Friday, 5 April 2013

The dawn of a new day

We are in the midst of a new day of psychosexual developing evolution. In particular that of female sexuality.

For a long time, most women thought of themselves and were seen to be non-sexual. Of course, not everyone, but for most, sex was seen as a chore- a wifely duty to keep her man happy and to bear children. It was even thought as a revolting painful chore.

It wasn't until the 1950's when those like Alfred Kinsey and Ernst Grafenberg (for whom the G-spot would later become named) started their studies, that women would start to be seen as sexual and they were publicly ridiculed and attacked. Later Masters and Johnson would get into much more extensive studies and their findings that women were more widely accepted as indeed being sexual.

Though these people were instrumental in changing the way women were thought of, I think that the way that women thought of themselves took a long time to change. I think one of the most common discussions in spanking communities for example, is when it is mostly older men that say that their wife does not share their spanking and other sexual interests.

I think that this kind of problem is becoming a thing of the past, thankfully.

I believe that women of around my age and younger are having a much easier time coming to understand and accept our sexuality including any kinks/fetishes that makes up a part of it. And I think it is the internet that has the greatest impact in making this possible as well as the availability and advancement of sexual aids and more porn being made to appeal to female viewers.

The porn industry has begun to cater to the niche of female viewers in producing a "softer"core variety that gives more of an illusion to romance, couples, seduction, etc. that appeals to a lot of women.

The advancement of variety and availability of sex toys from those like these

to more like these

has led to women becoming much more knowledgeable and able to communicate better their needs and orgasmic ability as well as the internet providing a way to purchase them anonymously rather than being uncomfortable going into seedy adult bookstores

as was the only way to acquire them in the past.

The worldwide expansion and explosion of the internet including a near infinite variety of low priced pornography as well as the free informative blogospheres has led to sharing of ideas and interests that have further made women able and comfortable to accept their sexuality. Just look at the results of a google search entitled "women that like to be spanked"

 returned. Over TWENTY MILLION.

I think that the mismatched partners of incompatible and/or different sexual/fetishstic/kinky interests will decline vastly as this trend of women developing psychosexually will keep going and its thanks to all of you out there that are and will continue to pave the way for further generations of women to become even more able to be comfortable and unashamed to communicate their wants and needs and it will continue to become easier to find partners that share them.

So never give up and keep persistent in looking to find a partner. He and she are out there and will become even easier to find... I promise.

If you are having a problem finding partners that share your interest in spanking and other pursuits, to what do you attribute the difficulty? If you are successful, what kind of advice would you share?


  1. A

    as ever a fund of knowledge and information, Grafenberg, i didnt know that, heard lots of theories but this certainly is authoratative

    it will give me gravitas when in being asked "what are you doing J" i can explain i'm locating the Grafenberg Point

    as for identifying someone whom one does not know as qualifying for and in need, often not realised that is deep down what they want themselves, a thorough thrashing - well a minefield

    but persistence and it is not the obvious, that really does not work such as a gentle tap or comment about shape or pertness, more subtlety so that the 'target' thinks it's thir idea - as a i say a minefied - but gosh worth it all round


  2. There is one verse in this is like the advise of 1894.


  3. one always like to see and read other contributions - but am baffled by OBB , this seems to be a non sequitor

    i watched this clip but er, well excuse me but it's just a sort of, well, a whine

    'A' do come in and arbitrate before i get myself into trouble


    i'm baffled


  4. True, J, the subject itself may still be a bit difficult to introduce, but those women comfortable enough to accept their sexuality and seek partners with the interests are only getting more numerous and I suspect doing so exponentially.

    I believe that Our Bottoms Burn is saying that a portion of the lyrics can be referenced to the part of the arcane sex tip for women to "give little, give seldom, and above all give grudgingly", when the singer implies that he has sex with his wife so infrequently that when it happened on his birthday, it was a big deal. and also that since he couldn't get laid at all, when he was single, he may as well stay married since at least he gets some sex even if it is rare.

    I see the analogy, Our Bottoms Burn. If I understand it right.


  5. oh yes, what would we do without 'A' standing in the wings - and there was some doubt about her stepping into Ms Elizabeth's shoes . . .


    'L' i hope you are following this

  6. Elizabeth is indeed missed, J. I know everyone would be very happy for her to visit sometimes, and maybe put a few posts of her own again.

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