Thursday, 17 January 2013

Spanking Saves Lives

I was watching just sad news story after sad news story about the economy, violence, poor health,
etc. and thought:

It would be so nice if people would realize how much better this world would be if there was a whole lot more spanking going on. The list of benefits to spanking are seemingly endless!

It is good exercise for both, specially the longer it lasts. Guys, it has to give your arm a good workout, that constant swinging motion, perhaps adding the little extra weight of a nice leather paddle. If you start to feel a bit one armed, you can always just switch sides.

Girls, all that kicking and squirming! Hey it is almost as good as swimming, right?

What a great cardio vascular exercise! and so much more fun than a boring old machine. I think I have heard some claim that regular spankings helps prevent cellulite. Hell, even if it isn't proven, it's sure one of those things that you may as well try, no downside after all. Akin to that "apple a day" thing (unless there is an apple allergy of course).

What a great stress relief spanking is. After a long hard day of things going wrong, deadlines missed, unreasonable bosses, not seeing a pair of red panties mixed in with the whites laundry, flat tire, a nice long spanking just releases all the pent up tension which reduces blood pressure, depression, and the exertion itself a bit carthitic (hmm wonder if that's a word, oh well, you know what I mean).

How about spanking for a way to release feelings of guilt? For those that use spanking as a means of punishment and reinforcement type stuff, they understand that with spanking comes a cleansing of guilt. Guilt which would otherwise just fester and be a source of mental unrest.

What a great source of pain relief spanking is. I know it might seem a bit paradoxic, something that causes a bit of pain and discomfort relieves pain? But, it's true! Headaches, other aches and pains, just seems to wash away with a good spanking. Seems a bunch of endorphins or something starts going haywire which actually dulls pains. I don't know. Just know it works.

Perhaps part of pain/discomfort relief is to those suffering with sinus problems or stuffed noses, etc. A nice long spanking is just the thing for it! Has anyone still had a stuffy nose after a spanking?

What a cure for insomnia as well. Save a fortune on sleeping pills for those with trouble. Again, I don't know how it works, just that it does. A nice long spanking and a good night sleep is just about assured. At least after the next listed benefit anyways.

Then there is the sex! Oh the sex that spanking is part of and leads to for many is nuclear. There is very little that a nice hard orgasm can't cure or at least greatly minimize. Great spanking followed by great sex will wash all kinds of cares right away.

There is more and probably far better detail and explanation that can go into the physical and mental benefits to spanking. I think everyone would be far better off if there was a whole lot more spanking going on. It is sure as hell a lot more fun than a gym or counselling. And I don't think it's that far of a stretch to say that, given all the benefits
Spanking Saves Lives

So do your part everyone. Let's help make the world a better place and get out there and spank and be spanked!


  1. A

    wonderful, one could hear the orchestra come to a crescendo towards the end

    heart felt, warm, sincere and who could disargee well i suppose a lot

    this site and others banned, banned, banned elesewhere - we do have freedom and we must cherish it

    so thanks for that Amber, it made one stop and think as we move into 2013

    if there are any pantingly, deprived or simply curious creatures in need of some firm corruption do let me know, via Amber . . .



  2. A

    well that seems to have quietn'd eveyone down

    so Amber, just back to the flthy stuff . . .

    or perhaps now is just thee and me


  3. It is comforting to know that you are happy to do your share, there J and hope you get to often ;)