Friday, 16 August 2013

As The Flames Climbed High Into The Night

It was the Friday after my boyfriend Mike's birthday. I had told him that any type of birthday plans were being postponed from his actual birthdate so as to not have to worry about either of having work the next day.

He had not been feeling good about this birthday. I suspect that is what had been bothering him to not be in a mood for any kind of play for several weeks.

Without going into his personal details, I can just say that I understood, but was hoping that my plans for his birthday would help rid him of any doubts or feelings that was affecting him.

I had cooked his favorite meal of lasagna, I had made fresh homemade french bread for garlic bread, and that afternoon I had prepared a salad and vac-packed it to stay fresh. All that was left to do was to heat things up and I had plans for that.

I had hired a fantasy/erotic hostess service for the evening. I had already met the two girls that would come over and we had discussed the evening and what I would like and they had made suggestions of their own.

They got to the house about an hour before Mike was due to come home and they brought their outfits to change into, got a feel for the layout, helped me prepare the table setting in the dining room.

When he came home, they were in the spare bedroom with their things so even though he saw the car, he did not know who was here.

I told him to take a shower and get dressed in the suit and tie I had laid out for him.

While he did so, I changed into a sleek dress

 and had the lasagna and garlic bread heated and warm.

When he came out we sat at the table and that is when he got a good look at our pretty hostesses in their sexy maid outfits.

I could tell he really appreciated them and the food and they made sure they kept his wine glass full.

While we were finishing the lasagna, they changed into some sheer lingerie to serve dessert.

A chocolate cherry cake. We sang happy birthday and they paid him lots of attention sitting to either side of him and feeding him the cake.

After a little more wine, as I had asked, one of the girls said something about when do we get to the birthday spankings.

This was the moment of truth, it had been weeks and here a couple of strangers, sexy strangers, but nonetheless strangers were asking about spankings.

He looked at me and I said, guess now as a good a time as any and said we should go to the living room.

I had Mike sit and saying I didnt want to make a mess of my dress, took it off, leaving me in a black and red lace cami, panties, garter belt and stockings, and heels

and I bent over his lap.

His spanks were more playful than anything and while I really liked this, I also really missed a spanking. I had expected this though and after a couple minutes

, the girls gave him my last surprise. A new leather paddle and told him he should try this.

A couple swats and not much harder later, I asked if he started yet. This got a laugh out of the girls and got him to start using it for real.

I LOVED it. And then one of the girls asked if the spanks shouldnt be counted. Getting into the spirit, he told them sure, count.

And they did but they seemed to lose count an awful lot which of course meant starting over!

I did not care one bit mind you, but it was funny and they were giggling about it, but I was just enjoying it so much... finally that familiar hot stingy feeling was being felt again, and I was so damn aroused. I would have been fine with it going into the hundreds.

I felt like I was so close to an orgasm, I was squirming all over, soaking his slacks with my arousal, squealing with the sting but eventually it ended.

I was on fire with lust as well as a very hot and no doubt very red bottom that he was rubbing while I was moaning.

I did not know exactly what would happen next, I did feel like whether they were there or not, I just wanted to attack my boyfriend and got fucked senseless.

I think the girls realized that though and said they should be leaving and thanked us and said to call them back any time.

The sex after they left was nothing short of nuclear, only enhanced by the fact that it had been so long since we had done anything like this.

And so after that birthday, I have my boyfriend back, confident, strong, and ready to spank. And boy has he. Aside from these last times when it was to relieve a tooth pain, it has been a plentiful amount of time over his lap and into bed (when we make it that far), and I am quite happy.

Have any of you had to find a way out of a dry spell? A partner for what ever reason temporarily losing interest whether in doing the spanking or getting them? Would you want to have a couple strangers watch?


  1. Good show Amber! Happy you got your blush back and all is right with yearning deserving fanny again and I'm quite sure Liz is proud of your pleasing naughty plot too! Of course this greedy wicked naughty devil would have loved to have taken you plus each of your naughty teasing assisting angels over my knee as well for three cute blushing bottoms, not to mention being a naughty switch getting three mis-counted start over again spankings over each gorgeous darlings' silky knees too - afterall, whose birthday was it anyway?!
    As for finding a way out of a dry spell, sometimes just a matter of time or finding a new darling to play with to keep sane. Otherwise, my favorite long lost naughty darling also liked to invite her girlfriends in on the fun at times to keep it amusing too. For sure I love and miss my favorite darling but life goes on and new darlings come along to love and spank too. ND =;)

  2. It was DERICIOUS. Thank you for sharing~ I feel spoiled to have my dosage of smut for the day :D

    I am not really interested in sexual activities as much as my partner; as a result, I don't really initiate sexual play, but I don't deny him either. Is that considered a dry spell on my part?

    I know very much for a fact that neither of us would tolerate strangers in our sex lives; we're both reallllyyy jealous and possessive people, LOL, even talking about others in such a way within earshot grants warfare like tension. So no strangers for us!


  3. Amber, I'm so pleased for you that the dry season is over and gone. I have been spanked, not in front of strangers but in front of my you know...and on more than one occasion in front of my mother. Also once or twice in front of my younger cousin and her grown-up daughter. It certainly adds a frisson of excitement to the proceedings!

  4. ND, I appreciate the vote of confidence :) And you do definitely sound like you have spanking well in hand and make it good for all.

    Neri, I can certainly understand how both of you would want things to remain out of eyes and in your own room. A lot if not most, do keep things very private.

    Janice, I did remember about your daughter, but in front of mother and cousins too? Wow, I can't help but wonder how many of them, that you have helped to influence giving it a try too ;)
    And yeah, I can say for sure that my birthday spanking in front of the girls and with even some of their participation, added great to the arousal ;)

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