Friday, 31 May 2013

Let Us Not Forget

If you asked anybody that has been in the same relationship for a while what the one thing they worry about it, it is almost always the same answer. Falling into a rut.

It is a perfectly understandable concern. You spend enough time with the same person and things are bound to end up falling into the same routine if you let it.

So how do we keep this from happening.

Well many start trying new different things.

new positions

Fooling around in public where there is a risk of being caught

maybe adding a partner

perhaps a little bondage

and of course probably what most are familiar with, a little role playing

whether its a football player and cheerleader

and for some that are into spanking play, perhaps a naughty schoolgirl and the principal

a sloppy maid and the manor lord

even something silly like a naughty jeanie

role play is a fun and sexy way to act out fantasies and provide variety that keeps things from becoming too routine

We have to be careful though. You see while role playing is a lot of fun, let us not forget that it is when we are pretending to be people that we are not. If we do this too often think about what it is saying about the relationship we are in. That we would rather be other people. This can be as unhealthy for a couple as being stuck in a rut.

So don't lose prospective, but still have fun.

How many of you role play? How often? and have you sometimes found yourselves thinking perhaps you are doing it too much?


  1. Naughty devils can never role play enough, that's part of our persona! And as for naughty angels teasing in cute outfits inciting an immediate wicked response to play, well from this ND's perspective, please keep teasing and to keep your favorite naughty devil happy! Putting an element of role playing can just be a normal response to being playful to see where flirting leads, hopefully into a passionate exchange. Now back to heating up heaven with the flirting French maids, Oktoberfest beer wenches and naughty school girls..... ND =;)


  2. A

    just sent or tried to send sizzling comment and nothing, so have switched off and back again - we'll try again with this and follow up later


  3. Couldnt agree more there, ND. Role playing can be loads of fun ;)

    Sorry you are having trouble J. Maybe when I am back in a couple days you will have it sorted.

    ok i best get back to bed

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