Monday, 7 October 2013

Just As Long As You Are There

This weekend we had a wonderful little getaway for a couple days.

It was my birthday and Mike had surprised me by taking us for a stay in Las Cruces at a lovely place called Hotel Encanto. And because he made these plans a couple months ago, he got very inexpensive rates on the packages.

The only negative I had was that EVERYthing at the restaurants had green chiles. This was fine for Mike, but I can't eat stuff that is very spicy. Tummy gets very mad. Fortunately, almost all dishes were able to be gotten without the chiles.

Of course with it being my birthday there HAD to be birthday spanking. And there was. Several in fact. We didn't worry about noise. Just turned on the television and had at it.

There was one that was particularly lengthy, with a leather paddle. After some strenuous activities, we noticed that it was time for an appointment at some nearby stables for some horseback riding.

Well that was an experience! Riding a horse after a good spanking is NOT easy. I was squirming like crazy, and the bouncing was almost like getting spanked again. It was also extremely arousing. We barely made it back to the room before I attacked Mike and had my way with him.

The hotel had a magnificent pool, so clean, so refreshing with poolside drink and food service. There was no way I was going to miss out on it. So, even though there had been plenty of spanking, I still put on a bikini and sunscreen and we went to the pool.

Mike had said that it was pretty obvious if you looked, that my butt was red, but like I said, there was no way I was going to miss out.

It was an odd feeling, I was certain I was being stared at and that everyone had to have known that I was spanked, I thought I could feel my face turning as red as my butt. However, once we had settled into the chairs, and ordered a couple drinks, I was starting to not care anymore, and we used the pool, had a snack, drank, and had a great time.

The weekend was fantastic. Hotel was great. It is so nice being able to do as we wish and then have maids do the cleaning up. The food delicious. The dancing and music was awesome. But, it was the spanking and sex that was nuclear. Something about being far from home, knowing that people knew what was going on (or at least could guess), and not caring that just added an extra excitement.

Do any of you find this true for you also? Has being in a different/strange place and bed made sex and spanking more exciting? Have you ever known you were showing off that you were spanked, but like in this case, you either had to or miss out on something you wanted? Was it exciting or mortifying?


  1. When we got back from a recent holiday on Lake Como my wife's arse had been spanked in our bedroom overlooking the lake every single day! I now refer to it as 'The Italian Job' and when I do the wife's face is the same colour as her arse was then, if you know what I mean!

  2. I do indeed, Aristotle.

    Little reminders of a sexy time especially if at sensitive moments like out in public in front of friends, can certainly bring a blush to a naughty young lady ;)