Thursday, 2 May 2013

What's Up Doc?

I was waiting in the doctor's office for a routine exam. You know how that goes. You make sure you get there a little early but still need to wait an hour. But, if you get there a few minutes late, they make you pay for it by waiting 2. Anyways, I got to thinking about what happened a couple years ago.

It happened on my birthday (well technically it was the day after because we both had to work on my birthday). It was a super fun day with a great party that night. I had gotten my birthday spanking of course and a while later, I got one of my private presents. It was one of Mike's old belts and he had cut the last foot or so of it into ten thin strands. So I had gotten another birthday spanking with that. Then before the party, also got a beautiful cane, I think it's called mallacca or something? I will have to remember to look it up. Anyways, I got ANOTHER birthday spanking with that ( I know, I know, I tend to call it all spanking rather than differentiate between caning, tawsing etc).

The party later was great. Dancing, loud music, public presents, but I drank wayyyyyyyyy too much. Way after the party at about 4am (still pretty drunk), I stumbled getting out of bed and into the bathroom and twisted my ankle bad. Mike played football so being used to this type of injury, he got up and iced it and elevated it, but it still swelled up like a balloon.

A few hours later we decided to go to the doctor worried that the injury may be severe. I really like my doctor. He is a very kind man of I think 60 now in a small practice. His wife, a couple years younger, is his nurse. Both of them wonderful people. The doc saw me quickly and Lisa (his wife the nurse) had me change into a gown. (no idea why as it was for my ankle, but I didn't question it). I did so and sat up on the HARD exam table.

By the time the doc and nurse came in, I was squirming around trying to find a comfortable way to sit/lean. The doc pronounced that I had a bad sprain, but then he noticed my squirming.

Without hesitation, at the same time he says, "I'm worried, you may have hurt your back or hip in the fall", he also half turns me and tips me over with the gown parting and then they both go silent. Upon seeing my bottom, Lisa said "THAT did NOT come from a fall", referring to all the marks, of course.

Soooooo, I had some explaining to do. Then they went and talked to Mike, I guess to make sure our stories matched, and thats how they came to find out what Mike and I get up to.

It's nice not having to worry about marks when going to the doctor. And just as I expected, as usual, this time when I was being checked out, Lisa asked if I had been good lately and we have a laugh about it.

How many of you have doctors that know what you get up to? Do any of worry about marks then? For those of you that do the spanking, is it something you worry about too?

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