Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Maybe a moment's thought.....

When you are having your morning bath, getting ready for the day ahead,

Maybe it might be an idea to consider the effect the way you dress might have on all the people around you and not to wear clothes that are too provocative.

And at when you are the office, maybe be careful to ensure that you are not attracting too much male attention.

After all, you don’t know what fantasies some of the men might be having about you,

And that being the case, what to you could be say, no more than the innocent picking up of something you’ve dropped, could in fact be stirring up all sorts of emotions and ideas,

which if they get out of control could easily lead to one sort of problem,

or another,

Or may be something else entirely!


  1. ...I see George is resetting the number of copys...poor girl...his loss...her gain. You are a mynx, Elizabeth. I have to take a moment to pick up my eyes, wash them off, and put them back into my head...wow...what a fantasy.

  2. Yummy post! And a helpful warning (that I intend to completely ignore) x

  3. L

    ah, at last a responsive lady commentar - i'm sure you have many lady fans just too shy to add a few imaginative words and this so adds to the frision of this singular site - and is not Penelope just the naughtiest too


  4. M-me naughty? Oh, but! Please Sir, I was led astray by Elizabeth -- she's the naughty one! In fact she's so naughty I think she should be spanked for us both...


  5. What is this? Some sort of conspiracy against me?

    To quote Eliza Doolittle "I'm a good girl, I am!"


    1. L and P

      no, you would both like to be good but thE fact is apparent you are both naughty girls . . . one can only hope you get your just desserts - and no, not apple crumble