Saturday, 21 May 2011

Happy Birthday Sexuelle, and au revoir for two weeks

It is, give or take a few days, one full year since I started this blog bringing you streams of sexy encounters,

erotic stories

sensuous sirens

priapic men,

and of course lots of naughty young misses who need to have their pretty bare bottoms soundly spanked.

And I have to say what a year. I’ve moved on from complete obscurity to having a small stream of regular followers (thank you all),and even being voted Blog of the Month, something which even now I can scarcely believe

When I stared Sexuelle I’d not long had Educating Anna published, and I decided that I had to prove to myself that it wasn't a fluke so I put to one side the serious book I had been working on and wrote another erotic novel, The Chair, only to have it rejected. It was too quirky and did not fit the publisher's criteria .What to do? Re engineer it, or do another one entirely . Being quite a determined girl, and never underestimate that, I started again with something entirely different and produced Sins of the Flesh which as you know is now out there in the market place.

And of course in the same year, that great despot, Life, was still going on. I lost one of my beloved cats causing days of shed tears, I've acquired a dog, playful and affectionate but like all dogs very demanding of one's time, and I’ve continued to develop my wonderful overgrown and romantic garden. (Forget neat borders and think of rambling roses dripping out of trees, arbours of honeysuckle and pieces of ancient sculpture just visible through gaps in the greenery.)

And in my quiet but very focused way I’ve continued to work on the serious novel which is now all but ready to be submitted. And here, as they say in politics, the devil is in the detail. I have to get it right; cannot risk overlooking a clumsy sentence or discordant paragraph, and that's very time consuming. There are only so many hours in a day and something has to go, so I have decided to put Sexuelle to one side for a couple of weeks while I gave the book the attention it needs. Once I have that sorted I can get back to all you wicked men and naughty girls and try and find new and interesting ways to lubricate your imaginations .


  1. Liz,
    Happy anniversary. I have so enjoyed reading your blog in the last several months. Erotic language, beautiful photos, and lots and lots of spanking and sex. I finished Sins of the Flesh; the power exchange between Fleur and her various playmates was incredible. I am curious who your favorite fantasy playmate was in the book? Also, I wondered if the description of Fleur was in reality a vision of a very naughty writer.
    I will miss your blog, but I am also looking forward to your next book. So, work hard and play hard!

  2. Happy Anniversary, Elizabeth. I have something to run past you when you are back. Will miss you whilst you're away.


  3. Happy Anniversary. Good luck with finishing the book.


  4. Have a good break! Happy Anniversary :-)

  5. Happy Blogaversary :)