Friday, 3 June 2011

Elizabeth due a good spanking

Now what's the punishment for a girl who's a bit of a blog teaser?

A wanton little minx

Constantly leading you on,

But not quite delivering.

A good spanking would you think?

Across the knee

And of course with her knickers pulled down

On her naughty bare bottom.

A good sound spanking that really stings.

One that teaches her a proper lesson.

The trouble is, it seeems that that is what I deserve. A couple of weeks ago I promised that by now I would be back and giving you all the wicked postings you know you like. But regrettably I'm still not quite ready.

Could I beg your indulgence for one more week? Please! And let's face it, I know that I'm in for if I let you down!


  1. Liz,
    Wonderful pictures and narrative. I did miss those wicked posts from you. Another week? I think you have earned six of the best my dear.

  2. A spanking by proxy isn't quite the same as delivering it personally, presuming of course you get some poor soul to deliver it as you feel so guilty.

  3. L

    i hadn't a clue how to deal with such a teaser - so its is good your back where you belong and we can relax under your imaginative guidance


  4. I think the strap across your naughty backside is what is called for, Elizabeth. Please drop your knickers, raise your skirt, bend over towards your toes and present that delightful bottom of yours to me forthwith.


  5. A long, protracted over-the-knee affair with your knickers pulled down, interspersed with periods of corner time. That is my recommendation, young lady.


    Aunt Carla

  6. Goodness me Liz, all these people who all want to spank your naughty bottom....... what a lucky little girl you are :)

  7. Elizabeth Forster6 June 2011 at 09:03

    What a lot of spankings lined up for me whan I return!

    Dare I ever show my face again?


  8. I dont think its your face you need to worry about Liz :)

  9. As I'm ninth perhaps I could give you a post-spanking cuddle?
    I love your blog, choice of pics is excellent.

  10. I like that wanton little minx's red girdle, that she is so provocatively, and sexually wearing. I sure would have a 'spanking good time', upon that bare derriere of hers'. by way of a cane. And those stockings attached to her red girdle, gives an even more erotic look.