Thursday, 14 March 2013

... and fetch the slipper, young lady!

The cane seems to be by far the most common spanking instrument in Europe.. at least in England, from what I can gather. Also very popular seems to be the slipper. The cane and slipper from what I see, appears the most often to be utilized in videos and talked about over there.

It took a while, but the cane has made it to America to start to become a little bit more popular within spanking households and communities.

The slipper has not made its way across the Atlantic yet, though. Not that I have seen anyway. None of my friends has been spanked or has spanked with a slipper.

As with all things, especially spanking related, I try to not prejudge until it is experienced. Some things, of course, I will have strong opinions on, that can't be helped. But, I just hadn't thought of getting whacked with footwear. But, I was determined to give the slipper a try. And with a very willing partner that has no problem at all trying new things spanking, I did so.

Here at the edge of the desert, it gets cold to very cold at nights and early mornings. Because of this, Mike and I both have slippers that we put on when letting the dogs out, getting the paper, and other things that take us out to the cold.

This pair is just like mine and his is the same type but a dark grey.

Well yesterday I gave our slipper soles a good cleaning as the last thing I wanted was to get whacked with anything dirty and set about to trying slipper spanking.

So, when we were ready, I took off my shorts and panties, laid across his lap. Now this was to try just the slipper so with a nice white surface as I hadn't had a spanking in like a week, and with no "warm up" hand spanking, Mike set to slowly using the slipper.

When I had no reaction, he picked up the pace and strength. After a couple minutes, I told him he is going to have to do it a bit harder for it to do any good. Sure, I was feeling it, but having been spanked for years now, it was really no discomfort, certainly nothing nearing a pain and really it was just making things nice and warm. Mike then surprised me by saying he had been using pretty much full force for a while. We tried a little longer and after around 60 or so swats, we called it quits.

I had a look in the mirror and my bottom had gone a light pink. But nothing like if I had 60 swats with anything else, even his hand.

Well, as long as I had him in a spanking mood, we went on to bigger and better spanking and the resulting fun afterwards, but this post is about the slipper.

On reviewing the experience, I found nothing like what I had been seeing around the net regarding the slipper.

For instance, this:

As this is apparently from a commercial clip, I can only conclude that this reaction to a swat was a bit of theatrical embellishment

This was more like my experience

 Her looking back as if to say, I'm fine. In fact more, more. A bit of pink from the swats.

Like here as well.

 I came across some that showed quite a bit more results of the slipper at least at first glance like this. Where there seems to be quite a bit more color

 But, if you could look right before she started in with the slipper,

that coloring was already there from her hand.

I think we gave the slipper a very fair try, but in the end, it was far from a formidable spanking use. In fact it seemed pretty mild and actually pleasing.

Keeping in mind that I suppose if we had went on for a long time maybe with hundreds of swats, eventually there would be a good deal of soreness and marks. But, really can't that be said about anything, even wet spaghetti, eventually. And anyways, I think his arm would give out before I would.

Did we have it wrong? Girls, when you get whacked with a slipper, is it a different experience for you? and how? Guys, what kind of reactions do you get when you use the slipper?


  1. I think it's more the case that the 'slipper' that we Brits refer to in a spanking context is a slightly different implement - and something of a misnomer. It's not a "carpet slipper" for wearing about the house - it's rather the type of plimsoll or pump that would have been worn for Physical Education lessons at school. Something more like this, for example:

    Well-worn-in, it's an exceptionally effective implement ;-) And it has the advantage of being widely available on the high street at the start of the new year for just a couple of pounds!

  2. Just like if the paddle could talk, the hand prefers to do the spanking to feel the lovely lady's luscious warm behind (fanny! so there!) than be holding an old granny slipper or the handle of the talking paddle. And naughty devil's hands always manage to feel more than just warming the buns too for a happy moist spanking on both sides of the lap! ND =;)


  3. A

    it is a delight in being away for a while to have lots to catch up on, all with of the usual high imaginative standard - thanks

    ah, slippers yes, there are slippers and slippers and your cosy squishy squashy things are bizzare - are these actually worn - you jest with us surely

    so to slippers, they are for elegant lounging, well cut and stylish and here is the point with a firm leather sole

    something to think about - the sound in use most satisfying unlike those tickling abomintations you illustrate, surely they are museum pieces

    "it's the slipper for you tonight my girl" appears to send shivers through trembling nymphs

    and do note, it is the singular


  4. Welcome, Abel. Thanks for explaining where we probably went wrong was with the wrong "slipper". That makes sense.

    I am with you there, ND. I would much rather be spanked by hand than footwear.

    Welcome back J :) Yeah, I actually wear those slippers, usually just in the cold desert mornings tho to keep the feet warm. Thanks for the further explanation of the slipper.

    It is fine with me if footwear spanking popularity stays on the European side of the ocean :P

  5. If you need a proper slipper shipping across the Atlantic, just ask!!

  6. Thanks for the offer, Abel, but now that a proper slipper was explained to me, I think we have them here. I believe we call them sneakers or tennis shoes :)

    1. A plimsoll would typically be more flexible than a sneaker or tennis shoe, although a variety of the latter called Dunlop Green Flash certainly serves the purpose well ;-)

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