Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress

I am on a borrowed laptop from a colleague. Fortunately, she has said I could use it as long as I need. A bit of caution from bad luck experience. You get what you pay for in a computer. If it seems like an almost too good deal, it is! Anyways..

As no doubt all of you know, a girl knows just how to entice a man's interest.

A girl does dress for herself. She will wear what she feels sexy and attractive in. What she feels confident in. This is true.

There is however, always in mind, especially a single girl, how she knows will attract the interest of a man. She wants him to look at her and think I have to have her.

The misconceptions I think, happen once she is in a relationship. I have so many girlfriends that have told me that their boyfriends get mad and jealous if she dresses sexy and want her to stop. I guess they have an idea that she is only dressing to "get a man" and that once she has one, she should stop dressing "like that".

Guys, this is a big mistake. We are not just dressing like that to get a man. You should have no worries and should be secure with how we dress. A girl wants to feel desired, to be looked at, to be attractive. We have no intention of doing anything with anyone else. We know we are still going home with you, and that is how we want it. You should be proud that your woman wants to dress sexy and that other men want her but they know you are the lucky guy that is taking her home. You should encourage her to keep dressing sexy, not stop her. And here is another bit of knowledge, a secure man is a big turn on for a girl. And dressing sexy is also. So you get the rewards of her passions at the nights end.

For most girls, there is 2 very sexy attires for a man. First, and this is probably no surprise, is a man in a uniform. It is in our nature, you wont be able to help or change this. Of course, relatively speaking, the vast majority of men are not in uniform.

The other attire for most girls is a man in a suit.

For most of us, it is one of the most sexy things a man can wear. A man in a fit suit exudes confidence, power, assertiveness. As much as we know the things to wear that will have a guy panting, you should know that if you get a good tailored suit, a subtle but masculine cologne and carry yourself with confidence and be assertive, you will have a girl's panties moist and ready to drop very quickly.

This is especially true for a kinky girl longing to have a man take her in hand.


I love going out with my boyfriend to where he can wear a nice pleasure formal suit and tie, and I can wear a slinky mini dress with garters and stockings and heels.

We did this last night. Went to see a play and then out to dinner at a nice restaurant and lounge. I love sitting next to him when we are dressed up. Leaning into him, inhaling his scent, feeling his arm around me, stroking my shoulder and arm. Then he started whispering the things he wanted to do with me and I found it getting harder to keep track of what was going on in the play. My mind kept going to images of us doing all kinds of stuff in balconies, dark corners. Where the chance of people finding out was great.

I was more than a little turned on when we got to the restaurant. We danced a little in the lounge before dinner. And I admit, I was teasing him. With touches, letting my dress ride up as we moved to the faster energetic dances, rubbing my body against him in slower dance. I ignored any eyebrow raises and scowls and had my bit of naughty fun. Then we went to order dinner.

They had great food that I was enjoying, when out of the blue, Mike tells me to hand him my panties.

You want to make a girl blush and wet in a flash, order her to do that for you!

It would have been bad enough going to the ladies room to do it, but he wanted them right there at the table. It wasn't difficult. My dress was tight but it was short enough to easily work my black lace panties down and off.

 I knew they were wet, I could feel them in my hand as I gave them over to him only to have him take it in his open hand and bring it to his face with a smirk.

I am sure people saw us. I just couldn't bring myself to look around, though. It was such a wrong and bad thing to be doing, and I LOVED it. He told me how naughty I had been and that I would be getting such a spanking when we got back home. I was so ready to go right then with him, but as he paid, he wanted to dance some more.

Now I love dancing, but, now I am wearing a short dress and no panties, and I wasn't so eager to be teasing him with the rising hem anymore. While a flash of panties and garter and stocking tops can be exciting, I wasn't really looking forward to showing bare ass and pussy. Yet he wanted to dance some more and we did, with my movements much more careful and shorter and certainly not the faster sexier dancing I like.

We left a short time later, and a little after we got home, it was into the bedroom for what I hoped would be a long good spanking.

I think any girl will tell you that there is something so sublime and sexy about a guy taking off his jacket, rolling up his sleeve

 and taking her across his lap, especially when she is still dressed from the night out.

Oh my god, I was so hot and wet. I had been so from the moment he asked for my panties. He sat on the bed and pulled me over his lap.

My short dress was baring me in this position and he began a slow delicious long spanking. After a while he didn't go any faster but his strength had increased and soon I was squirming around and rubbing myself on his slacks and moaning and not long after just begging for him to stop and fuck me silly.

A few minutes later he did just that. As much as I love him in a suit, I needed him out of it and into me a lot more!

A great end to a fun sexy night.

Guys, do you like or dislike when your woman dresses sexy? Have you found your feelings changed after you got together? Do you have a dress code for her?

Girls, have you noticed your boyfriend/husband/partner told you they don't want you to dress sexy now that you are together? Also, do you find a guy in a suit as sexy as I do so that you can back me up and hopefully get guys out there to wear them more?


  1. Now Amber, you well know that naughty devils are easily aroused and live to be teased and enticed by a flirting sexily attired darlings, it would be absolutely disappointing not being allured by the tease of a flowing short skirt briefly revealing naughty lacey panties with the slightest twirl! Of course there are favorite costumes with very short skirts such as the French maid, Oktoberfest beer wench and naughty school girls that always get instant attention, silly wicked naughty smiles and the desire to take the not so innocent little teasing darling over my knee to lift that cute little skirt and lavish loving attention on what cute panties she has on (that always strikes me as seeing a flower bloom when the skirt comes up to see naughty sexy panties!), feel how soft and wet they might be, and how long before they are slide down (naughty devils have to tease too afterall) before having her lovely fanny teased, blushed and quivering with excitement leaving such a naughty wet spot on the leg of my slacks and another one higher up in my lap after a such good playful spanking! And I wonder whatever happened to our dear English friends and their uproar over the perfectly charming term "fanny" anyway? So for enticing, alluring, flirting and just good sexy role playing with their darling, by all means ladies and naughty devils should dress the part to please, feel wickedly good and have fun being extra naughty teasing each other often to stay happy together. ND =;)

  2. Well put ND

    Believe me, we are quite natural at and happy to provide all that teasing ;)

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