Thursday, 2 January 2014

In A New Old Fashioned Way

I am so sorry about the wait.

We are still at my parents' house in Virginia for the holidays.

With them and the rest of the family being about 2000 miles away, I only get to see them once a year for these holidays.

What I guess I had not thought about was what it was going to be like to go 2+ weeks without any spanking and sex fun.

See, even though a while ago I wrote about how my parents got into spanking (well we got them into it actually, by accident), I just cannot talk about it with them much less get spanked with them around.

Janice and Beth, a couple of dear readers, have an incredibly open relationship with their families that I have to admit is very envious, especially at this time. With Janice, maybe being a little embarrassed, they have no real problem with anyone in the family knowing a spanking is going on. And with Beth, over their christmas holiday, all the girls were spanked at some point!

So, here we are, boyfriend back on track with wanting to do spanking, I have been getting all I have been needing and now we are stuck with both of us wanting it, and nowhere to go.

With only being able to see all of them once a year, we are always at one of their houses.

And to top it off, one evening we got back from my aunt's house to find that mom and dad were able to have some fun since we were out of their house. Oh, they didn't say anything, of course, but then they didn't have to.

It was all the classic signs that we all are aware of. They both had smiles they couldn't even try to hide. Both much more affectionate, you know in how they talk and look at each other. Mom shifting a little in her chair at the table or unconsciously reaching back for a rub, etc.

I wasn't making things any easier. I would frequently tease Mike in some way that back home would have usually been met with a rapid up close look at the carpet. I don't know why I would do this. I was making it hard on myself as well as him since I needed to be spanked as much as he wanted to do it! It is just our nature I guess. Girls are just natural teases and at the new years eve party, I was have to admit, pretty relentless. Maybe, with the alcohol, I was kind of hoping that Mike would do something about it anyways.

Well, yesterday was scheduled to be the day to spend at my brother's place with his wife and my nephews and niece.

Mike and I took my dad's car for the short drive over to their house. I wasn't really paying attention when we turned down a dirt road but after a bit I knew it wasn't the right route to their place and I started getting little flutters in my tummy as I was hoping that he was looking for some remote place to park for a while.

Then he found it. A little clearing set back away from the small dirt road that no one would be able to see until well before we knew they would be coming.

We got out of the car and he didn't need to tell me to take my jeans off. I didn't care that it was 45 degrees out (8C I think?) I was already taking them off myself.

He leaned against the car and kind of put my over his side under his arm and started spanking away. I didn't hear a word he was saying, I was just loving the stinging warmth of his hand. He was spanking so fast, I could barely breathe. Then he pulled my panties up between my cheeks and started again. I didn't care though, because the friction against my by now wet pussy felt great as I was squirming under his hand.

Realizing I needed much more, he put me on my feet and my groan of disappointment changed to a squeal of delight as I saw he was taking off his belt. I just LOOOOVE his belts. I happily bent over the hood of the car and saw him trying to adjust himself. He was so hard it looked like he had trouble standing.

Oh did that belt sting as I squirmed and squealed. I was so hot and so wet. I didn't feel the cold air at all anymore, all I felt was that belt adding paths of scorching sting to my butt. I felt on the edge of a fantastic orgasm that I just couldn't reach.

Mike stopped and I pleaded for more. He had a concerned look and he said ok but no more with the belt. I groaned because I didn't want it to stop.

But, when he tucked me back under his arm, and pulled my soaking panties down, and started spanking with his hand while I was writhing on his cock, I didn't complain. It felt so good after so long. In only a couple minutes, I let out a muffled yell into his arm as the orgasm that I was racing to since he was using the belt finally crashed.

I stood up and started kissing him frantically while we both were trying to get his pants down. I needed him and I was being more in the way than helping so I just bent over the hood and waited for him.

Finally with his pants and shorts down I felt his first thrust. He was so hard and big, I was so ready, that first feel as he went in all the way at once started another orgasm well into way. His motions were hard and fast. This was animalistic fucking at its best!

I came two more times before I heard him groaning and unleashing into me and I lay down on the hood catching my breath and trying to return to normal. He pulled out and picked me up and we held each other just calming down.

We took stock of ourselves then. My jeans were on the ground filthy. My panties had got torn. I had his cum and my own juices running down my legs. His pants were wet at the crotch where I had been against. And we reeked of sex. There was no way in hell we could go like that to my brother's house.

I used my panties to wipe up the best I could, put the filthy jeans on, and we made the quick drive back to my parents' house.

When we opened the door, they were both RIGHT there. They had called my brother and when he said we hadn't got there, they got worried. Well what we had been up to was so plain. Any hopes of sneaking into our room to clean up were gone. Thankfully they didn't say anything. Just had stupid grins and said they would call my brother again to tell them we wouldn't be over.

After we had showered and changed, my brother and family were there since they all decided to come over to have dinner.

Then I was the one showing the signs. I didn't even realize I was squirming at the table until Mike squeezed my leg. I couldn't help it. I was so sore. I still have plenty of marks and soreness now. I stopped squirming, but the big grin didn't go away.

We both REALLY needed that and who knows... maybe we are one step closer to being more open about it and might not need to sneak off somewhere next time. I doubt it, but never know.

Sorry no pictures.. really can't go looking for any here. Hopefully I let you know how it went.

Have any of you had circumstances like that. Maybe not them walking in on you, but being caught out after? Where it was so obvious what you have been up to?

I am so sorry for so infrequent posts. Now that the holidays are over, I WILL post more often. I promise.


  1. Well, Amber, thank you for a mention in your first blog of has made my day! In terms of is a tradition that my SO gives me an early morning spanking on Christmas Day. This year my grown-up, post-grad daughter was with us and her American girl friend from uni. They told me that they heard me getting my bare bum spanked and both of them teased me all day!
    Glad you managed an open-air spanking...sounds delicious:)

  2. Ha, that is great, Janice.

    It would have made the visit much easier if we could have been as open as you two are, Janice. I am sure my parents wouldn't have cared, but I just couldn't. Maybe it will change.

    and yes it was WONDERFUL and definitely what was needed!

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