Thursday, 9 May 2013

If They Only Knew...

If there is one thing that I would bet nearly all if not all people have had a fantasy about it would be the teacher.

Who has not had a crush of some sort over one (or more of their teachers). I am sure everyone can even still remember his/her name.

Seeing that pretty teacher at the front of the class, imagining her in all kinds of sexy attire and attitude

that handsome older man appearing so authoritative and stern

I wonder how many though realize what the teachers have to go through every day what they have think about sitting there at the desk

Well, if you think the students had fantasies, I can tell you, it is nothing compared to those of the teacher. So many can run thru her head.

Giving the football team quarterback some extra help after school

Having that teasing co-ed stay after class for some extracurricular activity.

Getting the very fit gym coach to give some personal physical education

Having a very special teachers meeting with both the pretty music teacher and that handsome history teacher at the same time

You get the idea. But, if that wasn't enough, then there are the more kinky teachers with even more fantasies going on.

Taking that naughty minx that has been showing off her legs and flashing her panties and teaching her a lesson in proper behavior

Thinking about that stern principal perhaps disappointed with her performance

Spanked by the groundskeeper with those large strong hands, for picking the flowers

Is it any wonder that she has to carry an extra pair of panties with her

and can be seen going into the faculty bathroom a bit more often than necessary.

Well, I can tell you that it can be like this for teachers. I should know.

Afterall, I am one.


  1. A

    well what is that all about

    been absent for a while and always enjoy gorging all that has been posted by you in the meanwhile

    however something that may trigger reaction, all pics superb but the first showed a tattoo - ugh
    probably enough said


  2. Glad to have you back J. Ah yes, tattoos. Definitely not everyone's cup of tea. However, women with tattoos seem to be more and more prevalent over here.