Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Christmas Party

Yes it's that time of year again. Christmas time.

I'm not here to discuss the religious aspects of it. More like what it means to us.

When we were little, it was of course all about the presents.

After moving out, however, whether in college or work, this was the time for that truly fun time of year. The Christmas party.

The Christmas party. This party is different from any other. Usually EVERYone is invited, there seems to be more booze flowing, and there is almost a whole different attitude about acceptable behavior or at least the eye turned away from a lot of sometimes otherwise unacceptable things happening. A lot of things said and done are dismissed and forgotten and not held against anyone the next day. Chalked up to maybe the booze, getting lost in the occasion, etc.

Girls especially, tend to be much looser and less inhibited as the night progresses and the alcohol is consumed.

I suppose it can be psychological for some. Giving themselves permission, say, to act and do in ways, things they would not normally be prone to do.

I bring up the Christmas party because I hear so many guys and girls say that it is so hard to find partners that share their interests for fear of rejection, consequences of propositions, just plain fear, and what not.

The Chirstmas party is the perfect opportunity for all of us who like things a bit different.

It's not just for the "plain" people. Jack from accounting hooking up with the boss' secretary in the break room.

Or Mary the straightlaced history major trying some girl/girl sex for the first time with her sorority sister.

Think about this. When else would it ever be the perfectly acceptable opportunity for you guys to go up to the girl that you have been eying and ask her if she has been naughty girl this year.

If both of you are lucky and she is of kindred yearnings, she will blush, lower her eyes, and say, I have been very naughty, Sir. And you can both go about the business of dealing with very naughty girls where and how you guys decide.

Afterwards, well... that can develop as such things often do.

Girls, you know we have things relatively simple if we just have our fears and inhibitions loosed enough. We can pretty much steer a conversation to any way we want it and with the right tactics get what we want... espcially if we are wearing the right dress.

You see that hot santa sitting there, and you know all you have to do is sit on his lap, wiggling just a little and ask him which list you are on this year.

If he is smart, he will say the naughty one of course. Then wiggling a bit more, you ask him well what happens to naughty girls? And if you have done your job, he will show you exactly what.

After you have been given the spanking you have been needing and craving, well.. I know what I would want next.

Ok everyone, forget yuletide carols and other such Christmas noise. I want to hear bottoms slapped and bed springs squeaking!


  1. Ho ho ho, and naughty devils in the other red suit will be waiting to spank, ...err, kiss (guess where...) naughty n' nice darlings under the misteltoe too! Merry Christmas Amber and may all your spankings be warm and bright! =;)


  2. A

    yes, 'Merry Christmas'


  3. Delightful, Merry Christmas amber, I hope you and the rest of your readers have a good one. xxxxxx

  4. Thanks guys..happy holidays :)

  5. The Prof must needs remind you that it's "straitlaced" (= tightly laced -- cf. "strait is the gate, and few who enter") and not "straight-." I have spanked students for less....

  6. Thanks, Prof

    Good thing for students that I am teaching math and not english