Saturday, 25 February 2012

Excuses! Excuses!

OK . It’s Saturday morning and here I am in bed, feeling rather luxurious and lazy and wondering what to tell you all about this time.

What sort of story should I give you and what best to lubricate those wicked imaginations of yours? The trouble is, if I write something that is likely to please and excite you, it is almost certainly going to have a similar effect on me as well and we all know what that could lead to. Elizabeth being shall we say being a little self indulgent which is fine, but can rather get in the way of getting my post completed.

But never mind that, I must be good and get on with it.

What should I set up for you this morning? What about a couple of naughty schoolgirls who are constantly misbehaving with each other, a couple of sexy little madams who are always getting into mischief.

It’s a good start as we all like naughty schoolgirls, but in this case there’s even more to them than meets the eye, and maybe late at night they sneak out of school and go off to a dark and mysterious club where they are able to indulge their erotic imaginations to the full, both for their own benefit and of course for the men and women who mingle there.

I’m beginning to enjoy this! Maybe they are so wicked that at the club they offer special services of the sort that no nice girl should.

Knowing you all so well I know that you would want me to ensure that at some time they are caught and dragged back to school where they are no more than a couple of naughty girls in need of the sort of justice that can only be administered across the knee. As their behaviour this time went way beyond anything that could be tolerated they have to be made an example of so they are spanked in front of the whole class(I knew you’d like that), first with their knickers down,

and then completely naked.

Look , I know I need to go on and tell you how they comforted each other afterwards and how they got caught at it by their headmistress, but I think I need to go and lie down and think about it all in a bit more detail if you understand me.

This could just mean you that you might not get a post from me at all. If that does prove to be the case then yes, the following message does apply to me!


  1. Liz,

    You have indeed lubricated my imagination. LOL.

    I have to say that your post is so provocative and teasing that I am having difficulty even commenting on this post. Unfortunately, I am unable to type on my laptop and take a cold shower at the same time.

    Thanks for a very erotic and clever post.


  2. L

    damn, i misseed your weekend, perhaps just as well as a chap would never get anything done

    so am now catching up - brilliant as ever

    indeed one is 'breatless' as ever too