Thursday, 8 August 2013

Baby We Were Born To Run

Any time I hear the phrases "born that way" or "in the genes" or anything similar to that, my knee-jerk reaction is to dismiss what is being said.

See to me, that relieves people of responsibility of their actions. After all, why should they be held accountable for what they do.. they can't help it..
they were just born that way!

That being said, however, after that first reaction passes there are some things that I just cannot deny.

There was a response left anonymously recently, that I unforgivably overlooked/missed and it got me to thinking. It was

"Amber: You say you are being sexist about only guys spanking women. I would concur that you are. However, my dear, I have something for you to consider. We as a species are engineered to reproduce. Human reproduction happens only one way. The man is generally the aggressor and the woman submits. In other words men tend to be dominant toward women and women tend to submit to a mans in-bred dominance. My point to you is, yes you are being sexist and it is completely normal. Without that sexism the human species would not reproduce. It is in our nature."

As it used terms suggesting "born that way", as I have said, Idid not like at first what it was saying, but I also couldn't help but take into account that the vast majority of women are in fact sexually submissive, psychospanktually submissive as well.

Now don't get me wrong, no one is saying "all woman", after all there is a very thriving successful niche of porn devoted to femdom/female domination. And we all know that the pro dommes are VERY busy.

I am sexually submissive to a point. I very much like it that way. There are times I can be quite the aggressor, initiating the action with a wont take no perseverance, but when all is said and done, I am the one that gets tied up, the one that gets spanked.

I will go a bit further than just the bedroom though, and I will say that most women do not do well in positions of open authority. That is not to say we are without power and influence. We just seem to be most successful as the power behind the power. Again, I definitely am not implying ALL women. I think we can all name very powerful successful women.

What we can do and do very well, is get what we want in the end though. So next time you guys think you realllly are in charge, just remember, that's because we are letting you think you are.

What are your all feelings on this, girls? guys?

Oh and I know I still have so much to talk about, I promise I will get to.


  1. What I read informs me that the father we explore the human genome he more we find that we are born that way. More disposed to sudden anger, gaining weight, homosexual, etc. It's not just hair and eye color determined by genes.

  2. In many areas of my life I'm anything but submissive! I have a responsible, demanding and powerful job. I engage with people at a senior level. I dress in a manner to suit my position! But, I still get spanked before and/or after work time after time and I consent to that because I think I need it and it's good for me and for my marriage. I don't think this is very helpful, Amber...just an observation!!!

  3. Our Bottoms Burn, I just foresee the "he couldn't help it, he was born that way" excusing responsibility for behavior and actions. I may not like it, but I can accept that there really are born with things.

    Janice, I wish I could write and explain things as good as Liz could. See, I truly believe that most women are sexually subservient, and I also don't believe most women do well in power. That being said, I think that those women who are comfortable with and accept their sexuality, are those that can and do do well in powerful positions, such as yourself, and me, and others I know. And I suspect that those women who participate in forums such as this are those women as well. I was thinking this was an issue that was of interest, but you may be right that it just isn't :(

  4. Amber, you misunderstood me! My fault, poor communication and i need a smacked bottom;) think the topic is very helpful and interesting and I meant that my contribution wasn't very helpful! Sorry again.

    1. janice, your contributions are always helpful and very much needed and appreciated.

      thank you xxx

  5. What's of interest is pleasing your partner and having it reciprocated. From this naughty devil's perspective, only doing the same thing, position or role, gets dull; variety with different roles and positions always makes the surprise more intense and fun. Just because you switch roles doesn't mean it's abnormal or not something that's pleasurable for both concerned. Sure, as a guy I love giving a cute naughty teasing lady a good over the knee reminder of my affection for her cute cheeks and usually play the role of disappointed daddy, then of course forgive and cuddle, caresses and carry on with pleasing naughty affection from there, and it's that same playfulness and forgiving affection after having my sweetheart play mommy spanking and loving me as her oh so naughty boy that makes both roles so much fun to play. Blushing bottom line here ladies is that if it's fun, why worry so much about stereo typed traditional roles? If it pleases yourself and your partner, then do it for yourself and him too. Don't worry you teasing little darlings, you'll always have your turn over the knee getting wet with a good bottom blushing too, you naughty, naughty girls! Now let's make Liz proud and get back to the naughty fantasy spanking stories and don't forget the oh so cute spanked naughty girl fanny pictures too! xoxo ND =;)

    1. As always, your take on things is quite evocative. You do have the best of both worlds and roles and a no doubt quite satisfying times ;)

      I do always keep in mind that it was Liz that made this all possible and hope that she is pleased with a job i am doing trying to fill impossible shoes to follow

  6. I see where you're coming from! The greatest and most powerful ability humans have is choice. So when people say, "I can't help it/I was born this way," I think, "No, nigga, you CAN help it/NIGGA, that was then, this is now."
    In other words, lol, there is always a choice to behave one way or the other, and we are all born with only two instincts/abilities: cry and suckle. The rest we LEARN, and CHOOSE whether or not to employ such behavior in our lives thereafter. FREE WILL motherfuckas.
    For example, once in class I thought to myself, I shit you not, on what would happen if I stabbed the person next to me with a pencil. Then of course I see all consequences 'n shit but I COULD do it, just for the lulz, but I CHOOSE not to. We are all very much in power of our choices and actions, except well, if there is a mental or physical disability involved, then we REALLY can't help it :(

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, neri.

      I too think that it is choice that makes our actions and behavior.

      It is hard tho to deny that there really are some born with things. But I also dont think that that should relieve any one of responsibility and accountability.