Wednesday, 26 December 2012

A Couple Questions Answered

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.

We are still at my parents' house in Virginia, so there really isn't any time for a proper post.
But, I have caught up with a lot of my email back up and I thought I would take a few minutes to answer some questions that I have been getting.

First and common one is that the site seems to be getting more explicit lately.

Spanking, for my boyfriend and I is all in fun and is either part or invariably ends up in sex. So discussing different situations and aspects will tend to emphasize the sexual nature. It does not mean that I am indifferent or don't understand those that use this type of activity for the more punishment motivation.

Also, I tend to write how I think and talk and I have always been able to openly and honestly talk about sexuality and I think that is a good thing when open ideas are exchanged. As a girl, I can be very aware how female sexuality is complex and probably sometimes frustrating to some men. Let's face it, you guys out there do do most of the "work", so you deal with indivdual needs, responses, physiology, psychology, and I think you and your partner(s) will benifit if perhaps in my small way might help explain some things. And maybe help girls be more comfortable discussing their own particular wants, needs, etc. And, like J, and Liz, before me, would really like to see more female feedback.

Also, I get asked if I will write any stories.

Liz is by far the most talented erotic writer I have ever read. She has a mastery of the language and a visionary skill I marvel at. The saying is that a picture is worth a thousand words. Liz is one that can paint thousands of pictures with her words. I might go ahead and give a few stories a try. I write how I think and talk so, it will most likely be all first person, and I do not have close to the vocabulary Liz is eloquent with, so I will probably repeat myself. I can write of some experiences and fantasies and such.

Another is can I post more often.

I will try. I know Liz posted often. I will try.

I hope this has helped explain a few things that people have been asking, and I do welcome the correspondence, and I will try to get back with those that write at
have a happy safe new year if i dont get back to you before then. We will be here in Virginia still so it probably isn't likely that I will.

have fun xxx


  1. As we all look forward to new postings, I think all fans are just happy you're keeping the site going Amber. And despite as naughty as this naughty devil is, spanking for this naughty devil is all about affectionate foreplay, middle play and maybe even post play for pleasing naughty n'nice angels and respecting limits, never about punishment - okay maybe my love will have her spankings witheld until after kissing and making up, then she gets an especially playful over the knee spanking and scolding on how naughty she was then cuddled, forgiven, caressed and made loved to over and over again. And as the old saying goes, treat those as you want them to treat you, naughty devils love having their angels reverse roles too! So Amber, relax, have fun and we'll be looking forward to a Happy New Year with whenever another posting's happy sexy spanking adventure comes our way. ND =;)


    1. well now it's 2013 and joyous time etc etc etc for everyone but here's a sip of champagne to Miss Amber and to her hot and rampant imagination for things to come . . .

      and if Liz is passing by a sip to you too


  2. Happy New Year to amber, and everyone else, may 2013 bring you everything you wish xx

  3. ND, thank you, it sounds like it works out wonderfully for you. :)

    Thanks, J, Sir Stephen :) and everyone

    I hope your holidays were great

    We do hope Liz is passing by. It was her very hard work and dedication that made this site.