Thursday, 21 February 2013

Music is Everywhere!

This is the message that jazz musician Jorge Perez has set out to spread far and wide.

Who would not applaud such an effort. Music is an art that spans all ages and cultures with so many variations and combinations of different instruments and vocalists.

Well you have to love how Perez has decided to air his message.

He spanks 4 thong-clad women for 3 minutes.

What an incredibly brilliant idea at least for a spanking enthusiast that I fully believe he must be.

Think of what must have been involved in this professional production.

The auditions- who knows how many women lined up to audition to work with and be associated with this reknowned artist. And of course he would have to give them spanking tests to make sure he could work with them. Maybe even giving each one a repeat spanking as the candidates narrowed down to be sure he is ending up with the right 4.

Then the production itself. In the music industry, a 3 minute video is far from lasting a mere 3 minutes. Hours of takes and retakes are required to achieve the edited 3 minute final video.

Jorge Perez could possibly have spanked a hundred women, some more than once and then these 4 may have been given several thousand swats before the final 3 minutes. So, yeah, the individual swats may not have been very hard, but, after a few thousand of them, I can guarantee, from a bit of experience, that they had the marks and the soreness of a "real" spanking the next morning.. specially if they had little or no spanking experience.

Then he is applauded and recognized for spreading the message of music and will most likely make a LOT of money as a result.

Absolutely brilliant, Mr Perez. Let us all hope it is the beginning of what will be come a spanking music craze.


  1. A

    percussion spanking, this is amazing, 'A' you are a source of delight to us all and your imaginative commentary, colurful and evoctive too

    i was never fond of thongs but here they of really practical use


  2. I'm sure the musician had a lot of fine tuning and multiple auditions to get those fannies properly tuned. (And for our Brit friends, there, for your delight, fanny rears its lovely posterior again!) Only other cheeky comment is that too bad there was no rear view or vocal accompaniment and expressive face shots of the fine set of bongos lined up. Naughty devils can be quite the critic of cheeky artistic expression. =;)


  3. yes nice observation and thinking again, in spite of the anathema to me, of thongs, these could have been 'twanged' in accompaniment

    ah, the f***y word, we Brits just cannot quite cope with that . . .


  4. Thanks, J for the kind words. I actually like thongs for during the desert summer day and snug clothes.

    I agree ND, it could have been much better with facial and rear angles.