Wednesday, 31 October 2012

But what of Liz?

I thought for my first day on the job here, that I would check up on our beloved and very busy Elizabeth.

We do miss her so, but, let us she what she has been getting up to.

First she hired a girl to help with the typing. But, the poor thing was not very good and Liz had to be stern with her and warn her that her work needs to improve.

But, even that did not help, as the girl still kept making many mistakes. So, of course Liz tried the old fashioned method of trying to motivate her.

This turned out as it often does and you can see, Liz got quite distracted from her writing.

Then she was at an impasse in her story and needed some research so she phoned her friend Stefon who was more than happy to help.

As she coyly sat on the couch,

she presented him with a couple of hypothetical questions.

Suppose that I went to the office yesterday like this and had to bend over often in front of the male staff

or suppose that this afternoon I went shopping like this, and found many reasons to get the products from the bottom shelves,

What  would your reaction be?

Oh I see, a bit of scolding

Then it would be straight over your lap for a long spanking for being so naughty.

And when the spanking is over, what will... Ohhhh

Well, as you can see, our beloved Elizabeth is doing just fine and is in good hands. We do so hope she will stop by as often as she can to let us know how she is doing.

I hope to try to make weekly posts and hope you will let me know how I am doing.

J, I remembered that you had asked about submitting pictures that you would like to see put to use. If anyone has any suggestions or pictures, fell free to email me at

and i will see what I can do.

Happy Halloween



  1. Great first post amber !!!!
    You are going to be great at this !!!


  2. Wow...

    Thanks for your nice post :-)
    I Love the pictures and the feeling

    Regards, Monsieur Fessee

  3. Lovely first post amber, may you go from strength to strength xxxx

  4. Thank you so much for the kind words Spankologist, Monsieur Fessee, and Sir Stephen.

    They mean a lot to me as Liz left such a high bar to reach.

    And thank you guys for the email suggestions already. I will see what I can do. If you want me to give you credit please let me know in your letter otherwise I will treat it anonymously.

    amber xxx

  5. Hmm! I wonder how that Amber knows how I spend my private time? At least now I'll have a bit more of it which no doubt means I will get in trouble more often, get punished more often, and of course get forgiven with all that implies.

    Enough of that! I know that you will all thoroughly enjoy the change of being in Amber's capable hands rather than mine(double meaning overwhelmingly intended)but watch out as I will be having a quiet peep from time to time to see that you are all behaving.

    And Amber, well done on a great first post, and I hope you enjoy running Sexuelle as much as I did.


  6. Amber

    well wow, ok not very original but wow again

    what have you taken on - well whatever i shall from time to time be following - this first posting is indeed impressive, however you have a lot to live up to

    i admire your er, courage if not audacity . . .

    er, good luck we are with you


  7. A

    if you have any responsibilty for this damn silly and convoluted 'i am not a robot thing' i am not happy and striggle seriously - striggle ? yes striggle



  8. Thank you for the encouraging words, Liz. They mean a lot to me.

    Good suggestion, J. The i am not a robot thingie is gone on for a trial period. It will probably mean several automated spam comments, but I will just have to be diligent in deleting them. We can see how it goes. And I look forward to getting the pictures that you have said you would like to see posted.


  9. A

    wonderful - now a suggestion, you will be gathering a fan base if not 'groupies' so after the little piece at the top by the 'founder' we know who she is . . . we need a brief resume of yourself - of course it could be exaggerated or even, dare i suggest, not quite true but a few lines would be rather good

    do think upon it - then act

    ps - do remember a girl could be in trouble were she not do as required - on the other hand perhaps then nothing would be done on expectations . . . oh, how's a chap to win