Monday, 18 November 2013

Don't Let The Moment Run Too Fast

As anyone in the spanking interest knows, lotion is an absolute must to have on hand and plenty of.

We all know what the needs are. To keep the skin smooth, soft, promote healing, etc. And any of us that get spanked know, we slather it on to prevent the dreaded leather butt.

Of course, also it feels so nice after a good spanking to rub it in or even better to have it rubbed in.

I have been told by some girls that it is the best or one of the best parts of the spanking. The caring way it is rubbed in after and the near immediate relief it provides.

Especially after what may have been an intense spanking. And all you want to do is rub,

having the one that spanked you, after causing the discomfort, now providing the relief, can be quite stimulating.

This is not what I want though.

Not when I have spent the last 15, 20, 30 minutes.. however long, getting spanked with hand and variety of toys.

All this time that I have spent taking every spank, feeling the ever increasing sting... every swat driving my pelvis into his lap as I squirm and then lift up welcoming the next blow.

I have felt how hard his cock is under me. I have been leaving his lap a soppy mess as every spank has just left me wetter and wetter.

As much as I know how sexy and good it may feel to have him rub some lotion into my burning skin
I don't want this feeling to end.

I want to savor every delicious tingle I am feeling as the heat and sting of my spanking spreads throughout my body. I want him to squeeze my sore ass as we hug and kiss.

I want to sit on his lap, squirming against him, rubbing my soaking pussy on his legs as my hips cant help but move with the sting.

I want sit on his cock and ride him for a while feeling him stretching me as we move and he grabs my ass to help lift me.

Then I want him to take me from behind. Feeling his hips bump my sore cheeks as we fuck hard and fast and welcome some more slaps and pulling my hair as we move.

Until we finally cum so explosively that I nearly pass out from the intensity.

This is the culmination of the spankings I take and can't wait to again and again and again. I don't want lotion diminishing those sensations at all.

Later, much later, after I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience, then yes, I would love him to rub some lotion in, arousing us again to some more action.

Do any of you feel the same way? Do you want the lotion right away? Do you like to wait until later? For those that do the spanking, when and how do you want lotion used?


  1. Lord have mercy you have been sooo naughty this time Amber! (And by last post's comment you weren't the only one, were you having a playful extra naughty threesome spanking there dear?) As for this motion of the lotion, this will make naughty devils create their own creamy lotion to soothe teasing wenches' blushing fannies! Of course this naughty devil enjoys holding and caressing luscious blazing bottoms before, during and after applying creamy lotion on my darlings' delictable derierres. Like release after holding back, these breaks are doing wonders for your naughtiness, now bend over my knee this instant!!!
    said the well pleased ND =;)

  2. A

    oh a real winner of a posting and actually coconut oil is really cooling, try some on the scalp if one is becoming a little hotheaded in a session.....

    all a delight except the tattoos - ugh

    but then that is a matter of taste I suppose but ugh anyway


  3. Nice and erotic shots: a red tail and some subsequent f***ing, that are also my favorites!

  4. So good to have you back Amber. I don't know if this is a generational thing but I have never been offered nor have i ever asked for soothing cream after a spanking. I know I wouldn't be allowed it even if I asked. My spankings are invariably disciplinary ones( even though sometimes other things happen afterwards!) and I'm expected to experience the chastisement which has been administered to my poor bottom for as long as possible. Of course I do use lotion on my bum to keep it soft and smooth!
    Janice x

  5. J

    again catching up and enjoyed 'again' Monday 18 th November but it is now the 5th December

    OK big explanation - do you not realise A just how we your fans relay on you


  6. Thanks ND , I am very glad you liked it, and I quite know what you are talking about and approve ;)

    J, I understand about the tattoos, and please feel free to give me a scolding if I show too many of them. I know body ink is not for everyone.

    And you are quite right to point out how long it has been. We needed a new laptop and with holidays coming up we really had to look at what could be afforded.

    Janice, here here about the daily lotion for soft smooth skin. It is an absolute must.
    I can certainly understand the expectation to fully experience the delivered chastisement.

    thanks everyone.. again sorry about the delay xx

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