Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Leather - a feast for the senses

Leather has to be the most sensual material there is. It has such a strong sensory appeal to just about everyone one in one way or another. The most obvious being of course


A woman in leather just exudes sexuality. No shy woman wears leather, she wants to be looked at, she wants to be desired.

A man in leather is also very hot. On him, it shows machismo and a sense of danger that a woman loves


Not my favorite, but leather even has an appeal to taste for some


Leather clothes has that unmistakable creaky scrunchy sound that it makes when moving and I love the sound of a man pulling off his belt that whoosh as it is pulled thru the loops in preparation for use.


I love the smell of leather on a man. I can get so wet smelling a man's natural scent combined with that of leather. There is even leather scented cologne. You guys want to attract a woman, put some of that on.

Feel: I can't get enough of the feel of leather on me. If it wasn't so expensive, most of my wardrobe would be made of leather. Then of course there is being spanked by leather.
By far it is most everyones favorite thing to be spanked with.

The look on this girl's face says it all. She can't wait!
I am sure I have the same look, too. And I have had many a orgasm while being spanked with a leather paddle so I know exactly why she has that smile.

Leather is indeed a veritable feast for the senses. And something for you guys to remember:

Good girls don't wear leather ;)


  1. Amber

    oh Amber, number two, what a delivery and how imginative - leather yes, clever

    but two points - no, the leather is ideal for burnishing, after spanking, to prepare for tha cane, rattan preferred

    second agh, never ever again should a 'smiley' appear on 'Sexualle' Elizabeth would surely have you OTK


  2. A

    oh gawd, that took me three goes to get to you

    so obscure and indistinct . . .


  3. I luv leather 2, Amber. I know what you mean about the leather paddle. That and the belt r my favourites.


  4. " Good girls don't wear leather"..............lets hear if for the "bad" girls :) xx

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I apologize for deleting my own comment. One of our dogs stuck his big paw on the keypad and it published.

    OK, I think the robot thingie is finally gone, at least for a trial run to see how it goes. I forgot to save the settings last time I tried to remove it.

    J, please can you explain what you mean by burnishing after spanking? and thank you for your very good suggestions, including adding a description of myself.

    I welcome any suggestions by anyone. I am still making my way around this. I have so much respect for all Liz has done with this site and the work it entailed.

    Leigh, oh my yes the feel of leather spanking is sublime!

    Indeed, Sir Stephen. Bad girls are and have the most fun ;)

  7. Anber

    ah, burnishing - well if after a spanking, a gradual buld up, you then proceed with leather, covering the whole area, the result is burnishing as should become apparent -- it's an experiencial, empiric thing - then if all has been done with aplomb and sensitivity but cetsin degree of stern severity, there is just one thing a girl needs - whether it be a number 2 or 3 taken down from the rack just depends on the occasion

    ha too again, i'm delighted with the thumbnail skrtch of you just below Elizabeth's - yes we your new 'fans' thank you for that

    is it all not just fascinating that someone located where you are and with relatively so different a culture should appreciate what the French call 'le vice anglais'

    thanks again we await where-else you are going to take us


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