Sunday, 18 May 2014

Not The End

As I know you have noticed, I just am not able to post with the frequency I had hoped to and wanted to.

Real life is taking a great toll on time.

It makes me feel awful neglecting this absolutely wonderful blog that Elizabeth created.

However, I have invited a friend to help.

You will like her, I promise. She is creative, fun, intelligent, and very much a real part of the life, too.

I will still post as well, I plan to shortly in fact.



  1. Well welcome back Amber, you've been missed! And the more naughty playful darlings to arouse and inspire a good spanking the better too! ND =;)

  2. A

    oh, thrills YOU are to have support staff, well one does look forward to her introduction

    it is hoped of course you will have broken her in appropriately . .

    there is a high standard to be maintained and I understand that Elizabeth does visit occasionally, so you will both have to answer to her

    of course we shall be the judge of that too


  3. Hi amber
    So good to see that you are ok...we worry when you are absent! Can't wait to meet the new girl, especially since she's one of us!

    Janice x

  4. Amber, so where are you and your new naughty friend hiding dear? Come back here this instant, you've both been very very naughty and need to be taken over the knee for good spankings this instant! Impatient naughty devils and company miss you. ND =;)

  5. I am sorry. She ran into the same trouble as I did. She will try, but now I need help from all of you.

    You are all wonderful, expressive, and creative. I am hoping we can keep this site going.