’m attracted to girls who are aroused by it, just as I am turned on by being spanked by a man. I went on to tell you that on the other hand I had never once been spanked by a woman and had no wish to be. I promise you I wasn’t pretending.

Strange then that I have to admit to finding little ripples of excitement by looking at this very elegant female wielding a cane. She has a very quiet and understated beauty, and an equally understated authority that I find quite arousing . I certainly don’t want to be caned (that really is too painful), but if I found myself in an amorous encounter with her and she admitted to an urge to have me bare bottomed across her knee for a spanking, I strongly suspect my struggles to escape would not be very convincing.

What else am I going to find out about myself?

Really in trouble!

Oh Dear!

How bad can it get? Three displeased adults, one with a cane, and as she’s already naked its too late to suggest that maybe this time she could be spanked without her knickers being pulled down. And with one of the grown ups being woman, she can’t try and pull off the doe eyed “If I was very nice to you, Sir, would you let me off?” routine that so many girls have tried in the past.

I think that this young lady is going to have to accept that tonight she'll be sleeping on her tummy.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


For once, words fail me. What a beautiful bottom!

Fun Drawings

Black silk bottom


My goodness, the things these two little minxes got up to! I wasn't even born when they were desperately trying to outdo each other with their sexual misbehavior.

In the red corner we have Maghella, stark naked and happily impaled on the love muscle of a young man who's busy finding out if her delicious breasts feel as good as they look. But more than that, way more than that, she is so concerned with exchanging fluids with him she is completely indifferent to having a corpse hanging from a gibbet just behind her. Now I've done a few kinky things in my young life, but positively nothing to match that!

And then in the blue corner is Isabella, determined not to be out done. Naked save for one stocking to enhance her nudity she's happily masturbating in full view of anyone who happened to be standing in front of the newsstand on the day in question. But again, she's so concerned with reaching her erotic nirvana she's oblivious of the caped female about to stab her between those lush breasts of hers. I can only hope her orgasm was worth being murdered for.

So which is best? In sheer outrageousness there's not much between them, so on the basis that these comics are aimed at dirty minded adolescents, let's have a dirty minded fantasy about them. How about the two of them having a cat fight which will inevitably result in them both ending up naked, and then the winner soundly spanks the loser?

If anyone has got any better ideas, please let me know.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Comic strips revisisted.

Having just posted an article on the erotic appeal of comic strip strumpets , what do I find but another one, Isabella, desperate to out-slut Maghella with her unclad misadventures.

The Isabella strip (again Italian) was published between the mid nineteen sixties and nineteen seventies, clearly a golden age for those with tastes for this sort of thing. Like Maghella she has full lush breasts, is constantly finding herself in situations where most of her clothes get ripped off, and in the sort of trouble that gets her tied up or whipped. (If she makes a habit of riding goats to orgies while totally naked, what can she expect?) So far I haven't come across her being spanked, but I suspect that's what her boyfriend does to her when she gets home and she tells him what she's been up to.

I've got some more images from other erotic Italian comics which I'll post another time.


This girl is both perfect and perfectly positioned; bottom up, knickers down, her beautiful legs sheathed in sheer stockings. What more could any of us ask for, and of course, with such a girl, the post punishment forgiveness would be particularly sweet, kissing and caressing those smooth legs and the sensitive places above the tops of her stockings. So wonderful in fact that all to soon we would be looking for another excuse to punish her, across the knee this time as nothing else feels so good. Poor girl, but dressing like this, what can she expect?

Comic strips

I have posted a lot of particularly beautiful images recently, but there are times when despite the availability of marinaded olives or perfect smoked salmon, our palates simply need the raw satisfaction of a bag of chips or a hearty goulash. Both the jackets and contents of cheap comic strip books often appeal to our base needs in the same way, and although this overwhelmingly applies to Maghella, just this once, this is not about her. (Don’t worry, I haven't quite finished yet with that bare breasted, knicker flashing little strumpet! Anyone who loses clothes as often as she does deserves all those spankings she gets.)

Back to comic strip books, there's something about the very directness of their illustrations that are irresistible and so deeply in tune with our sexual triggers. It is as if they were not only drawn for the sole purpose of inflaming the libidos of dirty minded fourteen year olds, but drawn by them as well in sock strewn bedrooms littered with tissues soaked with their excitement as they feverishly drew their masturbatory fantasies on the page.

I'm giving you a few of them here, and if looking at them you find yourself going back to being a dirty minded fourteen year old again, I promise you they have exactly the same effect on me.

Monday, 26 July 2010


I really like this picture. The girl is neat and petite(exactly the sort of girl I like to spank myself) and fits perfectly across the man's knee. Additionally, with the photography being so sharp, her bottom looks particularly bare and vulnerable, and you can almost hear each stinging spank on that firm young flesh. Wonderful!

Erotica revisited.

I have just come across this image and had to post it. It has such a wonderful elegance to it, the cane down the length of the body only serving to emphasise the girl's lovely slim body.Really beautiful.

Why am I always being spanked?

Why am I always being spanked? It's three time already this week and it's only Wednesday. That magazine I was reading wasn't that explicit, and anyway, it wasn't even mine, it was Jennifer's!

Anyway, I'm being as good as gold now, so maybe he won't be too strict. He said to wait for him across my bed with my knickers down, and that's what I'm doing. Why he even mentioned it I don't know as I spend more time with my knickers down these days than with them up. I'm thinking of leaving them off altogether as it might save a bit of time.

Oh my God, here he comes, and he's got that really determined look on his face which means its going to be another thorough one. Oh no! He's got the strap in his hand! It’s just not fair!


At times it’s important to go back to first principals. When I started this blog I said how important it was for all of us to have an erotic ivory tower we could escape to from time to time when we needed it. In the spirit of that I'm giving you some images which are both beautiful and arousing, and which I hope you will be happy to take away with you to the steamy swamps of your erotic imaginings.

Each of these images is as good an example of its type I could find, and if I have any criticism it's that they seem to occupy a world that’s almost too far removed from most people’s reality. Fortunately the good thing about living in one's imagination is that the gap between fantasy and reality can be crossed in a second. Certainly for me I find that as I imagine the pleasure of kissing the delectable bottom of the woman at her dressing table I can almost smell her perfume as I do it, and as for the beautiful reclining nude in her sleek stockings, even as I write this I can taste her lips on my own.

I can only hope the fantasies they generate for you are as rewarding as mine.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Maghella revisited

Thanks to a comment from James I have done some more research on Maghella, and what do I find (surprise surprise) is that she spends most of her in time in one sort of trouble or another, that her clothes are constantly being ripped off, and that yes, some of her activities and up with her being spanked or caned. What more could you ask from any comic strip heroine?

If that's not enough she seems again to have get her self chased up a tree, another heaven sent opportunity to have her a hairs breadth from danger and of course to give us a good look up her skirt. At least this time she managed to keep her top on which has to some sort of record!

Vargas, the see through nightdress, and the great female conspiraracy

Way back, before the conspiracy started, women knew their place and wore sensible clothes. The primary purpose of their long skirts and dresses was to cover up and hide everything underneath; legs bottoms, knickers and that naughty little crevice in the front which is the cause of half the world's problems. Out of sight if not out of mind was the idea, and that was an unbroken rule for hundreds of years. The great cover up went on right through medieval, Tudor, Victorian and Edwardian times, and other than a brief period in the nineteen twenties when hemlines went up a tad, (They had to start a war to stop women being silly in this way) it seemed that legs would stay out of sight for ever.

Then some time during the nineteen sixties, (No, I don’t know exactly when; I write erotic books, I'm not a historian,) hems went up and up till the average skirt was little more than the width of a watch strap. Suddenly sleek silky thighs were in the public domain for the first time, and girls would strut the Kings Road in an endless game of panty brinkmanship, now you see them, now you don't. For most men, following a girl upstairs became the leisure activity of choice, and I know a man who still has the same erection triggered by following a particularly toothsome little creature up to the top deck of a number eleven bus in nineteen sixty nine. But the point that I’m making is that the girls in question weren’t wearing sex shop erotica but what had become a routine off the hanger chain store garment so they could maintain an attitude of bewilderment at all the mayhem they were causing; for Gods sake, I’m fully dressed, so what’s the big problem?

The same psychology applies to the transparent nightdress. OK, with one of these inflammatory garments we may not be dressed for the office or the street, but technically we are dressed, so what’s the problem if we open the front door to the milkman? That breasts, nipples, bottom and our artfully trimmed pubic hair is on full display can be conveniently overlooked. It's just another weapon in the female conspiracy against the male of the species, helping us to drive them to quivering arousal, but still able to maintain an attitude of innocent confusion to the whole business. How can we possibly blame men for spanking us as often as they do? We're all guilty as charged

Vargas (see my first posting about him) clearly loved the transparent nightie and joined in the conspiracy with relish. A good number of his illustrations featured his women with their lush bodies adorned in a sheen of the thinnest gossamer which instead of shielding their nakedness only served to eroticise it. I’ve given you a few of these to which I’ve added appropriate captions, and I hope you get as much pleasure at looking at them as Vargas clearly got from creating them.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Help! It's going to spank me!

How a girl ends up naked across a gorilla's knee I can't imagine, but clearly the writers of this comic strip had a more fertile imagination than mine. Very likely she took a mouthful of his banana, though most of the men I know want me to do that after they've spanked me.

I know so little about this girl but Maghella was an Italian comic strip character in about 1974. She apparently had magic powers, but that didn't stop her being chased up trees with most of her clothes torn off by savage men keen to grab her bare bottom under the shreds of her skirt.

I have no problem seeing the appeal of these cheap comic stories from forty odd years ago. We all love a damsel in distress, particularly one who gets to lose her clothes so often, and there's a wonderful raw eroticism to these images that mainlines into the imagination far better than the airbrushed perfection of today's images. And did she get the spanking she almost certainly deserved? Regrettably I'll never know.

Dita Von Teese (Or is it?)

I'm giving you value for money with this one. To start with it's Dita Von Teese, bare breasted and bare bottomed being spanked for whatever naughtiness she was guilty of this time. (Must be a long list in her case!) Good enough on its own, but if you half close your eyes it could just as easily be Nigella Lawson, so if you have fantasies about that particular domestic goddess being given a spanking for being such a flirt, then here you are.

For those of you with better developed computer skills than mine, it probably would not be difficult to transpose the dominant looking female with Jamie Oliver and the picture would be complete.

A job for Mr Hyde?

Pushing her luck!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Wonderful French drawing.

Seriously vintage

Pulp fiction revisited.

I've just come across this book jacket and had to share it with you.

Here we go again!

No further comment needed.

Dear Mummy....

Dear Mummy,

I'm enclosing a photo I took on Saturday evening just before I went to a party with Justin, my new boyfriend. Yes I know my dress is a bit short and tight, but I wanted to impress him and make a bit of an impact. In fact I made more of an impact than I'd intended 'cos when I got there I realized that I'd forgotten to put on any panties! Every one at the party discovered it at the same time as this big roar suddenly went up when I was bending over the punch bowl!

Yes, I know exactly what you're thinking, "If you were still living at home, young lady, your father would give you thorough spanking and send you to bed!" Well relax, because when we got home, that's exactly what Justin did, gave me a thorough spanking, and well, not exactly sent me to bed, but took me to bed which is more or less the same thing.

You needn’t worry about me behaving myself now I’ve left home because Justin spanks me even more than Dad did, always on my bare bottom, and sometimes tied and gagged as well so he can make a thorough job of it. He’s even set up a camera to film it so there’s a record of me learning my lesson, so you can see you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Hope all is well with you and Dad, and that everything's going well at the Women's Institute.

All my love,


Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Personally I blame the statue!

Just looking at this delicious creature in her cheesecloth shirt, unconcerned by such conventional things as panties, is enough to give me an erection, and I haven’t even got a willy! She can come and kiss my sensitive parts whenever she wants to.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways....

The immortal words of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, but for those of us whose relationship with our lovers is darker and more erotically charged, maybe the words should be "How do I spank thee, let me count the ways......"

I hadn't planned it that way, but when I posted illustrations from three book jackets last week, l had not deliberately planned to give the three main variations of exposure for punishment, knickers down, knickers off, and naked. Yes of course, the possible permutations go way further than this, but it’s worth while concentrating on these three for the moment.
First, let’s look at the quintessential naughty girl spanking, across the knee, skirt up and knickers down. Nothing could make it more clear to the poor girl that she's about to pay the price for her misbehavior than finding herself in this position. Across the knee is demeaning enough on its own, skirt up is shaming beyond bearing, but with her panties half way down her thighs she knows there's no hope. Not only is her bottom bare and unprotected against the horny hand about to spank some obedience back in to her, but all her adult credibility has been shrugged out of the way along with her panties. No matter how grown up and sophisticated she is otherwise, in this position she is no more than just a naughty girl in need of a lesson. Nothing could be more undignified than to be held captive to his will in this way, and if he can get away with removing all vestiges of her dignity by taking down her knickers and spanking her, in real terms there's nothing he can't do. And of course, for him there's an added advantage of having her clothing positioned in this way. Between her upturned skirt and lowered panties her pert little bottom is perfectly framed and centre stage for all his punitive attentions.

Moving on to panties off, then the psychology is similar but subtly different. “You won't be needing these for a while young lady!" Is a coded message, and it's that her punishment is going to last far longer than she anticipated, even in her worst nightmares. She's going to be spanked across his knee for so long that she might as well forget all about panties for a good long while. The other part of the message is that when he does finally let her up, then he has other plans for her, and again for those she won’t be needing panties either. At least now matter how much it hurts there’s something to look forward to at the end! The final factor in this equation is a subtle sadism, and that is that when he has finished both punishing and pleasuring her, he is in possession of her panties and very politely and diffidently she will be forced to ask for them back.

And then naked! Whether a girl takes off her clothes voluntarily to flaunt her sexuality, or has then taken off so she can be punished, the fact that she is undressed and available can't help but excite the man (or woman) whose eyes is pleasured by the sight of her curves and swells and crevices. For him to take her naked across his knee is compounding the situation. All the arousal that arises from giving a pretty girl a spanking that we've obsessed over time and again in this blog, added to the excitement of having her naked body at his mercy is joined together in a virulent cocktail. Arguably it is less undignified to be spanked naked than with your knickers down, but that is countered by the both the sexual implications of what’s happening and your total availability to anything he wants to do taking a more predominant role.

So which is best? It’s the one that left the two of you gasping with satisfaction after you untangled yourselves from the couch or the sheets or even the haystack; it’s the one that when you played it back in your mind, hours, days or even years later had your loins weeping and your libido back on fire with the thought. Having both spanked and been spanked all three ways (plus a good number of other variations I haven't even touched on) I can only say that they are all exciting in their own different ways, and all have a lot going for them. Let’s leave it that I like to think of spanking (and sex) like pasta; lots of different ingredients and sauces, lots of different ways of serving it, us but all delicious!

Monday, 19 July 2010