Monday, 26 August 2013

She Works Hard For The Money?

We visited a couple over the weekend in Texas that we had met in a club. Nothing happened, not that it wont in the future, but it was just an accept of an invite to spend the weekend.

It was on the second day that they asked us if we wanted to watch their massive collection of videos.

We had agreed, and Mike and I had watched a bunch of different themed ones including a section of
spanking videos and clips.

I was actually a bit shocked at what I saw.

See, My boyfriend and I have been into spanking for over 8 years now. During that time I have got to watch myself be spanked many times through the use of mirror placement in the bedroom.

I have seen myself spanked with probably everything we have and I have watched how Mike spanks. As I
have said before, we dont do punishment, meaning real punishment, it has been part of the occasional role play. But, that doesn't mean that often the spanking will get quite intense.

My point is that I know the mechanics for lack of better word, that make up a spanking.

What I was seeing in the vast majority of these videos, and I should mention they came from many sources, not just one, was very very much distorted.

I dont want to say "fake" as there really was contact being made, but reactions and motions were far
exaggerated for what was "really" happening.

Let me see if I can explain.

It seemed like the 3 most exaggerations I noted was this.

A cane being held so far up the shaft, that there was very little of the "whippy" action that I have watched a cane do as Mike used it. There was very little to bend and so it seemed like it was a very thin-like paddle impact rather than that of a cane. I am sure you  know what I am talking about even if I am not explaining/describing it very well.

Another thing that I saw done, and it seemed like it was mostly hand spanking that this involved, even though sometimes it was a paddle, was the hand "skimming across" the butt during the spank.. almost like brushing something off. What I am comparing this to when I get spanked is Mike brings his hand or anything else, "down" , not across.

One last more common exaggeration that I noticed was this. What might at first appear to be a very hard spank, was that the hand/arm was swung very hard, but rather than any type of "follow" through, at the last second, just as the hand or brush or paddle, etc landed, it was jerked back up very fast.

Now, I should point out that after we got home, in fact just a few hours ago, Mike and I tried these things. I watched too just so I could make sure we were recreating the action of the videos.

He used the cane halfway up for a few strokes, then a few strokes done "normally", he did the "dust off" spanks while I was over his lap, and then normal spanking.

And he did the jerk-away spanking and the follow through spanking.

I should say that I felt the other types of spanks some, it even stung some a bit, but it was not near like what is felt when spanking is not exaggerated.

Usual post spanking fun occurred and I was quite happy, but it made me wonder, what do others think about this?

What it reminded me of was professional television wresting. They really are hitting each other, but if they didn't do it "right" someone can get seriously hurt. The spanking videos had ridiculous reactions to exaggerated spanking and hardly ever any real marking that would occur if the spanks had been normal, but in both wrestling and the places selling these videos, people are still paying quite a bit of money for both.

For those of you that watch videos and like them, does the spanking need to be real for you to enjoy it or is the show more important than realism? Am I being over critical? Have you noticed what I did about the exaggerated mechanics of the spankings?


  1. There are plenty of really good spanking videos out there. Unfortunately there are many MORE lousy spanking videos out there, and for some reason your new friends saw fit to make you watch some of them. The things you describe are just the sort of things one sees in the lousy videos. In such videos, it's obvious that the girls being spanked are not really into spanking at all (which in itself is a big turn-off), and are just making a video because someone offered them money to do it. But find a girl who's into spanking and isn't afraid of having her bottom bruised on camera, and you likely have a winner! :-)

  2. We never found much realism in spanking vids. Things like you saw, and licks high and on the side. Maybe you might like Dallas? The spanker, not the city, where we just happen to be right now.

  3. Excellent observations, thanks for sharing!

    I agree, it is very hard to find decent spanking videos. As for realistic vs fantasy, for me it depends entirely on the clip/video itself.

    I happen to prefer the more severe spectrum but there the issue is that those films are either obviously fake (turn-off) or the girl is plainly doing it for the money (also major turn-off).

    Luckily, there are a few producers out there who do make fantastic spanking movies - it's a case of you get what you pay for!

  4. I appreciate the feedback.

    Maybe it was just poor quality videos, but apparently the producers have been around years, so people ARE buying them.

    Welcome, Tabitha, I hope we get to hear from you again :)