Tuesday, 11 December 2012

We Have Our Ways

One of the things a girl can do best, is get what she wants. I don't of course, mean things that are dangerous or anything. I am talking about things that are reasonable and not harmful.

I am of the opinion that a house runs best with the guy in charge. At least that he thinks he is. You girls know what I am talking about. We know that it is important that a guy knows that he is running things. Without this, there is butting of heads and discontent.

When it comes to things that we want, we will find the way to get it and as a bonus can often let our guy think it was his idea in the first place. It takes, cunning, finesse, and a bit of manipulation, but lets face it, that is what we can do quite well.
As an example, I will use what happened with me on Friday.

My boyfriend works construction and usually on Fridays when he comes home he just wants a nice home meal after a hot shower followed by some tv and bed.
Well, I just didn't feel like cooking and it had been almost a week since we had any fun, so I decided things would go a bit different.

I had a maid outfit that I hadn't worn in many years, so I dressed in that and had a bunch of veggies and some meat on the counter so it would look like I was in the middle of preparing dinner when he came home.

When he got home, he was quite pleased with the way I was dressed and headed off to his shower with renewed enthusiasm.

That was when I put my plan together. I quickly lined a roasting pan with foil and put a bunch of food stuff that I had when I cleaned out the fridge that was going to be tossed out anyways and stuck it in the oven on a high temperature and then called a friend of mine.

Well soon after Mike got out of the shower, he came to see how dinner was going. I paid him no attention and kept talking, to his annoyance, and he went to watch tv.

It wasn't long before the burnt stench soon filled the air and the smoke alarm went off.

I made sure I was still on the phone when he came into the kitchen, then told my friend I had to go, and then went to the oven.

Oh how he carried on about being on the phone burning dinner and all and decided I should be spanked. It stung plenty at first considering that all I had on was a thong under the outfit.

But, as with all our spanking play, the heat of arousal was soon overpowering the discomfort as we both began to be quite turned on. And when he yanked my panties off and continued spanking, it was not long before I was making his lap quite damp and I was feeling his insistent erection against my tummy.

He went on spanking, his hand seemed tireless and I was going crazy with lust hoping it was soon over and hoping it would continue until finally he was done and I couldnt get at him fast enough.

After some high energy sex and a little cleaning up, we ordered Chinese food delivery.
Sure, it took a bit of work, but in the end, I got a good spanking, some great sex, and shared some teryaki chicken, peppered beef and egg rolls.

And he thought it was all his idea.

Tell me we don't know how to get what we want when we try.


  1. When you're dressed as the cute little maid, naughty devils want to put you on the table as dinner first before the shower! Don't worry, spankings won't be forgotten between the courses! =;)

  2. A

    gosh - that's fascinating and disgraceful too and i'm sure many ladies are going to be angry with you for letting the cat out of the bag

    let's just hope some get their hands on you for good solid 'girl on girl' stuff



  3. oh and in relation to the between the courses stuff at supper, from the above contributor,there is, after the soup and before the pudding, something called the inter course

    do make sure that's on the menu card


  4. And J we'll just have to have the maid bend over for each course of a full eight course dinner, don't want any naughty devils going hungry here! =;)

  5. Clever play on words J. I like it ;)

    ND, dinner would certainly be interesting in your house ;)

    Food, sex, spanking... hmmm I can feel some interesting posts in the future