Thursday, 9 June 2011

Sexuelle is up for grabs

To my wonderful dear readers,

This has been no easy decision for me to reach , but it is all too clear that for the forseeable future I cannot continue with Sexuelle. There are too many strands to my life and something has to go. I know that I could limp on with it, posting here and there, but I like to think that currently the blog had a vibrancy and freshness, and that would not be lost if any postings I managed were against the clock and without the necessary time and consideration given.

Rather than have it simply die, what I would like is if someone out there, preferably an existing blogger, would be prepared to take it over, either as it is, or incorporating it into an existing blog i.e. "******incorporating Sexuelle"

I would be happy to be a guest contributor, but I promise I would not hover in the background like some malevolent black crow, poking my nose in and interfering. It would be good of course if it could keep reasonably close to the spirit of what I have created , but inevitably its character would gradually change as the new proprietor's personality shone through.

My only minimum terms would be that my current books would stay on the masthead along with details of any other erotic books I get published (I already have a third book in mind).

If anybody is interested, please e mail me at

Yours very sadly



  1. Liz,
    I have enjoyed every one of your wonderful posts and have read both of your books with equal pleasure.
    I wish you the best in all your future endeavors.

  2. I am always sorry, that a worthwhile spanking blogger, gives up his or her pride and joy. I hope you will find someone, that can carry on your fine work. Until then here's 'six of the best' to you, upon that voluptous bare bottom of yours.

  3. Sad to hear you're going, Liz. You've been a most entertaining blog "hostess". But I can imagine that keeping this blog up takes a lot of your time and energy, and that it's probably not something you want to keep doing indefinitely. Good luck on your future endeavors!

    Karl Friedrich Gauss

  4. I too have been enjoying your blog, but I also fully understand that it has become an overwhelming job. Writing well takes a lot of time and effort. Having a personal life in addition to working on novels or other serious texts is a big challenge, even if one does not also run an ambitious blog with daily entries and fresh pictures. Sometimes one simply needs to consolidate, reconfigure, one's life! Wishing you the very best and thanking you for what you have given, Laurie

  5. L

    it's been wonderful - i began to think i was falling in love again . . .

    from early on i knew it could not continue it seemed sheer madness, a whirlwind of madness with such concentrated textured content which is why i, well seeing the comments 'we', made the most of it

    so glad you did not just slink off and have explained - what you suggest could just capture the inimitable touch you have created but one has one's doubts the memory of you will become 'the good old days'

    J >< ><

  6. Best wishes in your future endeavors, I've really enjoyed many of your posts. Very sexy.

  7. I have to reply to you all, so grateful for your kind wishes. And of course in this world nothing is final, so should a few things change in my life then I will be able to re-commence. I sincerly hope that is possible.

    And dear J whose uniquely idiosyncratic comments were alway such a pleasure to read. I'll be missing you too. I really mean that.


  8. I'll be very sorry to see you go, best of luck with your other stuff!!

  9. Fangirls of this blog around the world are donning black and weeping for this terrible loss. Wishing you a great future! And atleast I get to wear my fabulous mourning hat!

    A heartbroken lurker!