Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Back to School

It was a strange feeling first walking into the halls of the high school I have started teaching at.

It brought back so many memories of the confusion, discovery, arousal, and development of sexuality that a girl coming of age and maturing experiences.

High school is when a girl starts to get the at first confusing feelings of arousal that comes with being near so many guys and starting to realize the effect that her body is having on them.
For many the realization of this power led to quite a bit of teasing. You girls remember what we used to do, as do you guys too remember of course.

We used to stop off in the bathroom and fold the waistbands of our skirts inward to shorten the length far more than our parents would have approved of.

maybe bend further then necessary

Sit in such a way to show our panties, giggling at the number of things the guys would be dropping so they would have to lean down and pick them up.

Of course, we knew the effect of our actions. Remember, we were getting our first real experiences of the sexuality of guys as well. sure we saw pictures and such, but it was the first time we saw things up close in person.

Not long would come pairing up, dating, the first exploration and arousal of exploring the body

The escalation to perhaps a bit of oral

For some girls though, the pairing goes another direction.
It might start with just a playful little bit of say practicing kissing

that eventually goes much further when they start realizing the feelings they are having and explore those further

For some of us, including me, things go even another way. For me, along with sexual maturity came the realization that I liked things, well, a bit different. See, this is the time when we spend days with those in authority that are not our parents.

Suddenly we see the teachers, and principal maybe, with a different eye.

From various mediums, maybe tv, internet, etc, we start to realize that what is fueling our erotic thoughts include a strong, decisive, dominant man, or woman for some, that will take us in hand when naughty. Arousal at the thought of being taken over a handsome, mature man's lap and spanked for misbehavior and naughtiness.

Girls around my age and younger have all heard the stories of corporal punishment in schools in the years past, and are fascinated and aroused at the thought of being subject to such discipline.

Perhaps because of this, in an unconscious (or maybe even conscious) way to attempt to turn fantasy to reality, we start acting out or turn our teasing towards the teacher in hoping to garner the sort of attention we are craving.

Unfortunately, for us, in today's school systems, we are most likely to end up here

When what we are really dying for is to end up here

Now that I am teaching high school and watching all these things taking place in my class, I watch the girls teasing the poor guys, and even notice the few girls turning their attention to me. It is no wonder the naughty schoolgirl is by far the most popular scene in spanking circles!

After spending a day back at school, I say spank 'em all!


  1. You'll see a dramatic increase in your class enrollments! And Miss Amber, a naughty devil wants to be kept after your class too! =;)

  2. There is definitely something about the adult schoolgirl that is "naughty"
    Just witness any costume party and there are always ladies who dress up as provocative adult schoolgirls.. Long may it continue :)

  3. It seems naughty school girls never stop learning to tease (or is it that they never learn to stop?) and seem to thrive with enthusiasm on remedial lesson re-enforced upon their pretty panty clad bottoms. And equally enthusiastic are naughty devils peeking at pretty panties up cute little skirts under the desks. Gee Amber, how did you know? Guilty as charged on both sides of the docket! Oh such happy memories of the cute naughty girls I wanted to kiss under the desk and spank in school! =;)

  4. Indeed, Sir Stephen indeed!

    ND, of course, we knew. Why did you think most of us sat that way? ;)


  5. now that,a sweet response, where oh where, are the lady lurkers - there must be some of you and you must have thoughts to share