Friday, 31 May 2013

Let Us Not Forget

If you asked anybody that has been in the same relationship for a while what the one thing they worry about it, it is almost always the same answer. Falling into a rut.

It is a perfectly understandable concern. You spend enough time with the same person and things are bound to end up falling into the same routine if you let it.

So how do we keep this from happening.

Well many start trying new different things.

new positions

Fooling around in public where there is a risk of being caught

maybe adding a partner

perhaps a little bondage

and of course probably what most are familiar with, a little role playing

whether its a football player and cheerleader

and for some that are into spanking play, perhaps a naughty schoolgirl and the principal

a sloppy maid and the manor lord

even something silly like a naughty jeanie

role play is a fun and sexy way to act out fantasies and provide variety that keeps things from becoming too routine

We have to be careful though. You see while role playing is a lot of fun, let us not forget that it is when we are pretending to be people that we are not. If we do this too often think about what it is saying about the relationship we are in. That we would rather be other people. This can be as unhealthy for a couple as being stuck in a rut.

So don't lose prospective, but still have fun.

How many of you role play? How often? and have you sometimes found yourselves thinking perhaps you are doing it too much?

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Hot Town, Summer in the City...

Well one thing I noticed when we got back from visiting my parents is that summer is definitely approaching.

The turn to very warm weather always brings the sure signs that summer is around the corner.

Those construction hunks are peeling off shirts to show off that muscular physique.

And of course girls' clothes are getting shorter and tighter

and those are the good girls (or at least appear to be)

The naughtier minxes are always trying to push the edge and go further

whether its almost belt sized skirts

or ridiculously short shorts

some girls sure play up the exhibitionism and teasing

even to the point of not seeming to care what the wind can show

I can tell you what I know. None of these girls have very assertive boyfriends or lovers.

Because I know that you readers out there would not hesitate to take your girlfriends over your lap for such wanton and flirtatious behavior

or over the couch/chair for a dose of the paddle

And after such a deserved spanking we would be told that if we want to wear such revealing clothes, then we can show off a red bottom as well. Because you can clearly see from the last pictures, it would be quite noticeable indeed given the skimpiness of the previously shown clothes.

So girls, beware. If you are going to dress like that, be prepared to show off more than you expected.

Am I right or what?

Friday, 17 May 2013


We are at my parents' house for a few more days but I will be back here soon.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

If They Only Knew...

If there is one thing that I would bet nearly all if not all people have had a fantasy about it would be the teacher.

Who has not had a crush of some sort over one (or more of their teachers). I am sure everyone can even still remember his/her name.

Seeing that pretty teacher at the front of the class, imagining her in all kinds of sexy attire and attitude

that handsome older man appearing so authoritative and stern

I wonder how many though realize what the teachers have to go through every day what they have think about sitting there at the desk

Well, if you think the students had fantasies, I can tell you, it is nothing compared to those of the teacher. So many can run thru her head.

Giving the football team quarterback some extra help after school

Having that teasing co-ed stay after class for some extracurricular activity.

Getting the very fit gym coach to give some personal physical education

Having a very special teachers meeting with both the pretty music teacher and that handsome history teacher at the same time

You get the idea. But, if that wasn't enough, then there are the more kinky teachers with even more fantasies going on.

Taking that naughty minx that has been showing off her legs and flashing her panties and teaching her a lesson in proper behavior

Thinking about that stern principal perhaps disappointed with her performance

Spanked by the groundskeeper with those large strong hands, for picking the flowers

Is it any wonder that she has to carry an extra pair of panties with her

and can be seen going into the faculty bathroom a bit more often than necessary.

Well, I can tell you that it can be like this for teachers. I should know.

Afterall, I am one.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

What's Up Doc?

I was waiting in the doctor's office for a routine exam. You know how that goes. You make sure you get there a little early but still need to wait an hour. But, if you get there a few minutes late, they make you pay for it by waiting 2. Anyways, I got to thinking about what happened a couple years ago.

It happened on my birthday (well technically it was the day after because we both had to work on my birthday). It was a super fun day with a great party that night. I had gotten my birthday spanking of course and a while later, I got one of my private presents. It was one of Mike's old belts and he had cut the last foot or so of it into ten thin strands. So I had gotten another birthday spanking with that. Then before the party, also got a beautiful cane, I think it's called mallacca or something? I will have to remember to look it up. Anyways, I got ANOTHER birthday spanking with that ( I know, I know, I tend to call it all spanking rather than differentiate between caning, tawsing etc).

The party later was great. Dancing, loud music, public presents, but I drank wayyyyyyyyy too much. Way after the party at about 4am (still pretty drunk), I stumbled getting out of bed and into the bathroom and twisted my ankle bad. Mike played football so being used to this type of injury, he got up and iced it and elevated it, but it still swelled up like a balloon.

A few hours later we decided to go to the doctor worried that the injury may be severe. I really like my doctor. He is a very kind man of I think 60 now in a small practice. His wife, a couple years younger, is his nurse. Both of them wonderful people. The doc saw me quickly and Lisa (his wife the nurse) had me change into a gown. (no idea why as it was for my ankle, but I didn't question it). I did so and sat up on the HARD exam table.

By the time the doc and nurse came in, I was squirming around trying to find a comfortable way to sit/lean. The doc pronounced that I had a bad sprain, but then he noticed my squirming.

Without hesitation, at the same time he says, "I'm worried, you may have hurt your back or hip in the fall", he also half turns me and tips me over with the gown parting and then they both go silent. Upon seeing my bottom, Lisa said "THAT did NOT come from a fall", referring to all the marks, of course.

Soooooo, I had some explaining to do. Then they went and talked to Mike, I guess to make sure our stories matched, and thats how they came to find out what Mike and I get up to.

It's nice not having to worry about marks when going to the doctor. And just as I expected, as usual, this time when I was being checked out, Lisa asked if I had been good lately and we have a laugh about it.

How many of you have doctors that know what you get up to? Do any of worry about marks then? For those of you that do the spanking, is it something you worry about too?