Thursday, 18 April 2013

Ah Yes, It's Friday

Here we are with another Friday coming up.

For most it is just like any other day.. except maybe dress is a little more casual. But, still it is the same routine of clock watching and counting down the time until when can punch the clock and head home for the weekend.

But, I have a better idea for Friday.

Many times the fantasy of office discipline is addressed. Secretaries filing mistakes, mishandling appointment schedules, taking late lunches, etc. justifiably dealt with by stern bosses

trying to make the office more productive.

But, let's face it. We all know that that will not do very much especially if you have an office full of naughty wanton girls looking for a bit of over the lap and desk action from bosses they fancy.

I have a solution for this that I believe will revolutionize the workplace. The rewards system.

Instead of punishing secretaries, their achievements and productivity are kept track of and on Fridays there is a half-day of work followed by hours of spankings for rewards.

Think about how much better daily results and morale would be.

A week of perhaps teasing their favorite bosses.

Making sure to stay bent over going thru bottom desk drawers.

Clothes just a little too tight and short to be considered proper for the office.

Bending over seductively and suggestively hinting of where they wish to end up on Friday.

It might be fair to say that such behavior might be distracting and perhaps counter productive, but, believe me, they will make sure everything is still done correctly and on time when anticipating that on Friday, their hard work will be rewarded.

After Friday morning of work, the phone ringers turned off, the doors locked, and bosses and secretaries head to offices where we hear the smacks and squeals of a hard week's work being rewarded.

As, work tensions are released, heated stinging squirming progresses, arousal builds and nature can take its course. Whether privately

Or perhaps several get caught up in the moment at the same time.

Who is with me in thinking this rewards spanking Fridays policy needs to go into effect immediately? I know I would be looking forward to going to work, wouldn't you?


  1. Non punishment, rewards spankings are almost enough to make me want to go back to work. But not quite. Great idea.

  2. A

    gosh 'office discipline' what a clever theme - of course it got a bit wild at the end but the start - mmm . . . tis good

    as ever, thanks



  3. A

    just catching up and did enjoy the 'let's all be glad' piece

    actually a lot is in the ritual and the er, peeling away

    loved the corsets - more please but with contents too


  4. Thanks OurBottomsBurn. I bet if this practice were in place then, you would be in no hurry to retire ;)

    Thanks J. And I like wearing corsets too on occasion. I think they are sexy and probably a great deal more comfortable nowdays than they were back then.