Monday, 2 September 2013

Come On And Hit Me With Your Best Shot

 I get asked a lot about what I mean by "light BDSM" and so I thought I would relate what happened Friday as that would be an idea of what we get up to.

Mike had become interested in the idea of a squirting orgasm. I had never experienced this before and really knew nothing about it. With this being a long holiday weekend, he had decided that this Friday we would experiment and see if I could have one.  I didn't really know if I could or not, but I thought it would sure as hell be fun trying, so I was looking forward to it.

I woke, had a nice long hot bath, did some touch up shaving since it had only been a couple days since I had done so , showered off, and dressed in shorts and a t shirt.

When Mike got back from a run with the dogs, I fixed a late breakfast while he showered and dressed in jean shorts and  t shirt and then we ate.
I was so nervous and excited about what the day would hold in store and couldn't help being a bit envious of Mike's demeanor. He had to have been thinking of what was going to happen. He had been online more in the last couple weeks than he is in a year, it seemed, intently reading up on the subject..

It was about 10:30, when Mike said it was time to begin. I put towels on the bed over an extra mattress pad and then put a fitted sheet over. After hearing about and seeing some things, I wanted to be ready because I did not know what to expect. While I used the bathroom, he put a floodlight bulb in the dresser lamp and moved the whole dresser over so that the big mirror faced the bed. 

When I got back, I was told to take off my clothes, and then I was tied with some of my old stockings to a ceiling hook with my arms raised, and blindfolded. I love being like this (when the room is warm enough), the anticipation and having no idea what is going to happen next is a huge thrill.

I found out soon enough and felt our horsehair flogger. This is probably the most sensuous toy we have. It is like being caressed with hundreds of feathers with a lot of pressure. It has a ball bearing in the handle and Mike has this way of twirling it in the fashion of a fan motor.

He started out slow and very light where I was hardly feeling it. All over my body from the neck down. Gradually increasing speed and force, he then concentrated on one area for minutes at a time waking it up with maddening tingles. It felt so good on each place he worked over.

When he brought the flogger up between my legs, I opened them wider and gasped at the sensations. With each up sweep, the hairs spread the wetness that had begun dripping over my tummy and I pushed my hips out for more.

I would have liked to stay like this for much longer, but I had been in this position for a while now and my body was tiring. Mike knew this and lowered my arms but kept my wrists tied. He helped me to the bed and then attached the stockings to one of the headboard posts lying on my tummy and then he left for a minute. When he got back, I heard some drawers opening and closing and then smelled matches being lit and asked what he was up to and got a sharp slap on the ass and told to keep quiet.

After another minute, I felt a splash of liquid heat on my back. He was using one of our play candles and drizzling the wax in long lines. These candles are made of a low melting temperature soy material so it feels very hot without chance of burning the skin. Just as I was starting to really enjoy the sensations, I felt splashes of liquid cold as he was holding dripping ice over me. A couple minutes of this had me shivering from the chill of the water dripping over my legs and ass and back.

Then his hands were on me rubbing the wax and the drops of water into my skin and I was sighing with the pleasure of his touch. The candle wax is not like others, the drippings become like a silky skin lotion and I was enjoying the feel of it being rubbed in.

After a few minutes of the massaging, he started spanking me. It was very light at first then gradually increasing in strength until after several minutes I was groaning with the heat and sting spreading throughout my ass. Then he stopped and gently rubbed the cheeks. Moving in widening circles, his fingers of one hand started to dip down to my pussy and I felt like an electric current jolted me. I was so lost in all the sensations going on since being put on the bed that somehow I had not noticed just how aroused I was. My legs spread wide as his palm cupped the lips and I felt how wet I was against him. Then he took his hand and rubbed it over my ass soothing the hot skin with my seeping juices.
His hands pulled away and then I felt the hot wax drizzling over my skin again. A few streaks of wax later, I felt the ice dripping. Then I heard a drawer opening and next I felt the leather of a paddle on my ass as he renewed the heat of the previous spanking. A couple minutes later it was ice again. On and on this went with him randomly varying the application of the liquid heat, the liquid cold, and the stinging heat. I was so close to the edge of orgasm, yet he would not stay with any sensation long enough for it to happen. I was going crazy and pleading him to fuck me, or do something, anything to let me cum. But, he just chuckled and told me to remember the experiment. I growled my frustration and he continued the exquisite torment.

Finally, after an endless amount of this "torture", I was turned over on my back, which, with the way I was tied to just the one post, was easily accomplished. I know he wanted to work on the front of me now, but, there was no way I was going to last much longer. I had been teetering on the edge of orgasm too long. I was trembling with arousal and moaning in anticipation, when I heard the sound of one of my vibrators turned on. Then the blindfold was taken off and as I adjusted to the glare of the light, Mike took a scissors and cut the stocking restraints.

Before I could get used to the freedom, I felt the vibrator running over my nipples for a bit. This just felt so good that I thought I was going to cum just from that until he started trailing it down toward my pussy. Before it reached there, I felt the beginnings of the orgasm and started babbling something I think and moaning out of the increasing ecstasy. When the vibrator touched my clit, I felt the rush of orgasm and it was coming fast. This was going to be a big one. I just knew I was going to squirt after all this. I leaned even further forward so I could watch in the mirror by the bed.

When the wave broke, I yelled and thrashed and Mike kept the slight pressure on my clit as the orgasm hit. I quickly thought to reach down pulling on the outer lips spread myself as open as I could.

I had never seen myself orgasm, and with the floodlight showing everything in detail in the mirror, it was amazing to see. I felt the spasming muscles and I could see with each contraction. a glop of frothy like cum oozed and I was panting and yelling because of how great it felt.

When it was finally over, my whole chest looked red with my nipples as hard as I could remember seeing them. My pussy was swollen, the lips very dark pink and puffed out, and the whole area wet with the bed beneath me soaked.

As I started to get my breath back, I told Mike that I guess I was just not a squirter. I had just cum harder than I ever had after nearly 2 hours of play and it did not happen.

He just smiled and told me that we weren't finished. He gave me no time to wonder what he meant. With that comment, he had sat down and was pulling me over his lap and got the leather paddle that he had put on the dresser.

I barely even felt the spanks but knew they had to be pretty forceful. I didn't care. though, as I was groaning from the sparks of electric pleasure that each spank sent directly to my clit. I felt no pain. With each slap, I lifted my ass up the best I could, moaned, and then pushed down and wiggled on the hard cock beneath me. As the spanking continued, I began to feel the sting, but, that and the heat seemed to be going directly through my groin to my pussy and I also felt another orgasm coming on quickly. I was no longer lifting up as much and mostly squirmed to get any friction I could. This was when he stopped and, as I protested in frustration, he helped me up and back on the bed.

I was in the same position as before, but not tied this time. I hissed a bit at the contact of my sore ass with the bed. The wet sheet beneath me began to alleviate that and it started feeling good. I bunched the pillows behind my back to see what he was going to do.

As I was squirming, Mike stood between my legs again and slapped my pussy a few times. I yelped with the slight sting of each wet smack and also tried to raise up for more. Then he eased his fingers inside and started rubbing my g spot with bent fingers and then began an in and out movement with the fingers.

I started moving my hips in circles and watched as my juices coated his hand when his fingers pulled to the front with the rubbing motions. Without thinking of it, my hands had started rubbing my tits and pinching and pulling my nipples that were still very hard and sensitive.

It could only have been a minute or two most when I started feeling the orgasm wave building. This, though, seemed to be starting with the intensity that the other left off. I was saying all kinds of stuff that was some very explicit encouragement.

My whole body seemed to be compressing on itself like a huge spring. Every nerve felt like it was connected to my clit which began to feel enormous. My hands wouldn't work on my tits for me anymore so I just let them grab the sheet as I felt myself actually shaking from the tension which was building to an excruciating level.

Suddenly, I felt a couple more slaps on the top of my pussy and the vibrator being put above the clit. At the same time, he was doing this, I felt something that I never had before during orgasm. The extremely frantic need to pee. I fought the urge to keep myself from stopping it. That was when the spring snapped. I screamed out as the massive wave broke. My body arched up, every muscle seemed to contract, and as it did so, I felt like a water balloon in my pussy had burst and as it did, I felt the liquid rush out in a huge spurt. With that, came an orgasm of such intensity that dwarfed the previous one.

I wish I could say I saw it in detail, but, I saw none of it. My vision had gone all white and I saw nothing for what seemed like ten minutes. Mike said it was more closer to 10 seconds.

When I could see again, my post orgasmic body looked the same as before except I was covered in a film of sweat, too. The bed had a wet area that extended a couple feet from me. Mike's hand was dripping. My body felt like it had no muscles in it. My breathing was still ragged. All I wanted was sleep.

I was close to Mike's body and could see that the poor guy needed relief bad. The front of his shorts had a damp spot where the head of his cock was pushing them out. I begged him to let me suck him off and was given no argument. When he pulled off the shorts, his cock sprung up fully hard and twitching from being let loose. The head was almost purple and a little drop of precum was falling. When I took hold and brought my mouth down, it seemed to swell and get even darker.

He was not going to last long at all so I did everything I could to make it as good as possible. With his cock in my mouth, I started going up and down on it taking it a little deeper each time while my hands rubbed his thighs and cupped his balls. When I had the full length in, I started humming and heard him groan. I came back up and put one hand on the base of the shaft and since he was covered in my saliva, it was easy to start a rotating motion with the hand. As my other hand played with his balls, I brought my mouth down on the head and started sucking as firmly as I could.

After just a couple minutes of this, the head swelled a bit more, his cock started throbbing, and he grunted and filled my mouth with that hot salted cum and sat down on the bed. I swallowed a few times and wiped up the bit that had spilled out.

I smiled at him and thanked him for everything before putting my head down on the bed with exhaustion.

This is an example of what I call some light BDSM activity. How spanking isn't everything and was just part of some of the activity that we get up to and how we like to enjoy sexual experimentation. Sometimes we find things that we dont  enjoy, but we are glad we gave it a try. There are some things we flat out wont try, but most things, we will give it a shot.

What other activities do you all like to incorporate in your play? Do you stick primarily with spanking? Are you comfortable with sexual experimentation? Have you had any bad experiences that has put you off of any activity?


  1. It worked for you the first time. You have a keeper partner.


  2. A

    at last this 'comment' thing has opened for me again

    so, so much to say of all posted since I was last able to share thoughts with you after catching up from my travels

    my immediate thing to say is on this last delight, it is essential to work on the 'come down' as on the play

    must go but delighted to once again make observations on your sizzling experiences and imagination - ah, now where is the birching feature you promised long, long ago


  3. Thanks OurBottomBurns, I feel the same way :)

    Welcome back J :) you were missed. Ah yes, the birch, it is coming, I promise. In fact, this weekend I think it is time to look into procuring one.

    1. A

      ah, to the birch - the trick here is to be sent out into the nearest copse with a pair of secateurs and a length of scarlet silk ribbon

      six twigs should be sufficient but a couple of spare is wise - and do not think, no matter how artisitic your final handiwork, it will be an enduring work of art, it will be in shreds, if properly handled, within jut two or three sessions

      soaking overnight with a dash of vinegar gives it a touch of frisson and a little longer life

      now to work you minx


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