Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year!

I take it for granted that there is no one category of person who reads my blog on any regular basis, and in fact I like the idea that people of every tendency and inclination will be checking in from time.

Maybe you are a mature sex goddess trembling with erotic overload,

Who in the quietness of your personal ivory tower uses my blog to help you indulge in your private fantasies,

Or even to encourage you to live them out in real life

Maybe you are virile young man, your erotic needs so urgent that as well as the commerce you engage in otherwise, you still have to be regularly fed with the sort of stimulus provided by Sexuelle,

Which of course encourages you to try out new and exciting things with whichever young lady currently fills your life.

Possibly you are one of the many wicked uncles out there who, between those many disreputable moments in your all too colourful private life, still make time to pay me regular visits,

all the while harbouring fantasies of what you would like to do to me given half a chance!

Of course, at the other extreme, you could be a young girl, a little new to the sexual scene and learning all the time what a dark and strange place the bedroom can be,

and in the process quietly discovering interesting new ways of exciting him as well as yourself!

Then again, whatever your gender or orientation, you could simply be a connoisseur of the erotic, wondering what delights you might find here to lubricate the darker recesses of your imagination.

Anyway, whoever you are and whatever your tastes, thanks for visiting my humble blog, and here's wishing you all a Wonderful and Vibrant New Year.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

If you go down to the woods today.......

This is of course the party season, and should you be coming home in the middle of the night, or in the early hours of the morning (Bad girl!) do be careful if you take a short cut through the woods. At this ungodly hour the woods are a dark and mysterious place, and a girl needs to be careful what she does. Remember things at this time and in this place are not always what they seem.

Don’t for example climb that tree to pick the fruit. It may taste ripe and juicy in your mouth, but who knows who might be watching you up there, checking to see how ripe your fruit might be and how good it would be to suck and taste.

Even the very tree trunk might come alive in your girl’s fingers as you run their soft tips down its rough bark.

And in particular, think very carefully before you pause to pick those rank smelling mushrooms, their heads snaking up invitingly into the palm of your hand. They may prove to be something else entirely!

And in this strange half light you can hear sounds that might be something quite innocent, but prove to be something else entirely. Is that a woodpecker you can hear, or is it a young girl having her bare bottom soundly spanked by her mistress who has brought her out to this hidden place so she can take her time to administer her punishment?

And what seems to be the groaning and moaning of the wind might be a man incapable of staying silent as his pleasure erupts into his lover’s lips.

But as you back away from them, anxious not to intrude, be careful that you don’t interrupt another two lovers, girls this time, their naked bodies entwined in Sapphic embrace as they kiss and fondle and explore each others bountiful bodies.

And that girl you can see in the distance is she simply walking her dog or is she Red Riding Hood and her relationship with the wolf not what you would have expected?

Even sticking to the path is no guarantee of safety. Here is a farmer taking home his errant daughter he caught naked with her boyfriend and doing things that no well brought up girl should do.

As soon as a convenient tree stump is found she will be over father’s ample knee while he chastises her upturned bottom in an attempt to scourge her wickedness from her.

He might just as well not bother. Nothing can erase the hungry need in young people to bond and couple and mingle their overflowing fluids, and in a place like this where nature is King, he is pushing against life itself.

And anyway, only the week before her young man had decided that she needed to learn some small degree of modesty. As young men do he had stripped her naked and tied her to the very tree behind which you are currently trying to hide and made her acknowledge that she was a wanton little slattern which she did, squealing and gasping as her body burned with his punitive attentions. The rest of her punishment resulted in both the tree and her running with sperm so you can be sure that they will be both keen to repeat her lesson.

By now you realise that the very fabric of the wood is seeped in fecundity and everywhere you look there is more evidence of life and lust, the very trees seeming to be intermingling.

Over there is a coven of what looks like witches, trying to summon up who knows what.

Maybe they are calling a tribe of dancing demons, their members huge and erect and hungry for carnal satisfaction,

And if they are lucky, the witches will have prepared for them what they most want, an exquisite young girl, tethered and naked, her full lush breasts an outthrust incitement to whatever defilement they have in mind.

Just be thankful that this time it is not you! Next time you come into these woods you may not be so lucky!

But don’t be afraid of all this. Simply find a way of blending in. Sink into the leaves and the moss, and in the luminous glow of the moon let your inquisitive fingers find your secret moist places sending you to your own pagan heaven.

No point in fighting it. It is all too powerful for anyone to resist.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Wicked Aunt

Having given you a posting on wicked uncles, it only seems fair to balance it with a posting on wicked aunts . Wicked aunts are an entirely different thing and are not fun at all for any young girl forced by circumstances to stay with one for long periods, or worse still to live with one permanently.

Wicked aunts have a sadistic streak in them and they like nothing more than a young captive girl under their control they can spank as often and as hard as they like.

“You’ve asked for it!” They insist, pulling your knickers down to gloat over your defenceless bare bottom. “And don’t think I’m going to spare you!”

Heaven forbid that you should get any idea that she gets any sort of sexual gratification in taking you over her knee as often as she does, but odd that at times she insists on stripping you naked first before administering your punishment.

Living with a wicked aunt means that you are given all the menial jobs, like peeling potatoes

And scrubbing the floors,

Often while she watches, gloating over her power over you ad waiting to see if you do something wrong so she can punish you yet again.

But what effect does this have on a young girl, ripe with her young sexuality and bursting the need for freedom and experience? Not surprisingly she rebels, finding ways of doing so that the aunt would never have thought of.

She forms attachments to her female cousins, sharing thoughts and hopes and dreams with them as they brush each other’s hair and make up each other's faces.

They try on each other’s clothes, giggling when they think what effect their incendiary undergarments might have on any men they meet,

And inevitably this shared girly intimacy, as it is bound to, frequently leads to even more intimate moments between them as they kiss and fondle and explore each other's sweet bodies.

And of course, there is her male cousin too, a spoilt young man, but still quite fun and worth practicing her feminine wiles upon, so when going about her household duties it’s not difficult to find ways to get his attention,

And once she has, well he has his own way of showing his appreciation!

Occasionally a girl living with a wicked aunt is allowed out, and when she is it’s not surprising that she makes the best use of it she can, dressing for it with care as she doesn’t know when such an opportunity will come again.

And of course, intoxicated by this rare freedom she can’t stop herself behaving recklessly, drinking a little more than she should and being far too friendly with all the men she meets.

Can we blame her for letting these moments go to her head? So when an opportunity to escape presents itself, not surprising that she takes it, with all the risks it might involve.

After what she has been through, she feels she can cope. And if like her aunt the man chooses to spank her from time to time, well he is rather gorgeous and the idea is quite exciting!

And she is sure there will be more than adequate compensation!

Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Wicked Uncle

A remark made by my regular correspondent, James, made me realise one of life’s great truths namely that every girl should have a wicked uncle. Not wicked as in plotting to murder her for her money, but wicked as in being someone who indulges in life’s naughtier pleasures to the full and is more than happy to offer instruction to a young female just setting out in life.

A wicked uncle should be fun to be with and of course a good raconteur, ever ready to tell stories from his life that leave you gasping with horror yet, despite yourself, wanting to hear a lot more.

A wicked uncle has no time whatsoever for political correctness and takes smoking Havana cigars and drinking brandy as his absolute right.

Equally he drives a powerful and sporty car, but salves his social conscience by always being ready to offer a lift to any damsel in distress he happens to come across, and if she’s not actually in distress he’s always ready to ensure that’s how she finds herself before too long!

He’s always keen to help you with your education and for example likes to take you to obscure foreign language films, but as he growls in his seat next to you as they unfold on the screen, you do wonder what it is you’re supposed to be learning from them.

Equally he is keen on reading foreign literature, but the sort of books that sometimes drop out of his pockets tell you more than you really want to know about his interests .

In fact, his pockets are a constant source of wonder. You have met his secretary and she seemed a nice enough girl,

but the photograph of her he was using as a bookmark tells you there must be more to her than meets the eye.

At least he’s always kind to her and regularly taking her off for weekends to Paris and Amsterdam!

Your wicked uncle talks of his London clubs dropping hints of the Athenaeum and the Garrick but the only club know for sure he goes to is in Soho, and you’d rather not think too much about what happens there.

It’s not difficult to work out that your uncle is nothing like as old as he sometimes makes out, but he talks about his young days as if they were spent in another world entirely, his eyes misting over when he talks fondly of French maids and strange happenings in his father’s office.

He moves unapologetically from one mistress to another, all of them seeming to live a strange alternative existence,

and what goes on between him and them you don’t know, but he drops enough hints that you have some reasonable idea.

Despite living a clearly disreputable life and forever getting into scrapes he has strong views about how young girls should behave. When you tell him about some of the things that your friends get up to he tells you in quite unnecessary detail how given half a chance he would put them one by one across his knee and thoroughly spank them. He takes a moment to think about this, his eyes moist and glowing, and then makes a point of emphasising that of course he would be obliged to pull their knickers down first.

Most of your friends have met his and think he is an absolute sweetie and when you tell them just how keen he is to give them all a good spanking you’re not too happy to find that they are all in favour of paying him a visit so he can do that very thing.

Naturally he loves nothing more than a good party and is full of ideas for games the young people can play with a lot of help from him.

but when he describes the forfeits to be paid by the losers he can’t understand why the hostess asks him to leave and not come back.

What he can never understand is why these days people don’t lighten up a bit and simply have fun whenever thy can, and in many ways that sums up exactly what your wicked uncle is all about. Whatever it is he’s up to he’s having fun, and let’s face it that can’t be such a bad thing. Maybe we should all learn to cultivate the wicked uncle lurking inside us all