Monday, 27 February 2012

No more excuses!

Look I rather left you hanging at the end of my last post, rather got carried away with thinking about it, so let me take things a bit further, even if this is still not something complete and polished.

So if you remember the two girls , Sophie and Emma if I hadn’t told you their names had been spanked in front of the whole class (how embarrassing!) and were feeling sore and humiliated and not to happy with things. Here’s that last picture again as a reminder.

And being the sort of girls they are, back in their room they comforted each other and found that they rather liked it,

so they comforted each other some more,

and what do you think? Yes, you guessed it, in marches the Head Mistress.

“Don’t you two ever learn?” She said to them. “This time you’re really for it . What a wonderful excuse to try out my new cane!”

I won’t go into detail about what happened next as it was painful and chaotic,

but when it was all over, Sophie found a private moment to have a word with Emily.

“Let’s get out of this horrible place.” She said. “We’re far to grown up to be at school anyway. Do you remember, a few miles out of the village there’s that strange house we’ve often wondered about. Why don’t we go there and see if they have any work.

Just think, we’d be proper grown up girls with jobs, not schoolgirls any more. We would never have to be spanked ever again!”

(At this point the more intuitive and perceptive of you might have some inkling what might be in store for Emily and Sophie, but for the benefit of those slow on the up take, please don’t let on and spoil it for them.)

But anyway, they were in luck! The people there were looking for a couple of young girls, exactly like them, which when you think about it should have made them suspicious.

“Hmm!” Said the owner of the house, a man of a certain age with a much younger gleam in his eye. “We’re a big family here and need a lot of looking after and need a couple of maids to help us out. There’s me, my brother and my wife and of course Daniel and Charles our two sons. Let’s have a good look at you to see if you would be suitable.”

And, having got the two of them try on bits of their uniform , first one piece,

And then another

And then another,

though never all of it at the same time, he did have good look, checking them both over in ways neither of them had expected,.

I think you two will do famously!” He said. “Me and my brother are very easy going and you can get away with murder with us, but my wife does tend to be bit on the strict side, but I’m sure you will learn to cope . All you have to do is to scrub and cook and clean and skivvy and not make any mistakes. That’s all. Go on. Have fun!”

Oh dear! So sorry but I seem to be running out of time. I’ll tell you a bit more of what happened to them the first minute I can!


  1. Liz,

    Methinks that you enjoy tormenting your readers with your naughty thoughts. Well, your plot is working. LOL.

    Looking forward to the next installment.


  2. L

    loved the strange house picture with one of our heroines, you perhaps, in striped socks

    loved the whole episode in fact - again i need to go and lie dwn . . .


  3. L

    but quite hate this double coding business and what ever you do do NOT press the loudspeaker icon


  4. Barely time to comment, but yes, I'm rather fond of the stange house picture too!


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